SF Decorator Showcase…The Ideas!

This was my first time attending the
 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, 
benefitting San Francisco University High School.
Some take away ideas…
Shimmer and glossy surfaces
Gold leaf and aged brass
Lots of ceiling treatments
Cocktail bars tucked away everywhere

Let's see what you notice...

In the entry hall, the carpet is made of cowhide flecked with gold.

This home with a view of the 
Bay is currently listed for $17.5 million.

I wish you could see how cool the art above the mantel is…
colorful butterflies in flight with a mirrored background.
The silk curtains mimic some of the shades of the wings.

And this table setting is opulent and down to earth at the same time.

Many details like this exquisitely hand painted wallpaper existed.

I may be trying to copy this :)

I loved this room so much, I went back and asked the designer, 
Cecilia Sagrera-Hill, if I could take her picture.  
She and the room are prettier in person.  I hope we get to see professional shots of this.

The powder room has an alcove…and a mini bar set-up.

Heading upstairs...
There is the library with Bay views.

It looks cool, but I couldn't live with the books backwards.
Another cocktail bar ...

The Master bedroom is high drama with the carved bed
and oversized paintings based on blue and white Portuguese tile.

I like the master bathroom…but for a house this grand, 
the size of it didn't make me feel too bad about our own.
Awesome sink…
and toilet paper storage...

This is funny…cat portrait over a gold fish bowl.
There is a chaise in the bathroom that has this view...
it was a foggy then.

2014 San Francisco Decorator Showcase
3660 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA

Open: April 26 - May 26

I will post the House Beautiful kitchen 
and other bedrooms next!


  1. WOW, what a treat this morning! I love Showhouses and this is a great one. xo

  2. Well, I would sit in that chaise with the view in the morning with my coffee and never move.

  3. The view....worth every penny! So much more modern that the Atlanta Showhouse! Thanks for sharing with us...

  4. So many gorgeous details - and that garden! Loved the picture you posted on instagram of the staircase.

  5. Gorgeous - I love the inlaid floor in the bathroom and that ceiling in the library!!

  6. Wow how fun, the bathroom floor is the one we chose from New Ravenna for my hubs bath...still love it. Many beautiful details, great carpet on the stairs...well done!!

  7. Looks like fun! Sorry I missed it! That garden is to die for!

  8. Very dramatic from all points! The only thing I don't really go for is that front entry/hall flooring: cowhide flecked with gold? Hmmm, have to think about that one! But the bathroom view: yes, I would take that!

  9. I love the "tiled" wallpaper and the "raining' letters on the stairway wall. That's really creative.

  10. The master bedroom just sings, it is so incredible. I agree with you Mary Ann, do not see nay point in books being placed backwards....

    The Arts by Karena

  11. I love Showcase Homes and at $17.5 mil, this one is amazing! The designers like to do things that are "over the top" and it is fun to see what they come up with for such opulent homes. However, I like the home tours,
    like the Newport Harbor High and CdM High, with real 'family" homes that one can relate to better. Still, I'd love to see this one! I'm going to the Pasadena Showcase House on Thursday! Will let you know how it is!
    xoxo Gail

  12. Interesting display of books! I've never seen that before. The wallpaper in the living room is so pretty and I like the silk curtains ~ beautiful colors! The table set with the greens is so fresh. Thanks for taking us on the tour Mary Ann:)

  13. That table setting looks just like one of yours...very pretty!

  14. http://www.houzz.com/projects/531672/Master-Bedroom---San-Francisco-Showcase
    More photos of the Master Bedroom by Antonio Martins and good close-ups of the 243 hand-painted masonite "tiles" by master decorative painters Linda Horning and Katherine Jacobus

  15. Stunning, Mary Ann. My fave is the blue and white patchwork wall...


  16. Very beautiful and I pinned away, thank you Mary Ann for taking such great picts.

  17. The foyer and powder rooms are my fave. Beautiful!!! If only I had $17.5m!

  18. Now that's a showhouse!! What stunning views - I love the gardens. And that bathroom sink! Thanks for the tour.

  19. I like the idea of the mini bars all over the house, and the ceiling details as I may be lounging more if I nip from room to room!

    Cheers :-)

  20. What a wonderful showhouse. Love the pendant over the round table and the great runner up the staircase!!

  21. What a great tour Mary Anna, thank you! I'm in love with that dining room too the most and the floor tiles in the master bath!

  22. I always love seeing incredible spaces and I haven't had the chance to go this showcase --I'm so glad that you shared! Beautiful!


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