Wish I Could Be Cool About This

A reader from South Africa painted this
using the photo of flowers on my desk as inspiration.
So pretty, Karin!
As much as I try to be cool, 
I am still so thrilled 
about the 
Better Homes and Garden's 
article featuring our home this month.
My husband surprised me with framing the article!
I would have never done this 
(thanks, Honey--I just wish your handsome face was in it).

It's been fun having family and friends 
high fiving me about the story...and saying things like
"I've sat at that dining table!"
 Since I hung the framed story, both bulletin boards are now on one side which I like much more.
It inspired me to clean/organize my compact office.

What's that out the window?

Ding ding ding.
More happy people...every one smiles while riding the cable car.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. What a great gift! Congrats again! I loved the feature.

  2. Dude. It is SO COOL that you are in BHG! High fives all around!

  3. I was so thrilled to see the feature…..SO deserved…..one of my favorite homes ever and one of the nicest bloggers around. What a sweet husband to frame it for you! Also how lovely is that painting? I really wish I could paint something besides walls and furniture :)

  4. That is a good idea and I was thinking of doing the same thing with my spread.

  5. What a great honor - both the painting and the awesome article! Congrats, again, my friend!! xo

  6. That painting.....so pretty. You should be excited! It was a great article and your home is [was] so beautiful. I can remember being THAT excited also:)

  7. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition...and the painting by Karin is so lovely.

  8. Well deserved! I sure would frame the article! Good for your hubby! Best, Beth C.

  9. I'm sure when you put the flowers in the jar, that you never imagined the inspiration it would extend to someone half-way around the world. That is incredible - and a beautiful painting.

  10. Congrats, I loved seeing your home in BHG, such a deserving feature, now when will they come and shoot your new home? Just as deserving! Love your sweet hubby's gift to you....

  11. love the two bulletin boards side by side!

  12. What a beautiful painting.
    So happy to have discovered your blog, and how exciting to have had your home featured in a mag.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  13. Congratulations on the article Mary Ann,
    I'd be thrilled too. How thoughtful of your hubby to surprise you. It was a great idea.
    That painting is amazing. I think it's wonderful that someone can find inspiration and then channel it into creating such a fabulous piece of artwork.
    Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  14. You should frame it for sure, that is awesome. What a happy thing to look at each and every time your in your office.

  15. What a sweetie, and what a great reminder of your lovely home in Newport!

  16. Wonderful feature Mary Ann. Congratulations! The painting at the top is so pretty. Lovely gift!

  17. Thanks everyone!! I'm still smiling. The guy at the frame shop told my husband to "leave the cut up magazine out on the table before she see's the framed one and see her reaction!" Ha! Because I only had three good copies...actually two.

  18. What an awesome gift! Your husband is incredibly sweet! No need to be cool about it...it's a big fantastic thing to have your home in bhg!

    I was only at your house for your moving sale, but I thought the same thing....hey, I've been in that house! It's like meeting a celebrity :)

  19. Dear Mary Ann, the painting is superb, how talented! I am so so thrilled about the article and you have every right to be. It is so thoughtful of your husband to frame it, what a super guy!

    Thinking of you often!
    The Arts by Karena

  20. Mary Ann,
    You have every right to be excited and thrilled and proud. Your home(s) are lovely and I'm happy BHG recognized that fact and published such a great story about you, your amazing talents and family. I love the painting, how pretty.
    Your office looks great and that view?! Wow.

  21. Congratulations. It is so thrilling to be featured in a magazine. So love the flowers you feature. Will go out tomorrow to buy some Spring blooms.

  22. I got my copy last week and I am just so happy and blown away at the same time at your lovely family and home! I know it must've been so hard leaving that home, but for sure, this new one, is coming on it's own (might be featured again in the future ). And I agree with hubs sweet gift, framing it would be the best way to go, such a great honor and article Mary Ann!!!

  23. Mary Ann, you SHOULD be thrilled at the photo spread, you are awesome at what you do. How sweet of your husband to get that framed for you.

    I am very selective about what magazines I keep, but you can be sure the May issue of BH&G will make the cut. :) I love that home/area so I was happy to see you mention that you plan on returning there someday.

    Linda in S.D.

  24. Congratulations on the magazine feature, your home absolutely deserves to be in decor magazine. Your hubby is so sweet, you are a lucky lady. The painting is very beautiful, by the way.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Mary Ann!


  25. What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have! Your house is beautiful. So happy for you! Smile away...

  26. Ohhhh how nice of your husband! So excited that great talent such as yours is getting national recognition! Couldn't have happened to a sweeter more generous person!

  27. How sweet of your husband to give you such a wonderful gift. Congratulations.

  28. If I had that feature in BHG I'd be shouting from every rooftop. ;) you have every right to be excited and proud. Very well deserved.

  29. How nice to have the article framed! What a sweetie to do that for you.

  30. Awww that's so sweet what your husband did for you!! Love the office space!

  31. Mary Ann, I'm so glad Howard had the article framed for you! You never would have done it on your own and it is a great honor and compliment to have your home featured in the pages of a major magazine! And you did it all! Kudos to you for a fabulous home. Love your office...I could sit there all day...and never get a thing done!!
    Happy Saturday! Gail

  32. I can't imagine a more generous gift than Karin's beautiful painting. How thoughtful and loving!

  33. Mary Ann!
    That's so sweet that Howard framed the BHG spread! I have go check it out!! And what a beautiful painting of your roses!

  34. High 5 MaryAnn! Congrats on BH& G spread. It must be hard to be away from your beach house when you see it on those pages! You will return and it will be even sweeter than before!
    Have fun, looks like your getting to know your way around San Fran pretty well!
    A beautiful week to you!

  35. I just saw photos from your spread. What a beautiful job they did photographic it. Your kitchen looked KILLER!

  36. I truly enjoy visiting your blog. Love seeing the pictures from inside your home, such an inspiration. Your office space looks well organized and I like the touch of flowers and the framed magazine article. This is absolutely reason to celebrate. To many more!

  37. I love your home! We have a cottage in California and I have wracked my brain on decorating. Our entire family was surprised on the floorplan being almost exactly the same! Fireplace in the middle, window behind couch & chairs which we inherited. We are using it for inspiration! I love your casual beachy cottage decor. Very inspiring! I would love to show you our before & afters. (When I get to the 'after'). I try to achieve uplifting, beachy, casual feeling on a budget as well. I'd love to do a post about your decor on my site.

    1. Yes! Please show me…I would love to see!


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