Need Therapy?

How about some RETAIL Therapy?

Wouldn't a bath with one 
of these gemlike soaps give you a lift?

While this scent eases your troubles...
One of these vases on your desk just may lift your spirits, too.

There are more indulgences like those above 
in my Houzz Guest post:

Having lunch with friends is great therapy.
A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with 
Cindy from Rough Luxe and Delores from Vignette Design.
These ladies are all positive energy.

After lunch, we went to the Pottery Barn in Burlingame.
It's where they stage/merchandise all the new products 
to give the instructions to all the other Pottery Barn stores.
They are going to be carrying these 
Santa Rosa-type candles in the Fall.
I love these.
More indigo and small rug samples (like what Restoration Hardware carries).

This single bench seat sofa is cool.

Here I am at the downtown Crate and Barrel
trying to show my handsome new client
how we could dress up a C&B sofa with...
His mom loves light blue.

Here's a footed fruit bowl that I love from Hudson-Grace.
(Jan, this would be great on your 
dining table #vicarious-therapy).
I'm going to show you the progress on Jan's house soon.

On Friday, I met my niece for a little 
window shopping therapy at the new
Serena and Lily retail store on Sacramento Street.
I straightened some of the art for them 
and mentioned that they needed the little plastic tabs on the backs, 
all the while thinking that I may have had too much caffeine at lunch.

 Isn't this a cute vignette?  Love the art and lamp and table.
Don't you think one of you DIYer's could take an 
IKEA table like this and wrap it in seagrass wallpaper?

This blog is MY therapy...
thanks for listening.


  1. You've been busy having fun Mary Ann and I'm glad for you! Yes, we could all use those gems in our lives and how I wish I could visit a brick and mortar store of Serena and Lily someday. :-)

  2. These look like super gems, I could use a few of them. Sounds like such a great time with friends and family.

  3. Dear Mary Ann, I love that you met with Delores and Cindy. After last week at Andrea's I was thinking so much of my Northern California friends, and hope the next time we can all meet up! You have always inspired me with your grace and beauty!

    The Arts by Karena

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  5. Great finds Mary Ann! I may have to steal, ahem I mean borrow your grass paper/table idea. Love it!

  6. These treats look so heavenly... don't tempt me!

    x Lily

  7. You are too funny straightening the pictures. Good for you helping them out. Hope you have a fabulous 4th!

  8. I think Cindy and Delores would be great company, too! Sounds like you're right at home, there in SF!

  9. Lunch and shopping with Cindy and Delores? How fun!! I wanna hang out with you all - three very talented ladies there!

  10. Great post loving the images. looks like you had a great lunch! I really like your fabric scheme for the crate and barrel couch - pretty blues!

  11. You could defintiely make that last table with an IKEA piece and wallpaper. Love the idea. Where is the lamp from that's on it and the pillows a few images up?


  12. Omgosh you sound like me straightening things. I was shopping for wallets one year at Christmas and organized all the wallets I was looking at, and literally had to make myself walk away. I also do that at homegoods in the handsoap aisle. OH MY!!! Love all the indigo they are showing and the fabrics you have for your client are wonderful. So fun to have lunch with fellow bloggers, I know Delores and love her to pieces, such a wonderful person, I don't know Cindy but I am so glad you all got to meet and enjoy eachothers company. Keep up all the good work and so glad blogging is your therapy!

  13. Therapy? Who needs therapy when we have your blog to follow! Just looking at the things you post makes me so happy and certainly inspires me! I love the blue pillows and new rugs at PB and can't wait for them to get into the stores in LA and the white bowl from Hudson Grace is fabulous. But it's those blue and beige fabrics that have me feeling very zen! I want them all for my guess room, especially the pillow in that diamond print! LOVE!!!! So the only therapy I need not, is retail therapy to go find some of these beautiful things that you've shared! You, Mary Ann, are my therapy!!!
    xo Gail

  14. Sooo jealous of you all lunching together!!!! Looks like so much fun

    xo kelley

  15. Oh what fun you all had:) That PB looks like so much fun.

  16. We all love (and need?) retail therapy!
    I just got my linen pants, in indigo, from J.Crew and love them. Remember, I am not a blue person either in my house or clothes…but somehow I'm being seduced by the retail around me!

  17. Burlingme? I lived a few short miles from there. You are killing me with this Northern California life. What a fun lunch. I will definitely move back one day, and crash your party. Love all the shopping. So fun!

  18. That is definitely the best kind of therapy…..friends, shopping and pretty things!

  19. Hi fun to see what you are up to...and its always great meeting blogger friends too. Just back and catching up.....looks mighty good over there, love the palette for your client, gorgeous!

  20. Yes! I will take one of each, please!
    You are having fun in SF, Mary Ann!

  21. Check out my blog, it would mean a lot to me. Soon I'll be doing a giveaway <3

    Nika xx

    Nika's Beauty Land

  22. Pretty fabrics! What did you think of the new Serena & Lilly store? We need to get together!! I am coming up next week for two days with a client...maybe we could meet for a glass of wine!

  23. Sounds like fun....I would of straightened the pictures too....

  24. Love all of those blues! I did not know Serena and Lilly had a store...but it looks like a good place to shop:)

  25. Oh my goodness, Mary Ann how did I miss this post? I love Cindy! And I've been a fan of Delores for a long time. What a fun thing to do. I always thought I might finally meet up with you but now that I'm in your old stomping grounds you're in Northern California where I just left. Oh well. Not sure you're current on my crazy life but we're in escrow on a home in Huntington Beach and it needs a lot of work. I remember you recommended getting three quotes on projects so I'm looking for a few referrals for a kitchen contractor and a good carpenter....any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mary Ann
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  26. I didn't realize Serena and Lily had a store front! I would love to walk through one.

    I'm not sure if you share your sources, but on the off chance that you do...in the picture with all of the blue fabrics, what is the small blue and white print on the left? I love it.

    Thank you


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