Classic Blue and White Living Room Progress

 This is still a work in progress at Jan's home.   But the new sofa and club chairs have come in.  We will be getting pillows, curtains and a larger rug.  When it's all together, I'll show before and after photos. 

I did "my thing", where I take all of the client's existing accessories, put them in one place, shop from there and style 'em up.  But we also bought the new Pottery Barn mirror over the mantel…on sale now (I still want to do a little more to the mantel display).
 I am short and Jan is fairly tall AND we both are comfortable in the new Lee Industries chairs.  
Look at all that white you say?
But they are covered in textured, stain resistant
These materials are soft to touch.
The new Lee Industries sofa is in
easy to clean Perennials in Sea Salt.

The secretary was mainly used for storage, but we moved to another wall and opened up the doors. Then I lightened it up the inside with Jan's accessories.

Jan is almost ready to pull the trigger on these fabrics for pillows...and believe me I have shown her a lot! Love this combo...
 It's a good idea to add books underneath a lamp that feels too low or small.  I pulled the table leaves up to increase the size...simple!

We stole the white lamp from her bedroom...a lot of these antiques were her mother's.  $0 cost decorating...giving us more $ for the sofa and chairs.

We are thinking about this for a box seat cushion 
(which I would love).
before                          and                       after
The worn dining room chairs seats were refurbished with Barclay Butera's Asante (with more padding and welting added).
And an art gallery wall on the dining room is in the works.

I am so grateful that Jan found me through this blog and had the courage to call me.  She is genuine delight.
 More to accomplish and it will be 
fun to show the finished product!  
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  1. Just love the look. I'm amazed how you can pull together a new look from existing pieces. I think a fresh talented eye is just what I need!

  2. Love it all! You are the bomb with using existing accessories!

  3. Blue and White DELIGHT!! Love it all so far!

  4. Dear Jan, Please, please go with the fabrics Maryann has selected! The pillow fabric is to die for! And the blue leopard for the seat cushion...OMG! You have a beautiful home. Best, Beth C.

  5. It is beautiful! That is my favorite furniture arrangement. Furniture right across from the other. The blue and white combo is a real favorite of mine.

  6. Found you through Katysue. I love your style, philosophy and overall approach to design! I'm a true amateur and have been for 55+ years......
    I write a blog and "redesign" my home from my "stuff" over and over!!!
    So glad I found you.

  7. Hi Mary Ann, everything is coming together beautifully. You really are a master at accessorizing!
    Thank you so much for sharing the progress....
    The Arts by Karena

  8. This is incredible! I love your signature approach of taking all accessories, and shopping them for a makeover. That mantle is gorgeous just as it is and doesn't need another thing, in my opinion. Very clean, and really modern / uncluttered. LOVE IT ALL!!!

  9. I'll always love blue and white together. Also love that you're using so many of her existing pieces.

  10. Mary Ann - love the all white palette. does the perennials line stand up to muddy dog prints? would love to use -- so beautiful!!!!

  11. Blue and White!!! It looks beautiful.


  12. Loving all that white! The pillow fabrics are gorgeous, I've been a fan of the Schumacher since it came out. Love it in the green, too. Lovely as always!!

  13. Its going to look fabulous with those beautiful fabrics for the pillows...

  14. I love the pillows and love the blue pops of color with the jars. So sweet and you definitely caught the feel of summer in your vignette.

  15. It's just beautiful, Mary Ann. You have done your magic again and it looks wonderful. I sure hope she goes with those fabrics for the pillows, LOVE it and it would be the crowning jewel in her living room! Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend!

  16. I love how this room is coming together - all of the fabrics are beautiful!

  17. I like decorating with pieces that I "find" in other rooms throughout my apartment. Sometimes it's surprising what you can find in your own collection and how well it fits into other rooms. I love the fabrics you pick. I can't wait to see the entire space.
    Dagmara @ http://glamistahome.blogspot.com/

  18. Great work, as always! I also love adding books under smaller lamps. Great trick! Love the direction these spaces are going. :)

  19. Wow, looks great Mary Ann! Love the fabric color choices and how you turned the gently worn existing pieces into exceptional ones. The white and blues are my favorite and you've really given this room a fresh new look. Nicely done! I hope you are enjoying the summer. With the house building and my work, blogging has taken a back seat. I don't think you ever really know the challenges of building until you go through it. Too many decisions and of course money is always an issue .. going over budget, and still things that need to be purchased. Enjoy your weekend! xxL

  20. Fabulous room Mary Ann! Jan is lucky to have you, and she has gorgeous things. It will be perfection. Love the Lee Industries chairs! xo Nancy

  21. We are blue soulmates! I try to sell it to everyone:). The room is really coming along so nicely and I love how you recycle from other rooms...that is the best!!


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