How To Make the Most of a Small Blue & White Bedroom

Space is at a premium in San Francisco.
You might have heard how the price of housing 
has skyrocketed in San Francisco
due to the advent of all the new internet
 industry millionaires and billionaires.

Here is our guest room BEFORE....
The shelves were messy and the two lower left units
were really shallow...just for paperbacked books.

Here is it now with the shelves made uniform and
canvas baskets added for extra storage
And hooks replace the narrow shelves.
This is also Tommy's room when he is home, 
as he is now doing a summer college internship.
How about this view from the bed?

Even though the room is small,
we needed to fit a 
queen sized bed in here for comfort.

The oil painting mirrors the shades 
of blue outside the window.
It's fun to add a little 
unexpected twist
like this basket pendant to a small room.
A white dresser and glass lamps 
recede into the white background 
in a small room.  Mirrors expand the space.
It's a snug and comfortable 
little blue and white guest room!

Check out what I made last night...
Fried chicken.  I've never made it before 
(even though my husband is from the South).
Just "winging" it…I dipped chicken thighs in 
flour, sea salt, paprika, and pepper,
then fried them in olive and canola oils.  
When they got crisp, I popped them in a 375 degree oven 
with meyer lemons for about 15 minutes.  
Then I sprinkled chopped Italian parsley on top 
(illusion of being healthy :) 
 To my amazement, with a sprinkle of the 
warm lemon juice on top, they were delicious.

I will list the bedroom sources in my next post.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. When can I come for a visit? :) Such a beautiful, serene space! You've definitely made the most of every square inch of it!

  2. I'm not sure what I'm most taken with here. The amazing job you've done with the guest bedroom, or that gorgeous view!
    Happy weekend to you!

  3. Gorgeous room, I love that headboard, so pretty.

  4. You worked wonders with this room Mary Ann, perfect for your son or as a guest room!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. That view! Makes me miss SF. Love that room and looking forward to the sources - love those canvas baskets!

  6. Love the cozy feeling of the room. It looks wonderful!

  7. Oh, I love what you did - it is clean, fresh and uncluttered. The bed is beautiful and you did wonders with the bookshelves ... putting the hooks where the small shelves were was the perfect thing. Great job!

  8. that view!!! and the room is pretty great too! especially like the wood tray on the top too. I need a catch all like that!

  9. The perfect guest room with the perfect view. Love the basket hanging light, perfect texture to add some interest to an already lovely room,

  10. Wow! You really know how to transform a room. This looks amazing! I love the way you removed all of the shelving and replaced with the hooks. It makes the room seem so much larger! I love the blue and white - it's so beautiful!!!

  11. Everything looks amazing! I love how you added hooks where there were once shallow shelves. Perfect idea for Tommy's room and for a guest room. I love the pendant, the art, the bed, the bedding....well I love it all!

  12. The room looks great, Mary Ann! I love the hooks instead of the shallow shelves....so much more useful. And the wicker pendant is awesome. Beautiful, as always. Have a great weekend!

    P.S. My grandma made the best fried chicken. Haven't had it in years....looks delicious!

  13. Beautiful view and beautiful room. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That view is insane!! My heart melts at a navy and white room. Love the clean crisp lines. Fantastic jon!

  15. Really nice transformation Mary Ann! Can't believe you made fried chicken! I've always stayed away from deep frying…somehow all that hot oil scares me, and then what do you do with the used oil? But it sure looks good!! Enjoy your weekend, Libby

    1. There was just about a quarter inch of oil. I really more like sautéed them.

  16. Been having a real problem leaving comments, hope this one "sticks"! Love the room, proof that beautiful things do come in small packages and I am craving fried chicken...yum!
    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  17. You used the Palecek pendant...I love it!! We have got to get together soon!! You guys should come down here or come to Paso!!

  18. Great room - the view is a billion dollar view!

  19. The guest room is lovely. I'll bet your son appreciates it.
    I haven't had fried chicken in so long, this looks delicious.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Love how you addressed the shelves! Looks great Mary Ann! I could get used to that view:)

  21. Love the headboard, the view of course, and that sneaky smart hooks idea. My FIL was part of the security detail for the League of Nations meeting in San Francisco. My MIL was not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. However this new bride fueled with the desire to fry chicken for her new husband—and as the story goes perhaps more than a useful amount of bourbon—fried chicken. She always said she was sure there was still flour in that San Francisco apartment to this day! I have her silver charm bracelet filled with charming memories of their early wedded days in your great city.

  22. The room and the chicken both look luscious!

    x Lily

  23. So pretty! You know how to make a house a home!!

  24. Oh Mary Ann, I LOVE what you did with the shelves! removing some of them and adding those hooks, you are truly a gifted decorator. I love that hanging basket as well, this room is comfy and welcoming for Tommy or any guest for that matter. You chicken looks yum, have to try baking my fried chicken sometime. :-)

  25. You certainly have a knack for decorating. I love the shelving and the views.

  26. I love how the shelves came out...great idea! The fried chicken looks good too!

  27. What a great little room. You took cluttered awkward shelves and made them calm and classy! You sure have a knack with small spaces. And that view!!

  28. Love this room make-over. What a great way to utilize the shelving unit and maximize the space. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Love the blue and white and that pendant light. Any guest would love that view!

  30. Hi Mary Ann, I was thinking of you over the weekend as my husband and I took our "little" boat down to Newport and cruised the bay for 3 days! It was glorious! I even checked out this blog post and wrote a nice long comment on my iPhone, only to have it disappear when I pressed "publish"! So....this is the second attempt! LOVE your guest/Tommy's room and anyone getting to stay in that beautiful, cozy space I'm sure would never want to leave. With that view and that delicious looking fried chicken cooking on the stove.....I know I'd never want to leave! You are fabulous at space management!!! xoxo Gail

  31. Perfect! I love the hooks idea. And the light fixture!!! And the bedding. Just wonderful - as usual.

  32. What a beautiful guest room. The view is to die for. I love all the unexpected with the soft blue and white.

  33. Mary Ann, I pinned your headboard a few weeks ago...love it so much. And of course that awesome light fixture...love!! Thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!

  34. hello lover! i love this room! :) it's gorgeous, mary ann! the colors and textures are amazing!

  35. It is amazing! Looks Fantastic. I am definitely following this blog from hereon. :)

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