Summer Updates and Coastal Bathrooms

It's so hard to get a good living room photo including the view.
Jen and Bob came over for an impromptu dinner Saturday night.
So, I took the tray with the antique bottles from the foyer and
put it on the dining room table filled with daisies.
That was easy!

They brought these French macarons 
 from Chantal Gillion as a hostess gift.
Flavors like: pistachio, salted caramel and lavender
Jen suggested we have them next day with coffee and that's exactly what we did.
I also made banana bread with a Chiquita Bread mix and two ripe bananas…
not as good as my friend, Susie's, but pretty darn good and really easy!

This little guest bath is coming along.
It's a good idea to use medium gray grout with 
 floor tiles to show the pattern and hide the dirt.  
(That will eventually show no matter how clean you are).
Here is the economical plan…although the client 
changed her mind about wanting the coral color.
(I know she is really a neutral or muted color type of gal).

I have a darling new client, whose living room reminds me of ours in Newport Beach.  
In fact, she found me from the BH&G article.
We are making a few changes to her living room.
Look at what a cute job she did renovating their guest bathroom...

The color in here is Benjamin Moore Silent Night.  Really pretty.

 Below is more of her charming garden...

This is JoAnn and Larry's home.
I want a picket fence someday!
We just ordered a number of furnishings to update and lighten their living room…so the inside will be as pretty as the outside.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Mary Ann, you have such a knack for making what you have work for you by rearranging and switching out your treasures!! Beautiful!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Yes, a white picket fence does wonders for any space! I love that guest bathroom: the floor, the walls, the colors..all of it. And the daisies on that tray are adorable...

  3. You are the bomb! Why do I never think about daisies anymore? They look so fresh and wonderful in those blue bottles!

  4. Love the view. We are so lucky to have some fantastic ones from our balcony and bathroom.

  5. I was in San Francisco this past weekend and thought of you. Such a beautiful city!

  6. Oh, I adore your view! I came across your blog just the other day, and saw that you rent an apartment, so immediately was interested, as I recently moved into a single story patio apartment with large enclosed patio. But I'd trade my beloved patio gardens for that phenomenal view!

    1. Oh but Brenda, I would love to have a patio!!!

  7. Mary Ann I am a daisy lover as well and I think they are the most underestimated flower around. they always make me smile. Love them as an addition to your pretty bottles. Also Loving the bathroom design. Always fun following along with your progress and work,
    xo Kathysue

  8. I sawsome of your IG pictures Mary Ann and glad you got to have a wonderful company along with those macarons! Love your table arrangement, and yes, that home makes me want to have a picket fence someday!

  9. Mary Ann,
    Very pretty, as usual. :-)

  10. I get so much use from my old bottles also! They look great with the daisy's in them. Love the bath board and of course your new clients yard is so pretty!

  11. Love the daisy display. I especially love the cottage look of your client's home. I cannot wait to see more. xo

  12. Oh my god your view!! I am so very jealous!

    x Lily

  13. Hi Mary Ann, I love what you did with the tray. Daisies are my favorite! What pretty, pretty landscaping around that home!! Have fun with that one ;-)

  14. Good morning, Mary Ann!

    How are you doing, sweetie?!

    Oh, I love your view! It's gorgeous!

    Your client is a lucky woman! You're one of the most talented designers I know. By the way, I dream with a home with picket fence also!

    Talk to you soon, my friend.


    Luciane from HomeBunch.com

  15. I still love a daisy and the way you have yours displayed is so charming…love the tray and small bottles! Your client must be thrilled with this - can't wait to see more!!!

  16. Your "impromptu" dinner table setting is beautiful! Love the use of your tray and bottles and the simple white daisy's! But I'm sure anyone who comes to dine at your house is always treated to such lovely details.

    That cottage is wonderful and would fit perfectly down in Newport Beach! Love your ideas for her bathroom
    but sorry she's nixed the peach colored accents! But it will be gorgeous!

    Have a great week!
    xoxo Gail

  17. I love daisy's...great ideas for the bathroom....I love her picket fence...

  18. So fun and the yard and entry are so inviting! Daisies ... love their simple beauty in your antique bottles!!

  19. The banana bread looks delicious and love what your new client did with her bathroom!

  20. Perfectly inspirational and enviable as well. 😊

  21. I love the daisies in your vintage bottles. Such a pretty table decoration, yet so simple.

  22. I just love every picture you've shared here. The vintage bottles used as vases, the big windows in the sitting room and that beautiful white counter top in the bathroom. That bathroom turned out awesome! Thank you for sharing!

    Dagmara @ http://glamistahome.blogspot.com/

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