Summertime Beauty in San Francisco

I've gotten some feedback to what I thought was an upbeat post about the Fourth of July in the Bay Area.  All that fog and all.  

Debbie in Newport said "We had an empty house. Come stay with us next Fourth of July."  And Cathy emailed: "On behalf of all Bay Area natives, I truly apologize for the horrible summer weather!" 
The thing is…I LOVE San Francisco.

These are sites I see everyday...
Beauty is all around.

 Chief loves it here…
 they even have drinking fountains for dogs.
Dogs rule.
Tommy takes the cable car to work. 
Our "other car"...

 There is a "secret" walk that Chief and I take behind Ghirardelli Square... 
almost everyday with views like this.
Near the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn Headquarters 

That is their building below on the right behind the white one.

We can walk over to North Beach

for a latté and feel like we've had a mini vacation in a foreign city.

And don't get me started on the amazing restaurants here…they are the reason I am not losing weight in spite of all the hills/stairs Chief and I are climbing.

There are cute, one of a kind shops, 
 like Glammic.
With happy people...

Slow news day...  "How do you feel about no cars on the crooked street today?"
"I dunno, man, I guest it's safer.  I heard cars can go down tomorrow."
 All different languages can be heard
 and every one is happy...
they are on VAY-CAY-SHUN!
It's contagious.

 And the fog does clear up.

 It's a thriving, stately, 
 creative, blessed city. 

The follow-up with sources to our
Small Blue and White Bedroom
 post is up next.

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My Interview for For Rent's 
"Amplified Apartments."


  1. I agree with you, San Francisco is a marvelous city. I have been there only once, and the 3 days weren't enough to savor it's beauty. You are indeed blessed to be and live there! Glad your enjoying every thing!

  2. I love San Francisco and have walked in some of the places you showed. It's a wonderful place...can't even imagine now neat it would be to live there.

  3. What a tribute to the daily sites that we can take for granted! It is beautiful! I'm going to look at my town through different eyes and see some of the beauty that I might be taking for granted. The food? Well...nothing beats San Francisco. I'm ready for a visit!

  4. What a lovely post that is so reflective of you (always positive) and of beautiful and charming SF. It is such a different culture up there and with my daughter and sister up there I feel like it is my home away from home. I love how you embrace your "life as an adventure" and let us live vicariously through you :)
    The interview was great!

  5. Mary Ann I know I would love it, I am a city girl at heart, having lived in a highrise in downtown San Diego many years! I can see how much you enjoy your surroundings!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. I have always wanted to live in SF! Such a beautiful area with amazing architecture. Lucky you :) Thanks for the tour, Mary Ann.

  7. Well I would say you have a great thing going there. Last time we were there was about 3 or 4 years ago and I must say it was amazing, I forgot what a special city it is. So much culture and personalty....something for everyone!!

  8. The first summer I lived there, just off Union St., I WAS a little upset over the fog and cold! But you do get used to it, and yes, the fog does burn off almost every day! Anyway, it's a short trip over the bridge to Sausalito where the sun will be sure to be shining.
    About ten years ago, or more?, I had a major customer up in Santa Rosa and would go out there about 4x/year from the East Coast. Now that is one lovely climate!! California is special, for sure!

  9. Fog is every bay area resident's friend! We love the fog and even get it here 70 miles south of the city.

  10. So sorry you caught grief for your Fourth post. I did not find it negative in the least and feel you are always upbeat and positive. Some people are too sensitive!

    I've never been to California but hope to visit your beautiful city someday (San Francisco is top on my list).

    Don't pay any attention to the naysayers, just keep doing you :)

    BTW - Chief is the cutest

    1. Hey, Mel...at least we don't need air conditioning!

  11. Definitely no shortage of beauty in San Francisco. I feel the same about Los Angeles...beauty everywhere!

    For the record, I read your July 4th post as very positive on the city.

  12. The city by the bay is a destination for people all over the world, YOU my dear friend are one very lucky lady to be living there and to have such an amazing apartment and view. LIFE is GOOD!!
    xo Kathysue

  13. OK Mary Ann! First you show us your wonderful little guest room.....and THEN you give us 23 outstanding reasons for us to visit the city by the bay! Well....I'm in!!!! You've captured me hook, line and sinker with those gorgeous photos of what your life is in S.F. So the 4th wasn't a 5 star day.....from the looks of it, there are many more positives there than a dreary day now and then. I'm so happy that you are loving life there. You are one lucky lady to get to live in so many amazing places. Happy Monday!! xoxo Gail

    1. Yes, I'd love to!! I forgot to mention the wonderful interview with you that was featured on the
      For Rent website. Great article and as always, I'm so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

  14. Your post was actually inspirational...Daughter #1 is looking at colleges. I was looking at your post and mentioned UC Santa Cruz, and now it's on her list! :-)
    Love your blog! Mary King
    ps - we've spent many a Newport Beach July 4th evening socked in with limited fireworks viewing!!!

  15. I can relate to all the comments you received Mary Ann..living in Seattle;) I'm a West Coast girl and have been to SF many times and always enjoy my visit there (shopping, touring, eating!). Apparently you are not the only one that loves it though .. everyone wants to live there;) and that's reflected in the cost of living expenses!! Lol! We aren't far from each other and I'll say that the rain, cool, over cast weather is very pleasant once you grow accustomed to it. Always enjoy your photos!

  16. PS- My husband and I honeymooned in San Francisco 39 years ago this month... lovely memories!

  17. So glad to hear you are loving SF more and more! and Chief looks darling!

    x Lily

  18. From what you have shared, it looks amazing! So glad that you are happy there!

  19. Hi Mary Ann,

    I just sent you an email back... I am so happy for what you told me! :-)

    I am really happy for you! Imagine, living in San Francisco! It should be an adventure every day! And yes, I would put on some extra pounds w/out any guilty! Enjoy the restaurants!!!! :-)

    A huge hug to you, Mary Ann and many blessings to you and your family in your new home!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  20. I so love seeing San Francisco through your eye, Mary Ann. It is such a beautiful city and a favorite us ours. We live on the east coast, so we've only been once, but what a treat!!

  21. I've never been to San Francisco but pictures you posted are incredible! It's very beautiful!
    Dry Carpet cleaning Twickenham

  22. I visited San Francisco recently and had a great time. The city is absolutely beautiful. Love all the great architecture.

  23. What a fantastic tour, and I loved your interview. You belong in SF.


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