Vintage Update: What to Look For Right Now

Vintage is definitely HOT right now…for lots of reasons.
First of all, there are trends (as you will see), but when you are at flea markets, garage sales or thrift shops …buy what speaks to you.  This is what will give you your own unique style.
Painted furniture is big!  
This is a cute update of an oak dresser…that you could DIY.
This looks like two colors of chalk paint.
(Teresa, this is would look good on the gold mirror in your dining room--except 
warmer shades of white/cream).
These are are shots from my recent trip to the
(next one is September 7--who's coming?).
I put this photo on Instagram and two different friends commented that they were going to paint their daughter's dressers like above.
I look for artwork and frames at flea markets, too.

Vintage barware is popular.  
Probably due to Madmen and all the bar carts.  
People snap this stuff up 
(it's expensive brand new). 

Kantha cloths are still in.  
They can add color and are good for layering.
Vintage Garden Vessels 
with nice patina that can be used indoor or out.
Isn't that a cool wall lantern made with a terra-cotta roof tile?
Industrial furnishings

Globes, leather suitcases, 
roll-down educational charts

Letters of all shapes and sizes

Gold and aged brass are back!
Authentic coral
I don't see it going out any time soon, especially in coastal areas

It's better to find 
old prints or engravings 
rather than buy new…buy what you like.

Here are some things that came home with me.

I wanted to find a Kilim runner 
(going for that boho chic/Domino magazine look in my kitchen--
since I'm dealing with ahem, 80's vintage).  But no luck.

I saw this Kilim Wool Rug (from Overstock.com for $340--but it sold quickly--telling you they are hot).  But, Overstock is a good place to keep looking.

This one from Etsy costs more…
(mantra…I don't really need it).

This one is new from Pottery Barn...

One more thing...

I put our guest room on my Instagram
…then Palecek put it on theirs…
and then that cutie, Jeffery Alan Marks,
(Millionaire Decorators…when is it coming back?)
he designed pendant, liked it!  I love his book
Also, note the time at which I am reading Instagram
…but all the pretty pictures lull me back to sleep.

So, what's hot on your vintage radar???


  1. I love Jeffery Alan Marks and Millionaire Decorators too! How cool. I am now on the hunt for a vintage lucite table, but I do love that bar ware and brass accessories. Good luck with the Kilim rug. Sounds like a great accent for your kitchen!

  2. Anything bamboo is very hot right now, seeing it everywhere in every type of furnishing! Also lacquered pieces! Love all you mentioned Mary Ann!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I love to go to the Alameda Flea mkt. I always look for letters, spritzer bottles, old signs, artwork, lighting. My heart stopped when I saw the black and white letters. I have an old neon P hanging on my fence in my backyard and I love it. I have a black one to hang out there as well. It is so fun. Did you have a Lockford link for lunch. If you didn't next time you go you must try one, they are huge and unsightly, but omgosh they are so good!! Fun post! I was virtually shopping and I would have bought the blue and green barware glasses!! Happy Weekend,

  4. I love Alameda but udually have to settle on Sacramento's show...this weekend. I'm with you on any of the goodies you mentioned. I wish I had a crystal ball on the next big thing! By the way, Amy Howard has a spray lacquer line as well as a clear lacquer spray, to shine things up.

  5. On the East coast Brimfield is the big one and is fantastic..for any and everything. Too bad I don't live near there any more! I found some great antique bottles last fall at the Liberty Antiques Fair here in NC: small, but some good finds. And, of course, Paris is the mother of them all!! Just wish I was going this year…..

  6. I would be there if I lived there for sure!

  7. I agree with everything you have on here Mary Ann. I would only add geodes to these since I have been spotting a few beautiful and affordable ones around. :-)

  8. Oh wow, so much to see and I would definitely find a few treasures if I was close by.

  9. Lots of wonderful treasures! I notice vintage decanters as a hot item--especially in jewel tones.

  10. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place to spend the day hunting for treasures and fabulous little finds! I sure would love to go....especially with you!!!! Love your finds and can't wait to see where they end up in your amazing home! Just one of your best talents is "accessories"!!
    Happy Weekend! xo Gail

  11. How fun was this - loving the coral and those brass sconces are amazing!! Wish I could have tagged along…

  12. You have amazing taste. I love all of your beautiful finds. I hope my brother doesn't mind treasure hunting while we're in town next month.

  13. I love vintage markets and often bring a little something home. Ours aren't as nice as this one though. Just another reason to get to visit SF one day! Love those gilt sconces you found. Xx Sharon

  14. Most of our furniture in our apartment in France was bought from the local Brocante and repainted. I love that style a bit shabby chic.

  15. Love this....and love every single thing vintage. Love vintage urns, OMG have such a weakness its ridiculous! I also love vintage signs and of course mirrors, I coudl go on and on.....we all know the thrill is in the hunt!! Best part:)

  16. That looks like an amazing flea market, I'm all in for everything vintage! Ha, I'm always laying in bed checking IG if I can't sleep, but it's usually pretty quiet, and how was I not following you? :(

  17. I habe not been for awhile and am dying to go. I am shooting for the next one,

  18. Great vintage items, that flea market is awesome! The dresser in the beginning of the post is really good-looking. Corals are amazingly beautiful, i'm planning to buy some for my home :)
    Ashford Upholstery cleaners

  19. That looks like a great flea market and love that you bought those sconces.....they caught my eye:). I have always loved to add a little vintage to my decor and missed Scott's this month.

  20. Wow - that looks like one amazing flea market! I have yet to find one near me that's as packed with great finds! I'm actually on the hunt for a kilim runner too - let us know if you find any new sources for them!

    1. Kris, I saw a nice one at Urban Outfitters, but it was 3' x5'.

  21. Sorry, how did I not know you had an Instagram account? I of course am following you right now. :) I am always drawn to beautiful prints, glassware and old furniture pieces. You are guaranteed to find something unique. I love that mirror!

    Dagmara @ glamistahome.blogspot.com

  22. That looks like an amazing Flea...one of my favorite things to do....I'm always looking for the bamboo Chippendale chairs....


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