At Home With Rough Luxe

It's less than a two hour drive to Cindy's from Rough Luxe ranch near Monterey, California, but, it feels worlds away from our bustling city life in San Francisco.
 We sat here near a crackling fire and drank delicious local wines before dinner.  The view was beautiful and this photo doesn't do it justice.
The style is Monterey Colonial.

Dinner was in their casually elegant dining room with lush linen drapes and monogrammed dining chairs, but I can't show it as it will be published in a magazine soon...stay tuned for details at Rough Luxe.  I know I will buy the magazine!

Nice color combo with the traditional terra-cotta floors.

Cindy and her husband have amazing antiques.  Isn't this a great guest room?  Notice the beams, vintage suzani throws and zebra rug.

This is the guest room that we stayed in...I loved it!  I felt so special that even though Cindy and I have not know each other for long, she invited us to spend the night in their home.

Silence in the country with a breeze from the open window...
How will they feel about staying in our place with a white noise machine on to drown out the cable car that ends at 1 am and starts up at 5:45 am?  Perhaps a big dinner and lots of wine and they won't notice :)

Cindy gave me some pomegranates like hers below from her tree.  I will show you how I arranged them, along with some other new Fall décor in our home in my next post.

Who has hardware like this anymore?

Thanks, Cindy for a magical time!


  1. I know you had a magical time...Cindy's home is both beautiful and very welcoming. The guest bedroom is very classic, serene and cozy!

    Please keep us posted as to which magazine she is in.

    Jane xx

  2. Beautiful home and those guest rooms are to die for. What great antiques.

    1. I know, Kim…you should see her whole house!

  3. wow. I don't think it gets better than sitting in front of a fireplace under the stars with good wine and wonderful friends. I'm so glad you guys had a chance to get together. :)

  4. Perfect location and perfect home, lucky you!! Thanks for sharing, it looked like the perfect getaway,
    Have a great week,

  5. Ummmm,hello. Your photos did do it justice! I wanted to jump in and sit in front of that wonderful outdoor fireplace. What a beautiful home, and such scenery!!! Looking forward to seeing your fall decorations.

  6. How fun!! I love the interiors...just beautiful and so tasteful. And that guest room could be from any fine hotel:) Whens her next opening, lol. Sounds like a wonderful getaway with all the perfect ingredients, good food, great friends, wine, beautiful interiors..who needs anything more? That's the best!

  7. Fantastic! so great to see Cindy's home and can't wait til the magazine comes out. What a nice weekend getaway and slice of country life! xo Nancy

  8. LOVE it...so welcoming. Any chance you know the wall color in the guest room???? So pretty and simple.

  9. How fun for you all!
    I would love to get together with you two the next time she comes our way!
    Thanks for the sneak peek!
    Looking forward to the magazine spread!

  10. Such a gorgeous ranch style home! Thanks for sharing a few photos and we will look forward to the magazine coming out.

  11. Thanks Maryann you made it sound so much better than it really is! We sure had a great time!

  12. I know that her linens are beautiful, so I'm not entirely amazed that her house is gorgeous as well...but really!!!

  13. Wow - hands down better than any hotel you could have stayed in. I LOVE Cindy's style and her gorgeous home!

  14. Cindy is so special that I just knew her home would be beautiful as well.! Very excited to see more soon, Mary Anne!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. I bet! I can't wait to grab my copy too once it comes out, so far the snippets you've shown here are gorgeous! Glad you found a friend who is as talented & creative as you!

  16. I don't think I would of wanted to come home! Her home is as beautiful as she is...

  17. What a beautiful home, I love all the corners you shared. I love the personal touch to share something like fruits from the garden with your guests. Lovely!

  18. Oh how wonderful ... the friendship, the setting, the beautiful interiors!! I can't wait for the magazine reveal! xo

  19. hello mary ann!
    just discovered your fantastic blog this morning, coming over from design chic. your home is so lovely, congrats on the magazine spread. then i read this post about a talented blogger i adore, cindy. a blog trifecta!
    lucky you staying in cindy's gorgeous home. this chicago gal is overwhelmed seeing so many pomegranates, thought they only came from grocers ;-)
    from your newest subscriber,

  20. What......a gorgeous home and how nice that you guys got to visit together!

  21. Wow...what a nice getaway. Cindy's home is gorgeous...Monterey Colonial sounds really quaint with loads of character. I have lots of dreams about visiting northern California at some point. I've only ever been to LA and San Diego so San Fran is definitely on my list. I'll be sure to let you know whenever that may be. As much as I love solitude I also love the hustle and bustle of the city too.


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