Fall Changes Around Our Home

My friend, Debbie, was just here for a visit and I took her to the SF Flower Mart.   Look at the Fall colors that we found...
 Flowers are a serious business according to these guys (holding my purchases)...

We made these arrangements.  Debbie convinced me to buy this funny, furry "mini bottle brush" plant.
I bought these vintage looking dahlias. 
You can see how they look on our new marble topped table from Home Goods.

Also from Homegoods, is this wooden vase.  It's a more organic look for Fall.
Those are the pomegranates that Cindy gave me from her tree.
Debbie and I went to the Alameda Antiques Fair and made vintage, personalized necklaces.  With my Michaels jewelry kit and a couple glasses of wine...

I rearranged our coffee table with some new stone elements for a Fall feel...

Debbie left this beautifully wrapped present for us as a hostess gift...(I miss her already).
Inside were the plates that match the salad plates that we have.

A sweet blogger, Brandi, from Don't Disturb This Groove was in town and I invited her for an impromptu lunch at my place... a salad with everything from the fridge in it.  She was snapping away Instagram photos and I was too busy to style anything.  Chief loved Brandi (she has three dogs).

My little French girl has some new (flea market) African bead necklaces for Fall to complement other gold/brass accents.
Design Chic: House Tour is featuring our Newport Beach home. 
 I am a pinning fool when I read Beth's and Kristy's posts.  Seeing our home there made me miss this outside space a bit...

I've been working hard in between visitors....my sister (and Chief's brother, Judge) and good friend, Lisa come today.  I'm excited.  It's like being on vacation in your own town.

Hope all is well with you and your family!


  1. LOVE your beautiful arrangements, and fall touches Mary Ann! So jealous of your and Brandi's visit, she is a sweetheart!

  2. gosh seeing those pics of the flower market set my heart racing ! its would be like dropping me in paradise !
    such inspiration for paintings so little time !

  3. It looks like you two got into a lot of trouble together! I love those Juliska plates so pretty!! Let's chat when your company leaves!!

  4. Love your beautiful flowers...sounds like you have had some great girlfriend time...love that!

  5. I love that Brandi was there! The flowers are putting me in the mood for fall decorating! One problem...it's going to hit 105 here this week. I'm over it.

  6. Mary Ann I love the vintage looking dahlias and the fall accessories you pulled out! I would love to take a jewelry making class as you did, looks so fun and I love all the pendants on your necklace! The Newport Tour at Design Chic was amazing and brought back many memories!

    The Arts by Karena
    Living Newport (Rhode Island)

  7. Love all the pretty fall touches Mary Ann and how fun to meet a new blogger! Love the Juliska plates, one of my favorites!

  8. Mary Ann,
    Gorgeous fall accents! And you are hanging out with such awesome people / bloggers.....like Cindy, Delores, Brandi. I wanna meet you, too!!

  9. what a treat to have such lovely guests! I wish you'd write a book on entertaining. it makes me nervous to have guests over...even if they're family. oy.

  10. Hi Mary Ann,
    Pretty flowers! They just closed the Carlsbad floral mart, nearest to me... I will miss getting my greens for the holidays this year! I had my first Autumn lunch this week too! So fun I love entertaining for many or just one!
    A beautiful Autumn here but a little warm, I have the wood stacked for the first fire! I can't wait to light it!

  11. What a fun post! And so happy you bought the pink paintbrush plant ... perfect!! xo

    1. So it's called a Pink Paintbrush plant, Kim?

  12. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it all in person! Your house is beyond beautiful. I love your fall accents. Your flowers are all so pretty. Thank you again for having me over. I have a post planned too as I get situated. So happy we got to spend some time together. You are the absolute best. Thank you for everything!

  13. Very fun post, LOVED all the beautiful fall flowers and how you arranged them, just beautiful!!

  14. Those are some beautiful flowers, you have picked a lot of pretty bunches. I like the red fluffy plant in the first picture and the beautiful dahlias. As much as I really enjoy the look of hydrengeas and can find them in any flower shop now I can't keep them alive past two days.

  15. Good friends, good times. I love the flower choices you have in your neck of the woods. Then again, you don't have ours in the Midwest. I admit I'm envious you can grow plants year round! Funny how that works and I always enjoy the diversity.

    Enjoy your company...precious!

    Jane xxx

  16. I never get tired of looking at your Newport home. It's SO lovely...sigh. This was a fun post. Jewelry making and wine? That's my kinda fun :)

  17. How fun to have friends come to visit and play hostess a bit. I know you loved doing that in your last home too. I love your flowers, so pretty for early autumn!

  18. First time looking at your blog. Loved it and the pictures. I will have to go back and look through all of it now. Beautiful flowers and I want that wood vase and marble table.

  19. What a fun blogger lunch! Your flowers are beautiful and make me ready for fall!

  20. The vintage looking dahlias are so pretty and the pendant you created is wonderful and of course unique! We are enjoying a few more summery days here in the UK but this post has reminded me about the beauty of autumn which is on its way.

  21. I love hydrangeas when they turn and are dried out. Actually, I love them both ways! It's just beginning to feel like fall here in the Boston area. Have a great weekend. xo

  22. Inspiring! Now I need to take out my fall stuff and by a fall scented candle! :)

  23. I am simply gaga over your beautiful hydrangeas. I love their colors! I also love your personalized necklace. What a great idea!

  24. Lucky Brandi! Love all of the fall changes and I bought that same horn candle holder for a client") One day I am going to get out there and have lunch with you!

  25. Oh so much pretty here! I love the arrangements you created! The bust is fabulous, and I love eh jewelry.Happy Monday.

  26. What a lovely visit for Brandi and Debbie. How fun to make jewelry, I have not done that in years. And I love your Newport home. It's so nice that you live in a spot where there is so much to do. Enjoy.


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