Indigo and My Mom in a TV Spot

My latest Ideabook for Houzz: In the Mood for Indigo was just featured on their homepage.

Houzz pays me to occasionally write these kinds of guest posts.  The Houzz website has millions of visitors who go there to look for residential design ideas.  

It's a great place for inspiration, if you aren't already familiar with them.  
This pretty Shades of Light Mirror is in the post.  A couple of days ago, I received this email:
Mary Ann, I just wanted to say thank you for the nice mention you gave us on Houzz today. We are so appreciative of the recognition you gave us. Personally, I enjoyed the article and also the fact that it gave me the opportunity to visit your website and get to see more of your work. Very impressive, I expect I will be returning for more visits in the future. (I'm off on vacation for a week, yeah!) but I wanted to let you know how flattered and grateful the entire Shades of Light Team is for the recognition you gave us on Houzz before I went out of town.
Thank you so very much.
Walter Froh
Merchandise and Marketing manager
Shades of Light
How nice is that?  The power of a thank you note to bring a smile to someone's face.  I need to write more thank you notes.

Thank God for my cute, sweet, wise and loving mom...

who is The Star of this television commercial that my sister produced.  You only have to watch the first one to see Mom (unless you live in San Diego--then watch them all :)

I'm in San Diego now at my mom's and sister's house.  I've been helping them redecorate their family room.  I just took photos of it with my iPhone for my next post!


  1. Very nice on both counts, Houzz write up and the thank you AND YOUR MOM!! How great is that!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip in San Diego, love it there,

  2. Mary Ann, you deserve more than just a thank you for your beautiful work! Your blog, Pinterest page, Houzz idea bookend writings have inspired and given so much joy to your followers. The everyday secrets you share and the extra special things too, make your blog still my #1 favorite.

    Talent runs in your family.....producer, actress...you name it! How fun for your mom to be in a commercial! Wish I lived in SD so I could see it run on TV!

    Best, Gail

  3. Hi, Mary Ann....I actually just saw the Scripps commercial after the Charger game. I wasn't paying close attention, so I missed your mom (but loved the cute dress on the little girl!). Now I will watch for your mom. Congratulations to your mom and sister! Scripps is great. My mom had lung cancer surgery/treatment at Scripps and she is doing well 7 years later. :) Thank you Scripps....now if they could just figure out Parkinsons!
    Now I am off to read your post on Houzz. Congrats to you!

  4. Mary Ann, what a beautiful posting you created for Houzz. So many things I would love to own, but those blue coasters are brilliant. They look like slices of stone to me, therefore, I'm really drawn to them. Wonderful!

  5. Oh wow, you and your mom are famous. Love the note, that really is so nice.

  6. Hi Mary Ann, Your mom will looks sweet! It will be a fun keepsake for her and your family to have...
    Houzz TY was appreciated I'm sure. It's lovely they took the time and sent that to you. Everyone should remember a "Thank you" is the nicest thing you can receive..
    Have a beautiful week,

  7. Awe, I bet your mom really enjoyed being in the commercial. Her smile say it all! Hope you're having fun visiting with your family. Congratulations on the Houzz feature. So kind of Shades of Light to email you.

  8. How exciting seeing your mom the movie star in the commercial..she is darling! Congrats on the Houzz feature, so well deserved, Mary Ann your work speaks for itself and i am so honored to have had my porcelains front row and center alongside your beautiful repertoire of work..woo hoo!

    I see your family is oozing with talent:)

  9. MayAnn - your mom is adorable! I have to read your HOUZZ idea book... I get several clients a year through houzz so I am grateful and nice letter from shades of light! Can't wait to see your latest project!

  10. Nice Houzz post, Mary Ann. I'm digging those blue plates from World Market. Blue is a color I've never decorated with, but if I were to, it would be indigo for sure. Very soothing color.

    Your mom did a great job in the commercial. She's so cute! I am in the healthcare advertising/marketing field myself, so I was very interested to watch all three commercials. They are beautifully executed. Hats off to your sister. I know Scripps has a top-notch reputation and these spots certainly reflect that.

  11. What fun news! Go MOM! She looks great.

  12. A note like that will go a long way.....so nice! Can't wait to see your next post on this project and your Mom is a movie star???? Whew knew!

  13. your mom is the best! another case of the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) I cant wait for your next post! and the houzz post on indigo I devoured and took notes! you know I love me some indigo. :) and more people should write thank you notes. I insist my sons do it and I even tell them that one day they will thank me :) for making them do it since it will become a habit for them.

  14. I need to head of and check out your Houzz idea book - I love anything and everything indigo! And tell your mom that Hollywood's gonna be knocking at her door - great feature of her!

  15. Such a cute commercial. Your mom looks concerned, just like she is supposed to! Darling commercial.

  16. Such a cute commercial talent obviously runs in the family!!! So many things to love in the indigo post! If only I had somewhere to use it!!

  17. Congratulations on the feature Mary Ann! .. and yes, you DO deserve the recognition as you do a fabulous job. Wow, and look at your sweet Mom! How fun is that? :) Thanks for sharing and I'm loving the indigo too:) Have a great Monday!

  18. All good news! Your mom's a doll! So glad you get to spend time with her!

  19. Your mom put a smile on my face. And so true what you said about the power of a thank you note.

  20. Love the Houzz indigo! And how cute is your mother!!

  21. Definitely a well deserved thank you note. Love all that blue...I keep thinking of adding more of it here. How fun for your mom! She's a television star!!

  22. That's just great! Lovely feature in Houzz, a kind thank you note and a beautiful lady on TV. I love Indigo it will forever remind me of Europe. Have a great week!

  23. Love indigo & houzz - great combination! New to your blog and really enjoying it!! Excited to see more! Have a great week!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  24. Great feature in Houzz! It's so nice of them to send you a thank you note. I agree that receiving a thank note always brightens my day, I should write more!

    Your mom looks lovely on TV, love that smile! Enjoy your trip and your time with your family! Looking forward to see the finished rooms!


  25. Your Mom is so cute and I love your Indigo and Houzz feature.

  26. Oh the thank you letter was really nice and you deserve it because your Indigo and Houzz feature was amazing!
    Your mom looks so lovely in this commercial!

    Domestic cleaners Kingston

  27. How much fun that your mom is a star! She is adorable!

  28. Mary Ann I didn't know you wrote for Houzz. I love that site. I will loo for your pieces. Love the indigos. So wonderful and rare is the thank you note. I recently got a note after writing about Tori Richards from the head of the company. It was such a surprise and so nice. I also am trying to write more notes. Your mom is adorable ! x Kim

  29. Your mom is adorable! And your sister is the producer? You are all so talented!


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