Project Design: Gallery Wall Inspiration

Do you have a gallery wall?  Thinking about doing one?

Cindy from Rough Luxe and I both wanted to create one and thought it would be fun to ask other bloggers to do it with us.

This week we will talk about the project and inspiration.  Next Monday, we'll show you the wall we want to do. The following Monday, we will show you the finished project with tips for you.

Here are some gallery walls I have done in the past.
I did this wall in my son's room for a previous The One Room Challengea fun event going on now!  Be sure to check it out.
I was trying to camouflage the television.

Here is one I did years ago for our condo in the mountains.

This is one in Liana's (the Pillow Master) workshop.  I love her taste… here is another version with her reflection in a mirror.

 Recently, I hung this client's oil painting collection in gallery style.

 Here is a gallery where I gathered up all of the home owner's antique prints and placed them on one wall.  It makes a greater impact than having them spread around the house.

Check out what kinds of Gallery Walls are in these ladies' minds...

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You can get sneak peeks on Instagram of everyone’s gallery walls by following #projectdesigngallerywalls

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  1. What a fun series Mary Ann! I especially love the layout of the antique prints in that last photo you shared. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this time.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I like a few of the shots you have shared. I enjoyed the idea of trying to blend art with a TV and Liana's office area is pretty as well. I am looking forward to the next post in the installment.

  3. I love all of your inspiration Mary Ann, especially the image showing the oil paintings you arranged flanking your client's bookcases - that whole space is just gorgeous!

  4. These are all wonderful! I especially love the "disguise the tv" one. I need to do that in another space here. I hope my mom will check out the oil painting one because she paints, and your arrangement of those pieces was beautiful. The choice of frames is so important, and those in that gallery are perfect for the space.

  5. Beautiful inspiration, Mary Ann. Love Lianna's wall!! Can't wait to see yours - know it will be amazing!!

  6. Very nice! You are great at gallery walls.

  7. Love all the walls...I like the empty frame on Liana''s wall. (I have a sister named Liana). I have a beautiful frame and wasn't sure what to put in it...
    Now I know...nothing!

  8. Mary Ann you are a master at this. Hanging Gallery walls is NOT easy and they do make such an impact when done right!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Great examples and I think my favorite is in Liannas workshop office, love all of the colors and the configuration. Fun series and good idea will give your readers some great ideas.
    Happy Monday,

  10. this will be great fun mary ann, honored to be here with you!

  11. This will be a fun challenge to follow.....Love the way you worked the TV into your son's room.

  12. This is such a fun idea Mary Ann. And you're so good at these gallery walls, I can't wait to see what you come up with this time. Thanks for including me, it's motivating me to actually finish a whole room. :)

  13. I love the black and white and gold combination you did. Well I like all of them but that is my favorite! I have really been wanting to try something like that somewhere. Liana's is gorgeous as well.

  14. Mary Ann,
    You've done some beautiful wall galleries. I especially like the one where you were attempting to disguise the t.v. Mission accomplished! I love the way that turned out. It will be fun to see what this talented group of designers come up with.

  15. I love all your gallery walls Mary Ann and I'm excited to follow this series to learn more on how to do gallery wall properly!

  16. This is a fun group of bloggers and great topics to address! LOVE gallery walls and always will!

  17. You've done some great gallery walls in the past so I know whatever you create this time around will be fab!

  18. You have such a talent for gallery walls, which isn't always that easy! I loved Liana's wall and desk area, I could be happy sitting in that chair! I also enjoyed all the other blogs participating in the "Gallery Wall" posts!

  19. The gallery wall is one of my favorite design features! Your photos are great inspiration!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  20. I love a good gallery wall! Getting ready to tackle a large wall for a client, so I look forward to the inspiration :) Great idea, Mary Ann!!

  21. I have several gallery walls in my house. I seem to favor asymmetrical arrangements except in my powder room where things are more formally arranged. Asymmetry is easier for me since I'm rather spontaneous and don't like to take the time to measure things to line them up. I have done symmetrical arrangements for clients.

    I arrange my gallery walls by subject and/or technique. I have oil painted landscapes in my powder room, black and white family photos in the hallway, gallery wrapped reproductions of pictures I took in Italy, oil pastels of food in my kitchen nook and ink drawings by my mother-in-law in my dining room.

    I like how this enables me to display more pieces of art. Most of my art has a personal connection or story and living with them all around us helps my family feel connected to our extended family and cherished memories.

    This is a lovely project and I look forward to seeing how you and the other bloggers incorporate gallery walls into your homes.

  22. What a fantastic idea! You know I think you can do no wrong, and your gallery walls are fantastic. Looking forward to following along.

    P.S. I spy on Liana's desk the Rifle Paper calendar I sent her as a thank you...it makes me smile that she liked it enough to it use on her stylish desk :) (and she's gorgeous!)

  23. Wow, you've done quite a few of these! Love the photos around the TV - very striking!

  24. You are clearly a master at this! It definitely needs a good eye to get it right and yours are all perfect. Xx Sharon

  25. You have quite the talent for gallery walls!!! It's great to see them all together, I love all the diverse styles!


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