Creating a Warmer, Cozier Look

I'm not quite ready to decorate for Christmas, but with the cooler, darker days, it's nice to make spaces cozier.
 Books warm up spaces 
along with candles...

Sitting by the fire is cozy, so I moved this bench in here.

 We also moved the six foot sofas so that they face each other.  That's the beauty of two smaller sofas…versatility.

In fact yesterday, my client bought this Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton ottoman to place in between two matching Lee Industries settees on order…for a cozy sitting room where she can "put her feet up."
I asked if we could buy the floor model and got a deal.  It's a good time of year to ask.
These are the neutral Lee fabrics that we are using.  The linen is on the lower end of the fabric price scale for the settees.  The Fortuny type fabric is Lee's really high end but for their custom throw pillows (not upholstery) the fabric is priced all the same.

Pretty flowers even though they aren't exactly autumnal colors.  My mom taught me to never complain about gifts from your husband though (or you might not get any).  Thanks, Howard, so glad I married you.

There is a chair and garden stool where the bench was in the hall.

This is Chief's "please take me on a walk" look. The rug by Restoration Hardware feels warm but lightens the foyer.
Fortunately, we have great places to walk together. (Coming back up this hill is rougher than it looks though).

We are headed to Southern California to be with family for Thanksgiving.  Tommy is coming home from school and we are going to celebrate his birthday, too.  

No one's life is perfect.  But we can be grateful for the almost perfect parts.  Wishing you and your family a beautiful, warm and cozy Thanksgiving!  

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mary Ann.
    I enjoy your blog very much and I'm gratedful from time to time you check in to visit me at Casual Loves Elegance. Sweet of you to take the time to say Hi and leave a comment.
    So Thank you Mary Ann...and I look forward to all the holiday posts soon. I wish you special moments with your family this Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Mary Ann! You are amazing in your ability to re arrange things and give a room a whole new look! Always, always inspired by your blog!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Along with Gail I wish to thank you for visiting Patty's Epiphanies and adding your comments.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast!

  4. Mary Ann,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. So true, life isn't always perfect but there's enough "perfect" parts to make us appreciative, right?
    Enjoy your weekend. The SF home looks beautiful, you've done such a great job with making it warm and welcoming.

  5. I like the new arrangement! I didn't notice what gorgeous legs that bench has. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in So Cal. Let's get together soon.

  6. makes me want to pack my bags and move to SF

  7. Happy Thanksgiving MaryAnn! Your room looks beautiful and cozy!

  8. Hi Mary Ann, Whatever you do it warms my heart! Your living room looks so cozy and inviting and with those
    gorgeous views, one could sit and dream the day away!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of love and laughter.
    xoxo Gail

  9. cozy is good! is that a stunning waterfront view out your window?!? and what a stunning area to walk with chief, oh how i love your neck of the woods
    a very happy thanksgiving!

  10. Everything looks great! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family:)

  11. Your home looks so cozy and warm. I love the 'please take me for a walk' look. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  12. Does Chief go with you to So. Cal? Can he fly with you, under a seat? Such a cutie… Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with family!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Mary Ann! I LOVE that Alexa Hampton bench ... those legs! I always wanted good legs ... Oh yeah ... we are talking about the bench!!! Enjoy ... our lives are perfect enough ... don't you think?

  14. Dear Mary Ann thank you for sharing your ideas for winter warmth and comfort; it makes such a difference!!
    I love getting out the extra candles, throws and pillows this time of year!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Ann. Your home looks beautiful, warm and inviting!

  16. There is something about how you arrange furniture, art and accessories that makes a space feel pulled together and get livable, I love your touch Mary Ann! Warm and cozy, and wow on that stunning view!

  17. Love your new cozy room arrangement - I think you could take a room and arrange it ten different ways with each one of them looking phenomenal! And can I come steal that bench from you - just love the legs of it!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Mary Ann!

  18. It looks so warm and inviting - the bench is amazing!! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  19. You are one talented lady! I love what you have done herI hope that yo had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

  20. Oh I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving, it's always nice to go home isn't it? And happy belated birthday to Tommy, isn't it scary how fast they're moving toward their twenties?
    You're so right about appreciating the almost perfect parts too. :)


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