Want to Make Your Own Fresh Wreath?

I do!  Especially after visiting the San Francisco Flower Mart yesterday.
 It doesn't look that hard!  Wouldn't it be fun to get some friends together in a garage with everyone's twigs, berries, pinecones, etc. from their yards?  Perhaps with some Champagne involved?

A centerpiece would be nice too.  Love the heirloom hydrangeas and shiny magnolia leaves.

This guy was making my favorite wreaths...but they were already sold to florists :(

You could buy a frame like this.

Use some floral wire.

 Got some pomegranates?

Think you could do it?  I do.  But you will make a big mess.

Here is a video for more information...

The rest of the flowers at the mart were beautiful, too.

 I think I could make one like this...

This is the one I bought for our front door (I added some ribbon).  I also bought the small bay leaf wreath on the bottom left for our kitchen.  $50 for both.  Definitely worth it to try to make your own.
 Save your big pine cones...they are useful year after year.  I just put this on my sister's stove top hood.

Have you ever made a fresh wreath?


  1. I have, but I prefer to buy them now:) What a flower market! I love it.

  2. Yes...let's have a party....I will drink the booze while everybody makes a wreath!!! I am going out today to look for a nice wreath and some black and white ribbon!

  3. What fun! I've never made a fresh wreath....just faux!
    Love that first one.

  4. So funny that you posted this! Just bought my wire and wreath frame yesterday at Michaels. I bought a Home Depot wreath because I couldn't make it to the flower mart and do not like it!! I have all the makings...just need to get to it!! Great Post...by the way party at my house!!

    1. Cindy, I will bring the stuff to your garage from the flower mart...you have the pomegranates!

      Next year!

  5. I have been making my own for years, easy and a nice afternoon. But you need to do it outside and we have had buckets of grey rain too cold to work outside. So this weekend I will get it done. Champagne or bourbon usually does the trick

  6. Mary Ann,
    I've never made a fresh wreath but this post has me thinking I want to. These examples are beautiful and I love that most of the items are available around the neighborhood. What a fun project.

  7. I'm going to try it this year. I have a huge magnolia tree out front along with an assortment of evergreens. The flower mart in downtown LA is to far for me to drive to, but after seeing yours, I'm reconsidering!

  8. Yes! We just had a workshop here, led by the most amazing florist friend/shop owner. Such fun!! Just be sure to have enough of everything… the 'fixins go very quickly! It's a great way to get together, in the right space, and have everyone contribute some of the ingredients. Good luck!

  9. I have never done this. It would be fun to have an original one. I love the look.

  10. I prefer to make my own - or in the very least embellish a base wreath with more greenery, etc. A few years ago I made the large wreath that was on Martha Stewart's web {noble fir and eucalyptus}. It turned out exactly like the picture - I was thrilled. People literally stopped and knocked on my door to ask where I got it and then.... if i'd make one for them.
    I like your idea of a girls get together to make them.

  11. That would be so much fun to make wreaths and drink champagne. I wish we had beautiful flower markets here.

  12. I made a wreath once out of pine cones. No greenery, just nice medium-sized pine cones. It wasn't too hard, but over the years the wires began to loosen and the cones got kind of ratty looking, so I eventually had to throw it out. I wish I were more crafty and could make my own evergreen wreaths. I just bought a 22" one today at a fundraiser for just $20, and a bright red bow for $3. I can't even make my own bow!

  13. So pretty,I would like to try it one year but have never done it! Love all the inspiration..your mantle looks beautiful.

  14. Wish I could and wish I did!! I love that magnolia wreath, it truly is gorgeous, do share with us if you do try dear!

  15. Your mantle is so festive! It's been a LONG time since I made a wreath. I LOVE the magnolia and found one at our local nursery. It's on my instagram ;) I also like fresh greens on mantel ..just wish it wasn't so messy.

  16. Mary Ann I use to do floral designs so yes I have made wreaths before, it is not hard and so rewarding. I love the mart, use to spend lots of time there. I also bought flowers for my son's wedding there and also for some friends. Would love to go more often than I do, if I lived there, I am sure it would be a weekly visit for fresh flowers. Seeing the pictures, makes me want to go there again. Thanks for the inspiration and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

  17. Gorgeous! In Poland we use a fresh pine twigs to decorate:-)

  18. So pretty...I wish I had the time to make them...Trader Joes has beautiful Boxwood wreaths for $9.99...

  19. Mary Ann I love to see the fresh florals and greens made into wreaths and garlands. For myself, I put the magnolia faux wreath (from Restoration Hardware) on the door and added some pretty berry sprigs and it really looks pretty real! A party would be so fun though!

    The Arts by Karena

  20. I love the idea of a wreath making party! I love the fresh wreaths you shared. The pine cone display at your sister's is beautiful.

  21. I love those magnolia leaves!! They are hard to come by around here this time of year and I would love a whole garland and wreath of them. I have made a wreath before but the last few years I have been buying inexpensive evergreen wreaths and adorning them with more greens and a ribbon. I have a bunch of overgrown rhododendrons that I cut sprigs from and use for Christmas decor, just wire them into the existing wreath. I love the one you bought, and what you did in your sister's kitchen!!!

  22. I so wish I could do this, because they look amazing…putting mine up today (boxwood) and may try my hand at adding a few magnolias and berries. Happy Sunday!

  23. Thank you for sharing, such beautiful colors. I love going to markets with abundance of flowers and plants in rich colors.Nature is so beautiful. I usually buy a plane wreath and add my own touch to it, I add ornaments, some leaves maybe a ribbon, but I have never created my own wreath from scratch. Maybe this will be the first year. :)

  24. This is absolutely beautiful!, wish I could get greenery where I am in Ct!! Love this!!


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