Healthy Tips: Tasty Gazpacho, Lime/Mint/Grapefruit Spritzer, Gratitude

The last year living in San Francisco with all the fabulous restaurants and a husband who cooks things like braised short ribs with creamy (and buttery) polenta, has been rough on my waistline/derriere.

 But Howard and I are on the road to being healthier.  Here are some tips...

Tasty Low Cal/No Fat Gazpacho 
(1) Two Quart Bottle V8 Low Sodium Juice 
One red and one yellow pepper
Seven Plum Tomatoes
One bunch cilantro

Juice from three lemons
Half of one red onion
One cucumber, seeded
Avocado garnish if desired

Pour the V8 into a large bowl.  In a food processor (or by hand) finely chop the next three ingredients in batches and add to the juice.  Then, roughly chop the red onion and cucumber (for crunchy texture) and add to the bowl.  Add the lemon juice, sea salt (if desired) and Tabasco (if desired).

That's it!  Stir it up, cover and refrigerate for a couple hours.
Serve as a first course or as a snack (like instead of a cookie or chips).  It makes a lot so you can eat it all week long!

You can garnish with chopped avocado.  You know to sprinkle avocado with lemon juice to prevent browning, right? 

We grew up with an avocado tree in our back yard.  It only grew miniature avocados (which drove my dad nuts trying to figure out why they weren't bigger--he was a lawyer, not a farmer).  But they were flavor packed.

Grace at Sense and Sensibility explains how she lost ten pounds on the Dr. Oz plan and she has her own helpful tips.  This plan is very similar to what we are doing (and then back to moderation).

Here's an easy non-alcoholic cocktail:
Muddle a few sprigs of mint in the bottom of a glass, add crushed ice, Pink Grapefruit Perrier and lime juice.  

Chief and I are making it a point to do stairs everyday.
Since we are at the top of Russian Hill, you basically have to take stairs to get back home.  This is one set above and another set below.
I try to be present in the moment of lifting one foot in front of the other with a brief prayer of gratitude: "Thank you God for giving me healthy, sturdy legs to make this climb."  It really seems to help!


  1. I love Gazpacho so this recipe is perfect!

  2. That looks good and you go girl. I have been watching Dr. Oz and all about his program. Lots of smoothies like I drink.

  3. These recipes sound delish Mary Ann! I look forward to getting out and walking again very soon!!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  4. I LOVE Gazpacho and usually make it in summer! But seeing it here makes be crave it, NOW! And those spritzers look delicious. I love mint and lime together! Good luck on your diet. We all need to remind ourselves that a healthy body is a happy body!!!
    xoxo Gail

  5. The Gazpacho looks so good!!! I'll have to try your recipe. I try to walk 3 miles a day, but with all the cold weather we are having holds me back. As long as it is not below 20 degrees i still walk. I love walking. I too thank god everyday that i am able to walk.


  6. I love gaspacho and make it frequently once the home-grown tomatoes come in, but I love the idea of using V-8 (which I love anyway0! Thanks for the tip. Great going on the stair master; soon you'll be lik Rocky running all the way up to the top!

  7. Your recipe looks so fresh and delicious .. and simple to make too! Nice job on those steps:) We have lots of hills and inclines on our local trails (which I try to walk as much as I can) and I always remind myself that as I ascend North....... I am helping to keep my back side from going SOUTH :):) xxleslie

  8. Good Luck with your new healthy diet!!! The dish looks tasty, very tasty!
    Those stairs look awesome!

  9. Prayers of gratitude are a wonderful idea throughout the day, for so many of the things we tend to take for granted. I need to do that more. Those stairs look daunting ... but what great exercise!

  10. I need to jump on your bandwagon!
    Good for you and your hubby :)
    I'm going to try that cocktail this weekend!!!
    Would love to join you on those stairs one day too

  11. Thank you for the great recipe! Btw, I didn't know that that if I sprinkle avocado with lemon juice, it will prevent it from browning?! So thanks again! :)))
    curtain cleaning London

  12. its all in the way you look at things isn't it? my first thought when I saw those stairs was heart attack city but then I thought of what a great butt you could get by taking them :) although I think I might have to sit on a landing for a while before trudging onward and upward :) and who knew about the lemons on avocado? you need to write a cook book...make that an entertaining book. stat!

  13. That is a very similar recipe that my MIL gave me. It's great! Wow, my dog could never make that climb. It's nice to feel grateful, thanks for the reminder. I wish my husband could cook.

  14. Mary Ann thanks so much for mentioning my post in yours. I have found it a really great way to lose weight and am trying to make it a lifelong change now.

    Your recipe sounds great. I've never had gazpacho before, but have read about it. It sounds super healthy with all those veggies in it so need to give it a try.

  15. Oh, forgot to say that I'm so impressed you climb all those stairs. You're going to be in amazing shape if you do those a few times a week. I wish we had some hills or stairs to climb, but Toronto (or at least where we live) is pretty flat.

  16. Love that soup! My mother in law makes it and we devour it!

  17. Those stairs look like a good workout...I go walking at Mt. Helix near my house and the amphitheater has about 85 steps. I usually climb 6 or 7 flights. I have to be careful that I don't trip and fall so my eyes are always on those steps ...there isn't any railing!

    Two years ago my husband and I were in S.F. and one day decided to walk from Union Square to Lombard St. On the way (I believe we were in Russian Hill) we noticed an elderly gentleman with a cane ascending a VERY large set of stairs. Slowly taking one step at a time, what determination! I was so impressed that I snuck a photo of him.

    Linda in S.D.

  18. I love Gazpacho and haven't made it in ages!! Please don't tell me Howard has already lost 10 lbs!! You are such a good girl!

  19. This gazpacho look delish!! Thanks for sharing the recipe- can't wait to try!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  20. I love adding mint to water, so refreshing and to me it always smells like summer. Thank you for sharing the two recipes.

  21. Well, I can't get past "braised short ribs with creamy (and buttery) polenta."
    My mouth is watering.
    Lucky you!

  22. Love that photo of Chief! Wish I could walk those stairs with you everyday!


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