New Fabrics "Right Up My Alley"

Perhaps its having grown up in Southern California... but I love heavy printed linens, in watery blue and green colors and neutrals in whites and sands. 
Jeffrey Alan Marks was supposed to give a presentation of his new line for Kravet (some of the designs are on the surfboards) at the SF Design Center last week but was stuck in L.A. due to fog.

  I was expecting to like Jeffrey's collection...  And I do!  Here are some photos from the brochure along with some samples that I picked up...

 Lucky dog!
 I love the sheer linen on this Roman shade.

By the way…there are new, cute graphics on the elevator doors at the SF Design Center.

 Some of Jeffrey's fabrics are mixed in on one of my inspiration boards...

I'm in Southern California now for work and my mom's big birthday bash this weekend.  No fog predicted :) …in fact, it's going to be pretty toasty for February…
Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful fabrics! I'd also love some of that San Diego weather. I'll trade you our NJ weather...

  2. Mary Ann, I adore Jeffrey and these fabrics are wonderful.
    I also love the linen combination and those designs!!
    Wishing I were in San Diego right now!!

    Featuring The HighBoy

  3. Beautiful fabrics and that linen IS gorgeous. What a cleaver photograph up at the top! He is a handsome guy and the surf board theme works perfectly:) Enjoy your day! xxleslie

  4. Lovin' it all too Mary Ann! Enjoy your beautiful weekend dear and Happy birthday to your mom!

  5. Like you, I'm a fabric junkie too! And Jeffrey's fabrics are wonderful! Very happy and fresh! Hope you have a great time in So. Cal. enjoying the warm weather. I personally am praying for rain!!! Have a fabulous birthday celebration for your mom with your family!
    Tootles...xo Gail

  6. Do you REALLY have to rub in your perfect weather while I look outside at the heaps of icy, disgusting snow with more to come...UGH!
    Onto better things.....love the fabric line was at Kravet last week and got to see his fabrics and thought they had the perfect California easy breezy vibe. Enjoy your getaway and have fun celebrating!

  7. Gorgeous fabrics, all of them. And I love the Design Center doors: very cute to stare at while waiting (impatiently..) for an elevator!

  8. I just picked up Jeffrey's crisscross gray stripe fabric for a client. So pretty! Enjoy your warm weather. We have another cold front moving in. I'm sick of winter!!

  9. great new collection, so fresh

    but......it is going down to -1 here, no rubbing in!!

  10. What a fabulous collection! So fresh!! The colors would look wonderful with our Swedish palette.

  11. Loving his collection at Kravet and he is one dapper gentleman!!

  12. Beautiful fabric collection...he does not look happy in that photo. :/

    Have fun in San Diego...I have to say I am not happy about our hot weather. It was 88 degrees in La Mesa yesterday where I live and today it's going to be very windy. Another warm year for us, my boots and sweaters have hardly seen the light of day...but I shouldn't complain after all the snow they have had back east. I'm sure they would trade places with us in a heartbeat!

    Linda in S.D.

  13. hope your mom has the happiest of birthdays!


  14. So funny! I had just gotten a whole post of JAM's fabrics together and I saw yours.....great minds:)


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