Notes to You from San Francisco

San Francisco has many sites like this one that I see every day while walking Chief...

Some of the hills in the City are so steep that they score the sidewalks...

Lots of different architecture to enjoy while getting exercise.

Notice the new, modern homes next to the Victorians...

This one kind of reminds me of the haunted mansion at Disneyland, only happier...

At the Ferry Building... delicious biscuits and produce.
I got a new I-phone, mostly as I wanted the better camera.
This pedometer in the telephone is cool.  Showing off here:

When Howard comes home at night, I am usually working in my office (secretly hoping he'll start dinner--he has passed me by in the cuisine department).  But yesterday, when he came home he found me stretched out reading a book and weeping.  "What's the matter?" 
"Oh, I meant to just read the intro of an advanced copy of a book by a blogging friend of mine.  But I've read fifty pages.  It's so touching."

Makes me want to be from the South.

We have been binging on the Homeland television show...in the middle of season four.  Season Five is renewed for the Fall.
Next week, Chief and I are driving to Los Angeles to help my daughter with her new apartment.  I sent her this REALLY rough, five minute sketch (it's a long narrow room--no focal point--but the rent is good).
This was her horoscope the next day...
We shall see!  


  1. That is too funny, the horoscope! Yep, I'm guessing her designer is going to far exceed her highest standards!! I so love seeing San Francisco through your eyes (and your new iPhone), it's such a treat to travel to your new beautiful city via your blog! Someday.......

  2. You have the best place to walk with all those hills and the pretty sites. That horoscope is too funny.

  3. What a fun little virtual tour of SF! I think I need to add your city to my list of places to visit some day. We're planning a Grand Canyon/Disneyland/LA road trip for this summer. Wish we had time to swing by San Fran too. Actually, I think that would be a fun getaway for just my hubby and me! I can already tell your daughter's apartment will be fabulous. Excited to see it come to life!

  4. Mary Ann, I would love to walk in your neighborhood, it would make the exercise so much fun! So many beautiful homes, views and architecture! Your daughter is so fortunate to have you assistance with her new place!!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I love seeing all of your San Francisco pics - I haven't been out there forever and need to get back. I don't think Hope would ever want to leave - she's not so fond of these CT winters - Chief is a lucky boy! And how cool is that about Kristy's book - I can't wait to read it!

  6. SF is such a great city, you are lucky to see it's beauty on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing it with us! your lucky to get an advanced copy of Kristy's new book! I'm jealous!

  7. Thanks everyone…it really is a good place to walk. Just so many pretty views.

  8. I lived on Pacific Ave. for 2 years…many years ago…and do remember those hills! And, I bought my first stick shift car then/ Well, that was something to see: me with the emergency brake at every stop light on every hill! Oh, what a time I had. Enjoy the spring, and have a nice weekend!

  9. Thank you for sharing some of the beautiful sites in SF...I would be more than inspired to walk there! So many wonderful buildings and homes to want to peek into!! I've been thinking about getting a new iPhone too, and now really want one seeing that cool pedometer setting! Wow...great horoscope Alie! Not to worry...your designer is of the very highest standards and a genius at what she does!! Have fun in LA! xo Gail

  10. Honestly you can make an interesting post out of anything!! Can't wait to dig into Kristy's book!!

  11. I love all of this!!!!! So true what Cindy said!!! I'm checking out that book!

  12. Forgive me if I'm commenting twice... I don't think it went through. OH MY GOSH!! I am freaking out. This totally made my whole weekend. I am all in knots over here about this book being out in the world. Bless your sweet heart :) I am so glad you are enjoying and thank you for reading and sharing. That is borderline creepy about the horoscope. I always read mine and sometimes it is pretty accurate, but this is so right on. I need to come to SF and visit you to get my steps in. Oh my gosh, thank you again so much. I have to go email everyone at my publishing house and tell them you're liking the book. Haha! (Sort of... I probably really will do that.) Happy weekend! xo Kristy

    1. I do like it Kristy!!! Can't wait to read more tomorrow!

  13. I can't wait to read Kristy's book!.....Homeland is a great show....in fact the last season was one of the best! My husband is the WORST cook so unfortunately that job is left up to me which is not saying much:)

  14. Mary Ann,

    I love San Francisco! When its sunny with blue skies it's the most beautiful place. I love seeing the beautiful Victorian homes...that one did look like the haunted mansion.
    I can hardly wait to finish Kristy's book. I know it's going to be a big hit, it is so heartwarming. I wish I was born in the south too!

  15. San Francisco is such a lovely city. The architecture there is amazing. I have a good friend who lives there, so I good excuse to visit often :-)

  16. I'd say the horoscope was right.

  17. This post was so fun to read ... my husband has surpassed me ... who am I kidding, always been better than me, in the kitchen. I love that Kristy has written a book, Your daughter is one lucky little duck and you have a beautiful backdrop for life. Enjoy it all and breath it in!!

  18. lucky you that you get to live in san francisco, i just came back from vacationing there. the weather is glorious, i wish PA was in full on spring mode, too, but not quite yet here. enjoy!


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