Try Rearranging Your Furniture For A New, Zero Cost Look

This week, we have family arriving for Easter. YAY!  I want more places in our small apartment for company to relax.  We never really used these chairs in our bedroom.  
So, I decided to move them to the bay window in the dining room to create another reading/conversation area.  

Moving these chairs out of the bedroom, meant that a desk could be placed in the bay window.

Making a nice place to blog, write notes or play on Pinterest and enjoy the view (even prettier when the fog lifts).

I put the side bed curtain panels in the front to create a lighter and cozier feel (thanks again, Liana for making these).
There are changes in the living room, too (although I really should get to the mounds of laundry from our trip).  But for now look at our view since they cut down the pine trees...
Can you think of new ways to move around your furniture for a new look or purpose?  It's a good way to refresh without spending any money…like we did!


  1. Mary Ann, that view, wow!!!!!! I would never get anything done if I had that to gaze at out my window! I love your desk in the window. I just suggested this to a client and so I'll have to send her this post. Also the seating area in the dining room.....such a pretty little spot for your guests to linger at.

  2. It's a great inexpensive way to feel renewed in a space, and that is one lovely bedroom!!

  3. You always have such great ideas! I love your workspace in that cozy nook with a view..beautiful Mary Ann!

  4. I love the new seating area in the dining room. The view from your bay window is WOW. I am afraid that I would never get any work completed for looking out the window at all the wonderful thing to see.
    Happy Easter and have fun with your family.

  5. Very smart moves Maryann and the view you have just takes me away every time I see it!!
    You have pulled your home together so beautifully!!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Welcome home Mary Ann! Sounds like you went straight to work after being on your luxury vaca! Always love what you do, and rearranging furniture is NOT my best trait! I can never see it any other way than the way it is!!! You are great at it and with those views, I doubt if anyone could get any reading or writing done. I'd would be glued to the goings on in the bay! Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family. I know they will enjoy their time with you in your beautiful home! xo Gail

    1. Thanks, Gail! I was rearranging furniture instead of doing laundry!

  7. I saw this on IG and I almost can't believe it's the same room?! Fabulous dear, just goes to show how a little re-arranging and a little touch of detail here and there, can turn a whole room around!

  8. With views like yours artwork is not required. Natures beauty.
    Having the opportunity to re-arrange and create a new space is the very reason I buy pieces of furniture that allow double duty. It makes me happy that a small table has found its home in almost every room of my house. Your new vignettes look inviting.

  9. Everything looks...well lovely as always! And your view is spectacular...even with the fog! I love the idea of rearranging....but I think I need help. Can you come over?

  10. I love that you took advantage of your beautiful views with your new furniture arrangements - so spectacular! Your home always looks so beautiful - I want to steal all of your bed pillows - love them!

  11. As per usual, your changes look fantastic! LOVE the chairs in the dining room in that window with the AMAZING view. I wish you could come over to my place and rearrange! I keep moving stuff around but it's not quite right. I may have to hire you.

  12. I love the changes you made, Mary Ann and the panels on the bed, too. You have the best views.

  13. Mary Ann,
    It's always a favorite thing to move things around...I love the idea of having an entire new space without spending a dime!

  14. Your home is so beautiful Mary Ann! I love everything you do. Your views are so envious! Have a lovely week! xo Nancy

  15. Great idea! I did that this past weekend and it made a HUGE difference! Hope you have a great week my sweet friend! XO

  16. Oh my, those gorgeous views! Love the new arrangement with your desk in the bedroom window, and such a great idea to change things up. :)

  17. Love all your tips, but the bedroom, and the view!! It's such a great reminder to look at your space differently. I definitely forget to do this.

  18. We have moved our sofa in the living room countless times! Each move seems just perfect..then a few months later, no, let's try it over here. Daughter never knows what to expect when she comes down!

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  20. If you aren't prepared...you could kill yourself tripping over furniture that I have moved! It always happens when I am doing a deep clean which leads to all kinds of craziness:) Looks like a beautiful day in SF!


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