What Would You Like Project Design to Tackle Next?

Cindy from Rough Luxe and I are having fun with the success of the Project Design series (where we ask a few bloggers to give their advice on decorating projects). We thought it would be fun to get YOUR input on what project we should tackle next!

Here are some of our ideas... 

What You Need To Know To Make The Perfect Bed 

OR...Easy Tips to Update Your Sofa Without Reupholstery 
OR...Make Your Mantle A Showstopper This Season 

OR...How To Style Your Laundry Room So You Want To Do Laundry 
OR...Make Your Craigslist or Hand-Me-Down Chair A Statement Piece 
OR...Steps to Create A Pretty Home Office
OR...How to Style your Bathroom like a Pro 
OR...Refresh Your Living Room With These Inexpensive Tips

Or…Create an Inviting Tablescape

What would you like to see next?  Or do you have another suggestion?


  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed the two previous posts and while I voted, I know I'll be happy with whatever topic of information your talented panel of guest designers/decorators come up with.

  2. Maryann I like the Living room updates or sofa refresh ideas for spring!
    The Arts by Karena

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  4. Hi Mary Ann, It doesn't really mater which one wins, because we will be the winners to receive your wonderful decorating tips! I wanted to vote for all of them, one can never have enough of your design ideas. Thanks for asking us readers to participate. I can't wait to see which one it will be! Hugs, Gail

  5. I could use help on all of them but I think I might like to see a craigslist find turned into a treasure as in the chair shown. Love that fabric.

  6. ALL are great ideas mary ann!

  7. So many great ideas, but I always love seeing beautifully dressed beds…gorgeous images!

  8. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP EVERYONE! Please keep voting.

  9. Can I vote for always seeing more pictures of your lovely rooms and table settings forever and ever? ;)

  10. All of these are much needed in my home, but I voted for the living room refresh

  11. So many great ideas!! I'm loving the refreshing your living room idea - it's perfect for spring!

  12. I had a difficult time deciding.....I think they all are great ideas! Thanks for featuring my winter fireplace! You do know that yours was my inspiration, right?

  13. These are all really great projects to tackle. I voted for bathroom styling. :)


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