Young and Hip: L.A. Apartment With Collected Style

I understand why our daughter, Alie wants to live in West Hollywood. 

It has a laid back, nonjudgmental environment that encourages creativity…and you see it everywhere with the trendy shops, cool restaurants and forward interior design.  
Plus, Alie got a good price on the rent and a fun, new room-mate in the music industry, named Staci.  

Since the living room is long and narrow, we purchased two IKEA Hemnes bookcases to add height and flank the hand-me-down (but in good shape) white sofa (yay...free!).   

Alie used an app called Handy...sort of like Uber to secure a handyman to put together the bookcases (thank God as I am NOT handy).  She ordered the service Saturday afternoon and he came the next day.

We didn't have a lot of accessories to display..YET...and that's ok.  Be particular when you are young (or any age).  Collect things that have meaning to you.  Like the oil painting and Buddha from Alie's uncle.  Alie spent much of her youth traveling/living abroad with us and loves globes.
We went to Mood Fabrics on La Brea and both girls were drawn to this black, gray and magenta cut velvet.  So we bought it.  We also purchase new foam from Diamond Foam and Fabric...and I recovered Alie's chair seats. 

Next Steps for Alie and Staci:
  • For over the sofa, find a vintage/flea market rectangular (hang vertically) or a square mirror like this one...Bamboo Mirror
  • Flank the mirror with two plug in sconces like these...

  • No rush...but you might want to add some more color (I know you both like it)...

  • Paint your white kitchen chairs 

  • all black like these…

    • Replace your chandelier with the updated white burlap drum shade from World Market that we bought (around $30).

    • Paint the six blank canvas's that you have for your modern art collection in your dining room.  Get all those young talents you know to help…could be a party!
       While walking Chief, I spotted a garage sale in the neighborhood and Alie picked up this dresser for $25
    • The rug is from IKEA and the drawers have been lined with this pretty Contact paper from Target.
    • In her bedroom, Alie used an inexpensive IKEA frame for a free poster from a fashion show #affordable art

    • She painted this Kreiss end table (formerly a pickled pink) from Salvation Army with Annie Sloan Provence.
    It was a steamy, hot weekend in Los Angeles.  Fun and productive but we had to take Chief to the emergency Vet due to some stomach issues.   He'll eat anything. :(

    He is better now and staying with Mom "B" (Alie) while I join Howard on a trip to South America!
    Alie and Staci are happy...more to come.  They can take their time (hopefully, I will have updates). 

     I think they are planning a house warming party soon!


    1. Absolutely beautiful! Love that kitchen table. If you don't mind sharing, where is it from or is it diy? My daughter is collecting a few pieces for her first place and will be moving next month. Thanks for providing some great ideas and inspiration!

      1. Christy, I bought Alie that table (after reading how Joni from Cote de Texas furnished her daughter's WHOLE apartment) at the Brooklyn Flea Market...she was living there at the time. Good luck!

    2. Jordan and I are in South America ( Colombia) right now. Have been here a week and are headed to the Galapogas Islands tomorrow for a week. We're having a great time doing our annual volunteer vacation here in Cali before heading to the islands. Love what you have done to the apartment.

    3. Yes, the kitchen table is great! I am heading to L.A. for a fabric buying trip next week and am soooo excited :) I can hardly wait to wander around and look at all the beautiful colors and buy new fabrics for my shop!!

    4. Maryann your discerning eye and Alie's openness to new ideas and changes makes it all works!!
      Love the great mix and how she and her roommate can just keep adding things she loves!!
      Have an amazing trip!

      The Arts by Karena
      A New Gallery in Town!

    5. Great job, Allie, Staci and Mary Ann! It's all coming together with a young artistic vibe! Can't wait to see it all finished! Hey...this decorating business is hard work!! Have a fabulous time in South America! Want to see a post about it when you get back. Travel Safe!
      xo Gail

    6. Ah, to be young and hip! Alie’s apartment looks great, I particularly LOVE the mirror and the painting on the bookcase is fabulous. Hope the Chiefster is feeling better now. Safe travels.

    7. Wow! Alie's definitely got great taste (Hmmmm wonder where she got that from?! ;-) and Staci too of course! Love that vintage trunk she used for her TV and all the personal touches here and there! Have to check out that app HANDY. :-)

    8. Mary Ann,
      You did a wonderful and fun job on your daughter's apartment. It is so pulled together, not sure my early apartments were as coordinated.
      Keep us updated as she adds to the space.

    9. What a wealth of ideas here...fabulous Mary Ann!

    10. What a cute apartment! I especially like that trunk that her TV is on. Looks vintage or antique.

    11. I love everything! The bedside table painted with Annie Sloane paint looks fabulous! Love the collage wall, but I think maybe the A for Alie needs a frame around it. I love the old chest with the television and the chairs you recovered. Beautiful!

    12. This is so freakin' good. Really. I'm so impressed.

    13. Alie and her roomie are very lucky, indeed! It is so amazing what you can do with a can of paint and some TLC! Great spot!!

    14. Looks fantastic! I love West Hollywood too, for the exact reasons you named. I spend a lot of time there and I made offers on several places there when I was looking but never quite landed the perfect one.

    15. Love the gallery wall and your suggestions for them to find are going to add a creative touch

    16. This is a fabulous, informative post. Looking forward to the updates!

    17. Congratulations to your daughter! She and her roommate did an awesome job pulling everything together. Lucky to have such a talented mom to lend a hand. Hope Chief is on the mend and you're having an amazing time with your husband.

    18. Congratulations to your daughter! She and her roommate did an awesome job pulling everything together. Lucky to have such a talented mom to lend a hand. Hope Chief is on the mend and you're having an amazing time with your husband.

    19. And these are really beautiful accessories to have. Great ideas! :)

    20. I cannot believe what you got accomplished! This is fabulous!! Lucky girl!!

    21. Ok. What is it with our kids knowing all about all these cool apps before us.? A handyman app? Really? What a great idea. And I totally know why your daughter wants to live in No. Hollywood. All that artsy-creative energy is exhilarating. Every time I drive through there I feel it. Love her new place with all the changes. I'm so excited for her....

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    23. I am referring back to this post this morning because we visited my daughter in her new (tiny, awful, lol) apartment on Saturday. If I tell her that an honest-to-goodness decorator suggests this stuff, it will carry more weight than her mom saying it. :)


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