9 Random Things You Need to See This Very Minute!

Well, perhaps not this VERY minute. It's more like what is on my radar/Iphone/keeps me up at night/stream of consciousness.

 1. This is an amazing coconut cake!  Our friend, John sent it to us from the Peninsula Grill in Charleston.  It arrived in PERFECT shape…and very moist.  
It is the best coconut cake I have ever tasted.  Not cheap.  
Thanks, John for the extravagant, tasty gesture.  

 2. AND it's a nice extravagance to have flowers on my desk.  I wrapped hydrangea leaves in the vase base.

3. If you need an easy family photo gallery, do what we did for a client's family room) sorry about the blurry photo)...  Use the Pottery Barn Gallery in a box, with two extra large frames for the center.

4.  On Instagram, I enjoy fabulous photos of SF…

5.  Driving across the above bridge to Mill Valley, I can get to my new client's house in 15 minutes and it's like another world.  Although this isn't fun...
not pretty yet… (we are lowering that narrow breakfast bar).

6.  But this shapely Barbara Barry for Henredon sofa will be pretty…especially in the fabric we are ordering (and our own pillows)…I will show you eventually.  They are having a 10% off sale right now.

I saw Barbara Barry speak at a Design Blogger's Conference and she is very "Zen"…whereas, I am more the excitable type (especially talking about decorating)…she must do a lot of yoga.  I need more yoga.

7.  This counter stool by Palecek is curved so that it gives back support and is more comfortable than some bistro style chairs I've tried. 
 8.  If you come to San Francisco, you have to wander through, shop and eat at the Ferry Building right on the bay.  I told Howard that I'd like to meet him after work at one of the cool little, casual restaurants.

They have a beautiful farmer's market, too.

9.  Have you heard this amazing little eight year old's voice?  The film is eight minutes long but really lovely.

So anyway...Who wants a piece of cake?  It's never ending! 


  1. OK I am still stuck on the coconut cake only because it is one of my most fave desserts EVER! (Next to key lime pie)....now you have me contemplating calling the Peninsula Grill for my very own:)

  2. Good Heavens !
    Keep THOSE utubes a comin!!!!
    Whew and Whew.

  3. Oooh yes I would love a piece of cake!! I was really pretty good on Easter!
    Love the counter stools, very chic!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dual Vision!

    1. I wish you were here with me Karen, to share THEE last piece.

  4. Love the ferry building and everything in it! When I lived there, and commuted to Sausalito, it was a dump: what a change to that whole area!

  5. the problem is i always want cake! now i suddenly find i need palecek bistro chairs and definitely YOGA, need to chill!!

    1. Every morning I watch Chief do the Downward Dog and that is about all the yoga I do, Debra!

  6. ME!!!! I would die for a piece of that cake! It looks so delicious! Love all your random things, but the only one that I needed this minute, was the cake!!! Can't wait to see your new clients kitchen, I know it will be fabulous! Hope you're getting some rain up your way. Not a drop here yet but we're still hoping!
    Have a great week! xoxo

    1. We got a little rain, Gail, but I think more is coming...looking out on the bay now and its windy. I think you will be getting some soon.

  7. Yum - I could definitely go for a piece of that cake! Can't wait to see that finished kitchen!

  8. The cake looks delish! We have a bakery here that does a coconut 5 layer that is rediculious too!
    I hope your having fun in San Fran, looks like your not wasting any time finding all the sweet jaunts around you!
    Happy Spring Mary Ann!
    Casual Loves Elegance

  9. Hope you had a great Easter, Mary Ann! That cake looks really, really good! Love the beautiful flowers and chic counter stool. Looking forward to see the finished kitchen. I am sure it will turned out fabulous!


  10. I love those stools you featured - they look like the Serena & Lily ones but more comfortable. And I can't wait to see more of that kitchen project - looks like a great "before" and "after" is in the works!

  11. OH the cake…so wanting a piece right now! Then I'll need the yoga…

  12. Fun post Mary Ann. I wish that was my kitchen that was being ripped apart! I will so enjoy seeing the insulation hanging out of the walls. Can't wait to see what you have going on in there!

  13. Coconut cake is one of my favorites. Now I want a piece too! Love those stools. I saw the bistro chairs on Overstock last month and wanted them so bad, but had no where to put them. Looking forward to seeing your client's kitchen come together.

  14. Mmmmm, looks yummy even on photo. I would love to visit the Ferry Building, but I've only been to SF once. So I'll add that to my list!

  15. That cake.....looks unbelievably yummy! Love hanging with you for the day....checking in on a client and wandering the streets of SF!

  16. I do and I don't even like coconut! But your writing style is so engaging and fun that I'm not sure I would even notice that it was coconut! Miss you!


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