Eight Classic Round Side Tables and A New Project Design

A larger, 28" to 36" round end table is versatile!  I have two different ones that I like to move around like...
  • in a corner, between two sofas or a sofa and chair
  • as a bedside table
  • between two club chairs
  • in a large foyer
  • even as a small dining spot for breakfast for two
The larger size is closer in scale to the depth of a sofa or club chair. and the curves soften corners. Here are some of my favorites...

Wisteria Venetian Bamboo  We used it here...

In other news…

When Cindy from Rough Luxe Lifestyle and I took a poll for topics for Project Design, this came out on top:
"Refresh Your Living Room With These Inexpensive Tips"
So, please come back on Friday 
for ideas from these talented ladies:

Thanks for visiting!


  1. You can never have enough of those little round side tables, right?! I love being able to see them in a room - you've picked some beauties! And I can't wait to see what you and the other Project Design ladies have in store for us on Friday!

    1. We are choosing one of these for a client's living room now, Kris.

  2. Oh what a great collection you chose Mary Ann! You know I love your Project Design series, I'll be anxious to check out the great ideas from this awesome group!

  3. Love using them as a small dining spot for two! Looking forward to this series. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have one too that I scored at TJ Maxx years ago, but I'm seriously considering getting the Traditional ghost table from Wisteria!

  5. What wonderful examples, I liked all of them but maybe particularly the Crate and Barrel version at the top.

    Oh, I'm thrilled with the topic for this round of decorating ideas. I'll be back to check it out.

  6. My favs are the Pottery Barn and the Wisteria! Can't wait for your reveal on Friday!!

  7. I can't wait to see what this amazing group chooses…know it will be good!!

  8. I have used several of those in client projects ... the two from C&B and the one from RH (which is metal and I LOVE it!! Looking forward to the refresh tips!!

  9. I love the WSH one and the Wisteria they are great!

  10. I've used a couple of those tables from Noir ..cant wait to stop back on Friday..

  11. Love all of these tables! Wish I had a place for one of them. Can't wait to see your wonderful refresh ideas on Project Design!

  12. I love a round table. I like the curve of them. Something different to break up a bunch of straight lines. For whatever reason, my husband doesn't care for them, which is why we don't have a round dining table. But honestly, I think a rectangular table works better for us in our dining room. I think a round table is good for breakfast rooms and as accent tables. I love the WS Home Milton table you featured, and the C&B Esme Bruno table.

  13. Even more than round side tables, I have always been a fan of round dining tables. I grew up with one..maybe that's why? In our present house we tried a long table we had had up north but it just was not right for the space. Now, our round one, with removable leaf, and a pedestal base is just perfect. Combined with a dining bench it works well in our small space.

  14. Dear Mary Ann I am late in visiting; however I love round tables and their versatility.
    You have shown some wonderful examples and I shall be back!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Love everyone of them! I am trying to talk a client into something like that now....why won't they just listen to me....grrrrr.

  16. You picked up so nice tables. After I throw away the old table from my living room I think I'll buy something like those!


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