MOTHER'S DAY and Fun Projects This Week

A couple of days ago in line at the grocery store, there was young mom behind me with two beautiful one and two year old boys in her cart (that was also loaded with groceries).  She said "No one tells you how hard this job is."  Big smile.  It does get easier but you never stop loving and worrying.  Still, being a mother is the best thing I have ever done.  And it makes me appreciate my mother every single day.  

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms (including my wonderful mother-in-law) and to you mothers of precious pets.
Speaking of which, Chief turned two on Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo and he got to pick out a couple of toys.

On Wednesday, I made this hearty salad: butter lettuce, shaved Parmesan, home-made croutons (French bread cubes drizzled with good olive oil and pepper and baked), ripe tomatoes and edamame (frozen and thawed from Trader's Joes).  I also made a lemon vinaigrette with the juice and zest from one lemon, three tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and sea salt and pepper).  You can make more salad dressing and save it in the fridge.
On Thursday, I presented family room and powder room plan options for family of boys.
And stopped into Pottery Barn Teens...I like this shelving unit.  Wouldn't it also be great in a laundry room or walk in pantry?

Then, I ran into West Elm and bought this runner
...I'm using more white for Spring and Summer.

I'm always switching this vignette around in the foyer.

On Friday, clients and I went to the SF Design Center to try out sofas and rugs for a living room. They have cats with big, funny personalities...and claws!  That tightly woven, soft fabric at the lower center is going on the sofas.

My children are far away this Mother's Day--but look at this sweet gift they sent...
Thanks you guys!
Coming up next:  What I learned at "The Art of Flower Arranging" class I took yesterday!  So cool!  I will never arrange flowers the same way again.

Have a great Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Mary Ann! Hope you are having a wonderful day despite your kids are not close by. I think Mother's should be honored everyday, their love and devotion to their family is never ending!
    Your salad looks delicious and with warmer weather coming, I need more ideas for light refreshing meals!
    Love the fabrics you've chosen for your clients. I know they will be happy working with you...the master of design!!!
    Much love! Gail

    1. Gail...your comments never cease to lift my spirits...YOU ARE THE BEST.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Mary Ann. And happy birthday, Chief!

    1. Thanks, Claudia... happy Mother's day to you!

  3. Happy Mothers Day Mary Ann!!

    That salad sounds delish.

    Enjoy your spa day!

    Linda in S.D.

    1. Thanks Linda...have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I can't wait to hear what you learned about flower arraigning !!! So excited. Happy Mother's Day!
    The House of Hampton

  5. Happy Mothers Day! Love your plan and of course you threw in one of my fav wallpapers:) Can't wait to hear about the flower arranging....I could use some help in that arena for sure!

  6. Oh yeah....and that salad looks wonderful!

  7. Looks like the perfect Mother's Day gift. Looking forward to the flower arranging.

  8. What great kids you have!! No surprise there with a mom like you. Your newest designs are beautiful.........my dream home would be designed entirely by you!! I can't make decisions on my house!

  9. darling post- youre inspiring to say more about my day to day goings on- I love stepping into your fun life! Enjoy your massage! xo Nancy

  10. What a sweet post! Your children are very thoughtful! And, your puppy is adorable!

  11. Mary Ann your Mothers day Gift is perfect and you are always giving me great ideas for design and changing things up for the seasons! You are such an inspiration!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem

  12. Oh Mary Ann, your life is busy I know, but you make it look so pretty and organized! Happy Mother's Day!


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