Six Tips For Bringing Color Into Your Living Room

It's been so fun having Juliet as a client.  She is not afraid of color and it fits her sunny, witty personality.  I am happy that she is pleased with her new living room.

1.  Pull in color from something you love like your rug or artwork (in Juliet's case, she fell in love with this Schumacher Huntington Gardens linen).
Notice the coral, turquoise and greens that give us direction.

We had curtains made.

2.  Bring in color with pillows.  I'm a broken record about this--but new pillows with good down and feather inserts can really make a room.

We used China Seas Bijou Stripe...and look at these complicated instructions for Liana...

3.  Keep some neutrals to prevent over-saturation.

This is the Cardiff chair from PB.

4. Consider small accessories, like these coasters from Anthropologie for a little splash of color.

The coffee table is from Ballard and the hurricane and tray (purchased in the store but I don't see it on-line) are new from Pottery Barn.

5.  House plants really add a pop of fresh green.

6.  Bring in fresh flowers (these are from Juliet's garden) or branches with leaves.

I told Juliet that I wanted her to light candles every night like I do.
She texted me this photo that she is following my instructions :) 

Thanks so much for the amazing/encouraging comments on my previous post regarding the length/frequency of my posts.  I'm going to pretty much keep things "as is."

We are going to meet our friends in the Bahamas and I am rushing to get things squared away...so that I can get sand between my toes and dig into a good book.  

Hope your summer is off to a good start!


  1. Beautiful....love the colors. Have a wonderful, fun trip!!!

  2. Lovely colors, combinations and textures! Somehow I never get around to candles, other than on the table. Have a great vacation and send some pictures!

  3. Gorgeous! Juliet is my dear friend. You are very right. She is sunny, witty and so much more!

  4. Oh Mary Ann, you know I LIVE to be on THE BLOG . . . we LOVE how the room came together FINALLY and are so appreciative. You have the magic touch. Bon Voyage . . . can’t wait to hear about your fabulous trip!

  5. Perfect colors, serene and lively all at the same time! Fresh, new pillows and fresh flowers are my own personal secret to having my mostly neutral colored living room come to life each season.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday. Beautiful colors and accents. Great job, as always.

  7. Great advice! And those are perfect ways to add some color to a neutral space. Have a great vacation. I just finished Mary Kay Andrew's Beach Town. If you haven't read it, it would be a fun beach read.

    1. Thanks, Kelly!!! I need the suggestion.

  8. You really brought this fabulous room together with the colorful and fun fabrics, Mary Ann!
    I really love seeing the projects you design!! Have a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Jackson Pollock Mural

  9. The Bahamas, how fun!! Just love the entire room - such pretty colors and adore the way you did the tray in the next to the last image. Have fun on your trip!!

  10. You always manage to get it just right!. Have a fabulous holiday! x Sharon

  11. Lovely job! I'm always amazed at your work and your client relationships. Hope you're having a great trip!

  12. These are some wonderful tips. Thank you for the inspiration. I love plants (but I can't seem to keep them alive - UGH). So, I stick with fresh flowers most of the time. Finally, I agree that candles are absolutely essential!
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  13. Great tips, Mary Ann! Yes, yes, yes to houseplants and flowers for bringing color into a room. Those hydrangeas are lovely. Candlelight is always a good thing. Now that I think of it, I might do a post on candles and feature the nice variety of holders we have.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to the Bahamas! Lucky you, always traveling. I envy you. Have fun, stay safe.

  14. Mary Ann, hope you are having/had a lovely time in the Bahamas!! That curtain fabric and the colors in this room are so pretty. Love what you did in here as usual!

  15. Those curtains are gorgeous! They just bring that room to life in a huge way!!! Have a great vaca:)

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