Transitional Coffee Tables, My Home Office, Procrastinating...

For a client's new living room design, we want a transitional, dark coffee table.  We ordered the Noir Sutton table, as well as a round end table, from the warehouse in Los Angeles.  They were shipped via truck to Northern California.  Within a couple weeks of arrival, both tables started to slightly separate at their seams (due to the crazy hot and humid weather here, we were told).
The company would replace the tables (this one time) but if it happened again, we were out of luck.  I have three Noir tables in my own home and no problems...and I've used their products for others with success.  I even texted Debbie on her Mediterranean cruise (she uses Noir a LOT).  She texted back that the only problem she has ever had was with one chair and they repaired it locally.

So, what would you do???  Exchange or return?

If it was for me, maybe I would risk it and repair it if it happened again (my antique French farm table separates and I repair with it wood filler).  But not for a client, when she is paying good money for a new table!

So, the search for an alternative table, dark and 48" to 60" in length is on!  Here are a few that I found.

Additionally, Cindy from Rough Luxe Lifestyle offered this as a suggestion (not what we need for this project but I love the beachy look and price).

OK, I got schnit to do on this gorgeous Friday in San Francisco.  By schnit I mean work.  

But first, I bought some new white, made in Portugal, mugs on sale from Hudson Grace.

Speaking of beverages, my client, Caroline makes delicious iced tea with this (she adds a little honey).  I'm putting this on the grocery list.
 Before I get to work, let me tell you about the fun opening of the Hotel Zephyr that I went to last night.
 The club chairs in the lobby below rock.
 Here I am talking to one of the guests, Steve Jobs.  Only he wasn't saying much back.  He was staring at
 the fire pit of old computers.  Anyway, it's a hotel near the wharf that's hip but not serious. (And Steve was borrowed from Madame Tussauds--I want to go there now).

Work can wait until I straighten my office a bit...
You should have seen it before.
Some of you have asked about the linen stripe on the top left (it's going into two projects--I love it).  It's by Ralph Lauren, East Indies Stripe in Indigo.
 With a tiny office, it feels great to have clear counter space (even if its temporary).  Those are Pottery Barn bulletin boards.

I'll just light a candle and get some water and then "knuckle down!" (As my dad used to say when we were fooling around instead of doing the dishes).
What's that?  Ring, ding, ding.  I'll just stare out at the view for a while...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I would return it and for me, I love the Baker Milling Road option the most! With that said, I have quite a number of big furniture from RH and they are completely indestructible, so with durability, no doubt on RH for that. Steve Jobs? too funny, cool hotel !

    1. Thanks so much for your input, Vel. I like the Milling Road the best but this space is more casual (tv in the room)...and that's the most expensive!

  2. Mary Ann if I had that view out of my office I would never get any work done!! I am going to have to get some of that tea it sounds delish! I can see you are having a great summer and enjoy the weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

  3. I really like that Uttermost table!! You have me thinking of a place for it now!!

    1. Will you buy it Cindy, so I can see it in person :) I really like it.

  4. I also like the Uttermost table. My new coffee table is from them via my winning it from My Design Chic!
    BTW that view is to die for!

  5. Mary Ann,
    We had a coffee table that when we moved and placed it near the fireplace, it split, but when the weather cooled it resealed itself and you would have never seen the split. Weird. I wouldn't like the idea that it could happen again and the company would say, too bad, your problem. I saw some beautiful alternatives if your client likes one of them.

  6. How frustrating! I vote to return, it must be something about where those particular tables were made. But I do love that table best! Uttermost is nice, but has a heavier look. Whatever you choose will be great! Love your new mugs and the Hotel Zephyr looks like a very fun place to stay! The pic of you and Steve Jobs had me for a second! Boy...sure looks real...kind of freaky! Your office looks great and I could sure use some of those beautiful fabrics on your board for my guest room!
    Happy Weekend! xo Gail

  7. I would return it. Bummer! I vote for the Uttermost table. It's different from most tables I always see!

  8. Mary Ann, those cable cars remind me of the times when I gave seminars in San Francisco many years ago. The cable cars passed directly outside of the windows of the hotel meeting room. Every time those bells rang, I would almost expect to hear that old Rice-A-Roni jingle. ("Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!")

  9. Wow…now that's a dilemma, but you have so many other great choices. Can't wait to see what you choose!! Happy weekend, Mary Ann!

  10. I was up last night searching for an affordable new coffee table. I'm glad to see that 3 of the styles I had in mind are very similar to your picks.

  11. Really great table indeed. Greetings!

  12. Love your random musings...a company that will only offer a one time repair would make me nervous personally. I need and only work with companies who stand behind their product irregardless so me, personally I would move on.

    Like some of the others you chose, the RH ones are pretty, wish they were a little lighter, must my 2 cents, but you have lots of great options! Love your desk and workspace....you should see mine, yours is neat as a in comparison. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. That is so funny... Steve Jobs looked like the real deal!

  14. Probably keep and repair if it was for me! But I get that you don't want your client to be unsatisfied.....
    Love your tiny office but the view might be a little too good:) Distraction:)

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  16. I haven't had that particular problem before but I loved how you described your day(s). I love clean horizontal spaces too. A struggle to keep them that way in my office and on my dining room table! Happy Saturday! Linda


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