Our son, Thomas is really enjoying his internship at Disneyland.  A cast member perk is free admission to California Adventure and Disneyland.  Recently, he took me along with him!  My husband worked for Disney for many years and we have gone SEVERAL TIMES in the past.   Even so, both Thomas and I remarked that we always get a thrill in our chests upon entering Disney's colorful gates!!!

TIP ONE:  TAKE A PHOTO OF WHERE YOU PARKED.  We didn't and it took us 10 minutes to find our car at the end of the day.


TIP THREE:  WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES NO MATTER HOW DORKY THEY LOOK WITH YOUR OUT FIT.  I had on cute sandals but as Thomas said "everyone else is wearing running shoes so who cares."  So I switched to my Nike's (Thank God).

TIP FOUR:  GET THIS HANDY MOBILE APP THAT TELLS YOU WAIT TIMES IN THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS…like where Characters are, restaurants, restrooms, etc.

TIP FIVE: (THOMAS SWEARS BY THIS) ALWAYS HAVE A FAST PASS.  It lets you get in the fast line and as soon as you use your Fast Pass, run and get one for the next ride you want to go on since the computer only lets you have one Fast Pass at a time.

We waited too late to get a Fast Pass for this Radiator Springs Racers ride (they were not available until later after we planned to leave).  This is in California Adventure and reminds me of the drive to Mammoth Mountain.

But while we were in California Adventure we split a micro-brewery beer…oh yeah…

TIP SIX:  THEY SERVE WINE AND BEER IN CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE (so Californian)…but no alcohol in Disneyland.

TIP SIX:  BUY A COUPLE BOTTLES OF WATER…THEN, YOU CAN REFILL THEM AT THE WATER FOUNTAINS EVERYWHERE.  I thought the "Disney Water Fountain Water" tasted good and I'm sort of picky.

THIS IS A REPEAT OF TIP FOUR:  ALWAYS GET A FAST PASS…we got one for here and sailed right on in…but look at all those warnings.  I DID IN FACT, MEET THE MINIMUM HEIGHT REQUIREMENT :)   It was really fun, but skip it if you have back problems.
 TIP SEVEN:  YOU CAN BUY THE FRIED CHICKEN A LA CARTE AT THE PLAZA INN near Main Street (instead of $16.49 for the full meal below).  Delicious.  We put Tabasco on it.

TIP EIGHT, IF YOU LIKE DILL PICKLES.  Then splurge on a crisp, icy cold one in Adventure Land.  Thomas also recommends the turkey legs.

 It's okay to be a kid at Disneyland.  Walt would want that.

Thank you, Thomas for taking yo mama to celebrate Disneyland's 60th birthday!


  1. This is so great and I wish I had known about these tips the last time at Disneyland! Thanks Maryann!!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. What fun!! Haven't been to Disneyland, but really love Disney World! My 13 year old is hoping to get an internship there some day!

    1. We love both Disney World and Disneyland.

  3. Hi Mary Ann! What a fun adventure with Thomas...and how great to get in free! Your tips are great and very helpful, especially if you haven't been to Disneyland in over 40 years!!! But I still remember that feeling going through the entrance, it does bring out the "kid" in you!
    xoxo Gail

    1. Yes, Gail, lots of adults are really in to it wearing Mickey hats and t-shirts and smiles.

  4. This is great and brings back so many memories of being there when the kids were young....i remember the excitement when fast pass came out...it was like hitting the lotto. And agree about super comfy shoes, an absolute must. Must be such a fun internship.....such a happy place!

    1. Notice no photos of me in my dorky outfit, Tina? But we did log in over 8 miles that day!

  5. Hi Mary Ann,
    My hubby and I met and married while working out at Disneyland. Still, they didn't have fast passes when we worked there and it's a great tip. I'm with you, Disneyland is still magical to our family. What a fun day with your son!

  6. These are great tips Mary Ann. We just went to Disneyland with my parents and my boys and girlfriend-- little more than a week ago and it was SOOOO crowded. We went on a Wednesday too, must be the last of the vacationers. But we got the Fast Passes the minute we got inside. I agree about those walking shoes too...lots of steps. Cute photo of you both!

  7. Great post! My husband and I are going to a wedding in Orlando next month and I will be sure to wear my tennis shoes. Enjoy your week.

  8. I think it's so sweet that you and your son went together!!! Would love to visit Disneyland one day when I have grandchildren in the really distant future!! We took our kids to Disney World as teenagers and I felt like we waited too long.

  9. Thank you for this post. It's great! Like I said on Instagram-we are going in February (from Birmingham) and can't wait. I wish I had your tips when we went 4 years ago. thanks again.

  10. Sounds like a great day, Mary Ann! And what a fun internship for your son. My oldest daughter is a Disney fanatic...she even has a Disney blog and has applied for the official Disney blog writing team. There's just no place like Disneyland.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! What would be more fun than going to Disneyland on your birthday?!! I love Disneyland!!

  12. IT was Disneyland's birthday...not mine. I'm MUCH younger than 60 :)


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