Refresh Your Home: Accessory Checklist!

It shouldn't take a lot to make your home feel fresh.  For me, it's straightening up, cleaning a bit, arranging some flowers, putting on some music and lighting a scented candle.  
When accessorizing someone else's home, I like to use what the owners already have and fill in where necessary to make things a bit more stylish.  These are ideas that I keep in mind.
So, when I find things on sale...it's even better!  I can return what doesn't work but in most cases, it does!  Look what I found on sale this week... hope these deals last.

I bought a smaller version of this for me and it's already sold out.

Leave the bowl empty or partially fill it with seasonal items like apples or pinecones.
These raffia trays are a good deal right now.

Pillow covers This is going on a leather chair.

Might as well stock up while on sale...
More Trays for a Coffee Table  I picked up the round one.

 These aren't on the checklist, but are a good price.  We bought two of these rugs for a client...not too many left.  Handwoven Striped Rug

If you would like coffee table books...here is one that I just ordered for me!

The polka dot book (with the partial cover off) on my coffee table now is by Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity.

I also bought a glass shadow box to store our antique opera glasses on the coffee table.
You could use these boxes (they come in different sizes) for your jewelry, or for shells like my friend, Debbie does. 

Or display souvenirs from your travels, or precious objects, like vintage family photos (Kathy, like the unframed black and white photo of your dad on your console ).
Look for coordinating photo frames like mine below purchased at  
Target a while ago.  Check out Home Goods, too.
This was a home that we refreshed with key elements off the checklist!  The vintage marble grapes were inherited from my client's parents.
For more accessories for the home and other ideas, follow me on Pinterest.

The fog lifts in San Francisco in the morning and it is pretty darn glorious here right now.
Time for Chief and I to take a walk and enjoy it.  Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  1. I have the same Simplicity book on my ottoman! I do need a fig tree but I am scared I will finish it off before I can enjoy it! xo K

    1. My fig tree is taking over our dining room...it gets afternoon exposure and looks like it's trying to lean towards the Gold Gate bridge. Give it a shot! I just water it once a week.

  2. I didn't have enough light coming in my windows for my figs to do well inside... have both of them under the covered area on my patio and they are doing great... lots of heat and humidity where I live. I water once a week as well.

  3. I like all these options and there where to buy. I especially like the glass box for opera glasses. Thinking this is a way t0 display somesmaller items tucked away in our attic. Linda

  4. Great, fresh looks. Those antique opera glasses are displayed so nicely.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  5. Mary Ann, Love your check list approach I do somewhat the same thing for my own home and use too for my clients. Also you had some great finds to purchase in this post, I had to pin a few! Happy monday,

  6. I would definitely love to have a glass shadow box! But maybe display it on our coffeetable once my baby is old enough to understand it's fragility lol! Trays are a must and love all the choices you showed here Mary Ann!

  7. I love this checklist...or I should say I need this checklist. It's hard to get into refreshing my home when I'm in the middle of painting though....I'm sort of a messy DIYer. But I'm filing these ideas away. How is Chief doing? Is he back to his adorable self?

    1. Thanks, Leslie...he is BACK...and wanting another walk.

  8. May I ask where your friend Debbie purchased her large glass box for her silvered shells. I have a similar collection and love the idea of displaying them in a glass box. Thank you!

    1. Check out West Elm...there is a link in my post. Good luck. It's a great idea.

  9. Very good ideas for home decoration. I love the picture frames!

  10. those shadow boxes rock! as do the rest of your tips. ;)

  11. Beautifully done Mary Ann, it is so good to have inspiring finds surrounding us in our homes.
    The Arts by Karena
    Lost Too Soon

  12. Mary Ann I love this home! So many pretty touches and you really have an eye and I love displaying family heirlooms like this. Those grapes are very cute. Wish I still had the ones my mom and grandma had in the 60s! They look fresh again! Hope you are enjoying summer! Kim

  13. Great idea to make a check list..I'm going to have to pick up one of those boxes...so cute!

  14. As always, great ideas for changing up our room with pretty and easy accessories! I had some of those glass and brass boxes many years ago and now I wish I'd kept them after seeing how you've used them. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary Ann.

  15. You have such great ideas and an eye for great displays. Thanks for sharing! xo


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