Cool Mid-Century Looks--Palm Springs Inspired

Spending Labor Day weekend in Palm Springs really gave me some mid-century design inspiration. Just at a time when I am helping a young couple (who love mid-century style) with their new condo in West Hollywood.
I'm old enough to remember thinking mid-century looked dated!!!  BUT now, mixing it in interiors looks so fresh!  My daughter, Alexandra and I hit up some vintage and consignment stores like The Estate Sale Company.

The goods at Bon Vivant were pricier but SO WELL curated.
Alexandra took these photos...sorry about the quality.  I realize my I-phone 6 takes better photos but I had left it in the car.  Notice the colorful Italian glass!  My mom had tall Italian amethyst decanters like these.   I wonder where they are now?

We visited a few other shops and it was HOT.  So, Alexandra and I decided to stop for a drink at the The Parker Palm Springs...to cool off.
These light fixtures add a fresh element to any space.  I've always love painted brick.
 Notice the colorful vintage glass in the lobby like in the Bon Vivant store.
Our spicy Margaritas (jalapeno slices added to a regular margarita) match the green marble bar.
 Fun wallpapered ceiling in the bar.

 The hotel has hedges and secret garden spots like this fire pit with fun butterfly chairs.

Here's the plan for the young couple that I mentioned earlier... We've already bought the West Elm Crosby sofa.  It's comfortable.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I like your plan! Really nice.

  2. Great post! I grew up with mid-century!!!! At that time we called it Danish Modern!

  3. Such fun, colorful glassware! Love those!!

  4. Love your blog! I've been following you for awhile. We visited SF last summer and really enjoyed it! Catch up with my our family's adventures at www.thespilledmilkmom.blogspot.com!

  5. Ahhh we had those butterfly chairs on our very unfashionable patio growing up!! The jalapeno margaritas look fabulous! I can only imagine how hot it was there!!!

    1. We actually have two days of under 95 degrees!! Heading home tomorrow.

  6. I love the Thai rubbings! Recently sold deep green genie jars on One Kings Lane....hated to let them go. Look great in your photos grouped together.

    1. My daughter and I both liked the rubbings. The price was less than the frames!

  7. Hi Mary Ann- I grew up with mid century pieces in our house. I sort of have a love hate relationship with it. The leggy starkness of it isn't my favorite-but you're right when you mix it in with traditional pieces it looks fresh.
    It's growing on me. Crate and Barrel apparently saw this trend coming. Every time I'm in there I can't believe how Mid Century their aesthetic has become! I wish they'd balance it out a little--like you've suggested. Thanks for the inspiration and the margarita with jalapeño idea!

  8. Love a little mid century mixed in with more transitional items and your mood board looks perfect! Can't wait to see it come to life!

  9. What a fun project! And can't think of a better place for a little mid-century inspiration. Did you go by the house with the pink door? I see they have an instagram....That Pink Door! How fun to shop with Alexandra in Palm Springs!

  10. Hi Mary Ann, it is so great to mix it up. I have some mid-century pieces with very traditional as well!!
    It keeps things interesting!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

  11. I haven't been there in years..It looks like you both had a great time!


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