What's New? Things I'm Liking At The Moment!!!

I'm still in Southern California right now, but before I came down I got my hair styled by Inna at d'Arti in SF.  I love seeing her latest floral arrangements.  She goes to the SF Flower Mart, too.
nice for artwork display too...
And you can find French Vintage Demi John bottles on Etsy!  I had some of these that I sold when we moved.  Ah well.  Someone else is enjoying them.
I have to watch how much I go on Pinterest because...

But I did think it was fun to see this collage on Pinterest that someone did of my first One Room Challenge by Chic Geek.

My fingernails have been splitting and this is really helping OPI Nail Envy.  Have you tried it?
While in Newport Beach, we stopped into this cool, new store...
 Art and artifacts...
 pillows (always grab my attention)
 And trays....

 Crystals (and geodes).. so in right now
 Black and white on a black wall is a good idea...

 I really like the way this art by local artists is displayed.
 Is macrame' coming back?

 So anyway, now I am in Redlands, California at my cousins house.  (Billy, can you put this chair in your will for me--Dibs).  This chair is in his study.  How about that nail head detail?
 This morning, I was drinking coffee in their family room and looking at this...
So, I took a few liberties with accessories around the house..
 Then I moved on to fill in the mantel with antique books and boxes...
And then book cases...
And then I stopped and hoped no one got mad (also the caffeine buzz was gone).

But NOW I'm excited to cook dinner for them outside on their grill (since we don't have one in SF).  
Grilled Flank Steak with Chili Verde
Tomatoes from Their Garden with Burrata and Basil
Roasted Tiny Rosemary Potatoes
Well, that's all the fun here.  What are you up to?


  1. We may have been separated at birth - I tend to re-style where ever I go. Your cousin is lucky you stopped by.
    Love his garden.

  2. Now I really want to go shopping...love those pillows. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. With the styling and cooking, I don't think your cousin will ever let you leave!

    1. I leave tomorrow, Shelley, but it's been nice to be here.

  3. So much to love and admire here..but your DIY was my favorite and so well deserved the recognition! Love that trellis wall....fabulous! Cali's the best:) Enjoy your day....

  4. I don't kn ow how I missed that DIY stenciling Maryann!! It is perfection. Love the trays, no room for demi-johns though!! You are the absolute best at styling! Have a great holiday weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Sharon Santoni

  5. Oh and forgot to mention how much I love the art and MUST try the Nail Envy!!

    1. Karena...the Nail Envy is extending my manicure.

  6. Mary Ann I can't believe I missed you! You were in Newport Beach? Next time we have to see each other even if it's for a quick hello.

    1. Absolutely, Leslie. I will be back in October.

  7. ok. i'll fly out there, rent a van, you distract your cousin while I back up the van and grab his furniture. we'll split the take. how awesome is their stuff? and that courtyard? i'd never leave. seriously. and I wish you'd come to my house and tweak stuff...feel free. no questions asked and an unlimited supply of caffeine awaits.


  8. Lot of fun this and that's the espalier is exactly what I want off the side patio in our new home.

  9. Sounds like way more fun than I have been having! I am coming for dinner!!

  10. Mary Ann, you inspire me so much! The diamond pattern on your cousin's wall in the backyard -- can you tell me what that greenery is? I want to that on my garden wall! #motivated!! Karen Laszcz

  11. What a cool store and you can come stay with me an rearrange to your hearts content. I won't mind at all.

  12. Nail Envy has made a huge difference in strengthening my nails and, as mentioned above, significantly extends my manicures.....love it!

  13. You brother has a beautiful home, especially the mantel. I really love a beautiful mantel.

  14. Mary Ann you are too funny restyling the coffee table, mantle and bookcase! PLEASE COME VISIT ME. I will provide all the coffee you need :) Hope you had a wonderful time with your cousin!

  15. Every time I check my email, I am so pleased when I see your blog posts. If only, is what I think about having you help me with my own home. Happy, fresh and sunny is one of the ways I think about how you style and design. I too had problems with my nails splitting vertically for several years. I wasn't aware of the OPI Nail Envy. I have been taking argan oil infused biotin for about 9 months and it repaired the splits with my thumb nails very quickly. Several other nails have been starting to split recently so I will definitely try your solution. Thank you for the enjoyment you share with us.

  16. The pillows are lovely, some of them will suit perfectly my sofa.


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