Comfortable, Usable Dining Room Updates: Before and After

A lot has been going on at Melina's home.  We recently completed makeovers of her living room, family room and son's room...which I am excited about and will show you when I can get better photos (having a problem with that!).  But here are the improvements we made to her dining room and foyer.
Love her new expensive looking hurricane lanterns from Pottery Barn and the straw runner from WS Home (I want one too).

Here is the foyer before... 
a new circa lantern was installed along with 
a larger mirror, RH lamp and West Elm bowl (on sale now) on the demi-lune table.
Their dining room is on the small side.  I had to be the bad guy and tell them that it was over-crowded with inherited furniture (so that the table had to be off center).  

Also,  I understand cats may scratch the table...but "live a little"--take the pad off and use Old English on scratches (adds patina).  Then, you will see a pretty table everyday! And guess what?  Since Melina is letting her two cute cats outside during the day they haven't been scratching...that fear influenced a lot of our decorating...more about that later.
We kept the family heirloom table but added more comfortable chairs from Restoration Hardware.  The Circa Lighting iron chandelier mimics the arch in the dining room opening...trust me on that since I don't have a picture... see the arch repeated in the new Ballard iron mirror?  
Melina's husband and friend are my heros for getting that heavy, three piece burden on the wall.  They also installed the RH hardware and new curtains.  AND it was a super hot day and I didn't hear any cursing...except under my breath.

Now there is room to move around the table...
just in time for Melina's husband's birthday party.

Speaking of entertaining...I was in Anthropologie this weekend.  
Four or six of one of these would add some sparkle to a bar cart...
Gilded Rim Stemless Wine                    Georgette Glasses            Old Fashioned

Have a great week!

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  1. Beautiful transformation. Both spaces look so fresh and new! I love the new Circa light in the foyer. I just put two over my kitchen island thanks in part to the inspiration from your sister's kitchen. Stop over and see how it turned out when you get a chance. Have a great week!

  2. Wow -- so pretty! Love the transformations!

  3. Gorgeous changes Mary Ann! The new mirror, sconces and chandelier in the dining room really freshen up the space and the bigger mirror in the foyer made a world of difference.

  4. Maryann that dining room looks gorgeous. Love the arched mirror and the new spacious look. Good job for getting them to get rid of the excess!!

  5. Mary Ann, amazing transformation on the dining room!
    I love the upholstered chairs and new mirror and lighting!!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Gorgeous Mary Ann! Love the mirror and the common elements of iron and linen even on the shades. It suits the style of the furniture and is now totally current in feel. What happened to the side board and cabinet? xob

  7. Your changes are amazing! Love what you did and the mirror is striking!

  8. congrats to melina for listening to you. :) their home looks fantastic. love all the changes...it looks so serene especially by lightening the load of all the furniture in the dining room. hope her husband has a happy birthday celebration in their updated space :)

  9. Hi Mary Ann, Wow, what a difference your magical touch makes. Both the entry and dining room look great! I love how you decluttered the dining room, it looks so much larger and cleaner, and love the mirror and sconces too!
    Another fine job by the master of decor!
    xo Gail

  10. What a difference, Mary Ann - both spaces look amazing. Love the sconces and the lantern!

  11. Well done as always.....love seeing your stylish before and afters!

  12. You guys are all just so sweet!! Thanks for all the positivity!!!

  13. Practical and beautiful as always, Mary Ann. You make it look easy but it is SO not. Great job.

  14. I understand about the bad guy thing, but you had to do it. Big improvement. Great job with all of it, Mary Ann.

  15. WOW! The mirror transforms the room. Stunning!

  16. Well if somebody has to be the bad guy....better a friend/decorator like you:) I know that mirror is heavy cause I have used it. Looks SO much better!


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