Traditional Home Show House Tour and Details to Copy

Cindy Hattersley invited me to go to the Traditional Home Show House in Napa, Ca...along with her darling friend, Pat.  Most of these photos are either ones I took with my I-phone or from  Circa Lighting, an official sponsor.  There were two small homes and a guest cottage to tour.

Show houses like these can deliver lots of inspiration. I'm sure you will notice things that I missed, but here are some things that I like...
  • the grass cloth Roman shade softens the window and provides filtered light
  • the branches flanking the sink are a pretty idea
  • the cement tile floor is cool, of course, but I wonder about the durability.  We couldn't go in the room as they were already resealing the floor (wasn't it JUST put in and sealed?)
  • Love the warmth of the wooden floating shelves and the tiled hood and backsplash create clean lines
By Laura Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds

  •  I like the custom feel of the monogrammed mirror and the elegant sconces
 By Lisa Mende

  • The woodwork in this hallway dresses it up while still feeling "cottage-y" and the pendants add a little drama
By Brian Tapper

The next home is owned by a single man (I met him on my way out and he asked me which was my favorite room in his house).  His kitchen has a masculine feel and is really efficient for the size of the space.
By Catherine Macfee and Justine Macfee

 The study is a soothing mix of earthy neutrals and textures.
By Erin Valencich

  •  I love the details on this Oly day bed and
  • the addition of gold and brass accents
  • and the grasscloth wallpaper by Zoffany

 Here's the room that I told the homeowner was my favorite.  I loved the aviary inspired details.  The designer, Miyuki Yamaguchi, was in the room when we visited.  She said the homeowner was a wine maker and birds were the enemy--eating his grapes.  She convinced him that she would help him find a wife if he let her run with the bird motif.

And later the homeowner told me the same story with a smile on his face.
  • Bird cages painted on the wall

  • Great area above the toilet.  I'm was planning the same sort of thing for a client's new powder room 

We were given fresh smelling samples from Napa Soap Company.

The master suite was by Kerry Kellie.

Finally, we toured a guest house as a part of a boutique hotel.  The color palette is soothing.

By Kim Scodro
Here is the adjoining bath...

I love details like this...

It was a fun time...I hope to go again next year with Cindy and Pat.  There was a lot more to see than what I've shown, in fact, I wonder what Cindy at Rough Luxe spotted.  Think I will head over there now!


  1. Oh how fun to see the houses in daylight! Each house was so unique and yes, loaded with inspiration. Great shots!

  2. What a great tour. I love the first house. I just know you and Cindy would be so much fun to tour with. :-)

  3. How fun to take this tour with Cindy and her friend. So many lovely details!

  4. Always love checking out show houses and this is the next best thing! I think I need that white and brass chair from the study in my life...

  5. Love that last bathroom. I'm so glad you got to go on this tour with Cindy. How fun. :)

  6. Stunning! I am drooling over that kitchen and bathroom!

  7. Wow, love it all! Is it still going on? I would love to go :)

  8. I am so glad after seeing that kitchen that i chose an encaustic tile for my butlers pantry! What a great show house the rooms are gorgeous!

  9. Mary Ann, Thank you for including my bathroom in your line up! I am so sorry I didn't get to meet you and Cindy when you were in the house. I was in Napa from Wed. til Sunday but only at the house for the gala and for bits of time here and there. It would have been a treat to meet you.

    1. You did such a gorgeous job, Lisa...just loved it!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this Mary Ann - so fun to see! I especially love the kitchen (that sink! those sconces! that floor!) and that adorable bathroom with the beautiful wall paper!!


  11. So much inspiration! My favorite--the monogram over the mirror

  12. Mary Ann I love looking for unique ideas and always notice the lighting in show homes!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye

  13. Fun, fun, fun, love the birdcage bathroom fixtures, so different.

  14. Sometimes home tours are so over the top that the average person can't even get any design ideas to use at all. However, this house looks wonderful and full of ideas that we could actually use! What fun, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Gail

  15. Do you know the manufacturer of the blue wallpaper in the bathroom at the top of the page and what is the pattern?

    1. The guide book said that it is by Zoffany. But perhaps you could go to Lisa Mende's blog and ask her, Molly..

  16. I love these. What a fab tour. The kitchen and that hallway is stunning.

  17. houses are very different here. I guess we have so many wood houses because of all the forest land. And if you didn't have a toilet in the bathroom - most Americans would find that very odd! It does seem like different parts of the world have very different styles!

    Beautiful exterior door

  18. These rooms are full of elegance and style! Personally, I would prefer a more vivid colour palette but I also admire this decoration. The bath tub is amazing!

  19. Such a beautiful house <3 rooms are very stylish and very nice decorated. These are one of my favorite colors.


  20. Nothing like a shophouse to get some inspiration:) I am headed to the Christmas House today in Atlanta so hopefully they will let us take pictures and I can share. So loving all the grasscloth on walls.....it really warms up a room!

  21. Thank you Mary Ann for featuring my bathroom on your lovely blog! I am so glad that it was one of your favorites as participating in the showhouse with the other talented designers was such a treat. I tried to express the essence of Napa in a tiny space as best as I could. - Miyuki || Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio

  22. Thank you Mary Ann for featuring my bathroom on your lovely blog! I am so glad that it was one of your favorites as participating in the showhouse with the other talented designers was such a treat. I tried to express the essence of Napa in a tiny space as best as I could. - Miyuki || Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio


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