Updating a Room That Works For The Whole Family, Before and After

Over the the years, our family rooms in different homes have been through the wringer...sticky fingers, red Gatorade (in spite of rules), slumber parties, puppies, kids lounging after soccer/basketball/lacrosse/ballet/cheerleading practice...   

Yeah, I get it.  Life. I just draw the line at keeping the dog food bin in the middle of the room.
If you know me (most of you do), I bet you would say I'm pretty nice.  But when Angela asked for my help refurbishing her family room... 
I said "Angela, the dog food bin is a deal breaker."  She was a bit surprised...but you have to set your ground rules.
Also, the art was not right and ... the wainscoting ended in a funny place...  Oh and the television was not centered.  Lots of bad news, right?  But you know how I like to work with the existing situation!

And now after...same sectional and map...just rearranged with less stuff.
The velvet pillows and suzani lumbar are from Pottery Barn (budget friendly) and the far left and right are linen and custom made by Liana...adds elegance (have to splurge a bit).  Angela also treated herself the RH oatmeal cashmere throw...which is a luxury stamp I like to do for most clients (just different colors).
A round coffee table is good with a sectional.  This one is from Restoration Hardware.
The darker hand knotted Moroccan rug (good with a black labrador) is also from Restoration Hardware.

We centered the television and flanked the existing console with RH shelves.
Angela met me at Pottery Barn and we picked up a few accessories, and I used what she had and brought
the fresh ivy plant in the antique rice bucket.
Have to accommodate everyone's best friend.  And notice the new wainscoting installed by Angela's husband and son???  Bravo.  Much better.
This is a great blue stone topped table.  And Angela found the new lamps.

Angela and I have come so far together!  From me telling her to ditch the dog food bin to her buying the hammered metal bowl...that I was thinking she should get when I was in Target!  Like minds.

I cut the colorful branches from her front yard.

Get in here and relax, family :)
Thanks for visiting and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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  1. Wonderful job! (Especially like the blue and white pillows.) And as for the wainscoting, if I had only seen the "befores" without the "afters," I probably would have though this: not the best, but good enough. And I would have been wrong. The new wainscoting looks so much better! Well worth the effort.

    1. Yes...and there was the problem with where the wainscoting ended. Plus, it looks much better quality now, in person.

  2. I just love your before and after posts! Nothing better than to see a room transform right before your eyes without having to do any work!!! It is beautiful and I love the new pillows and wainscoting too. Such a huge difference. Hope they enjoy your talents Mary Ann! You ARE the best!!!
    xoxo Gail

  3. So where did you put the dog food bowls and bin?!?? The suspense is killing me!

    1. Ha! The bowls are just off to the side. And who knows if Angela put the bin back after I left? I think it is in the laundry room though.

  4. Have to love PB and RH for quick pick me ups and the rooms looks well put together now for sure!! xo

  5. Wow, a room just crying out for your magic. Great job!

  6. I always love to see you work your magic - you make it look so effortless, Mary Ann! Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  7. Mary Ann,

    I really love what you did here, and that you used so much existing items. And I love that you kept the map, it's great! Love the linen custom pillows on the end!


  8. Wow, such a big difference. This room just needed your magical touch.

  9. Very nice - it looks so much more pulled together. I'm sure the family loves it!

  10. Thanks you guys for your sweet comments!

  11. Mary Ann you are the best, I love seeing your before and afters!! Love the dog food bin story!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    The Arts by Karena
    India Hicks Holiday Collection

  12. You really have an amazing knack for transforming a space without breaking the bank. Any plans to come to Cape Town? x Sharon

  13. You are amazing Mary Ann! Another beautiful makeover. I love how you pulled this room together!

  14. Amazing! Love the blue with the brown....and the pillows really wake up the sofa. Good call on the TV placement, the dog food , and the wainscoting! I always love your makeovers!


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