Christmas Home Tour Highlights

Out walking, I see twinkling lights all around like with this view from nearby Lombard Street.  
 San Francisco is so pretty this time of year.

But, I've been missing my walking buddy, Chief, as he has been in L.A. 
with Mom "B" (our daughter, Alexandra) since Thanksgiving.  
He's pretty sweet "arm candy" and I want him back!  
This was stolen from Chief's 

Touring the "12 Days of Christmas Homes" has given me so many great ideas...
it's all in the details.

  Blesser House has a bright, fresh style...love that red Coca-cola tray!

Shine Your Light collects pewter ornaments and has them for every year of their marriage...she is creating family heirlooms.  It's never too late to start.

The Tale of An Ugly House mixes vintage with a modern vibe...love the free standing shelves.
 Simple Details is the queen of elegance and thrift...and she makes me wish I planted paperwhites.

Our leader of the group, Jenny from Evolution of Style created a gallery wall of 12 Days of Christmas art...very fun!
  Dixie Delights welcomes guests with a beautiful front door...that's monogrammed.

Life & Home At 2102 wrapped gifts with a graphic old calendar (environmentally friendly) and I love her photo gift tags.

 Provident Home Design made her beautiful pine garland from free clippings from Lowe's...so smart!
Check out the home tours of Simply Sarah Style
and Rough Luxe today!!
More tour highlights tomorrow and on
Addressing Holiday Cards 
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  1. Such a fun, festive and fabulour lineup! Can't wait to see more - jingle, jingle.

  2. You did such a great job with the lineup! It looks fabulous!!

  3. That free roaming Chief is like the garden gnome thing: he pops up everywhere! Arm candy indeed. You may have to go nab him. I know in his heart he is a socal kind of guy, but his SF bros are missing him in the park! Besides SF has better food. Bribes may be needed here.

    1. HA! I miss that little guy. When we got him as a puppy it was supposed to be "shared custody" although guess who pays all his vet bills? He is driving back up with Alexandra this weekend...hopefully.

  4. Love the round-up Mary Ann! Thank you for the shout-out and support!! Your daughter is GORGEOUS ( just like momma)! I had so much fun with this tour!

  5. All the tours were amazing. I enjoyed them all.

  6. Love the Christmas highlights....I think I made it to all of them! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Mary Ann!!! You better get Chief back soon!

  7. Love the little highlights from the Home Tour, but I especially loved the photo of Alexandra and Chief...worthy of a holiday magazine cover!! Chief looks like he's gotten in the groove of living the high life with mom #2. But I know he'll be such a happy pup to be back roaming the streets of SF with mom #1!
    Holiday Cheer! xoxo Gail

  8. Looks like Chief’s living the glam life. May be hard to handle when he finally returns home. :-)


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