Decor Updates and Stylish Deals That I Bought That May Work For YOU

First off, I want to say my heart goes out to the victims in San Bernardino.  I was born in San Bernardino and spent my childhood there.  It's so senseless and sad.  I'm praying for them and their families.

I've been busy in Southern and Northern California.  Some updates...
Here is a newly remodeled kids' bath in Laguna Niguel.  The pivot mirrors are from Pottery Barn.  I like how my client, Julie, framed and hung her children's art. 

Mid-century style is so in right now!  In this West L.A. townhouse, we bought the West Elm Crosby sofa and pillows.  I accessorized using what the young couple had.  The funny bump out in the wall makes a nice ledge for art.  More to come in this cool home!  And how adorable is their exhausted/REAL little pup?
This was  a busy rock fireplace in Walnut Creek, California.  I showed my clients how Annie painted hers here.  
And now with paint and new flooring...just needs accessorizing.

Also, the bench (from my last post) came in.  We may recover it down the road...got some ideas, Arleen :)

Here are the great deals that I want to tell you about.

Look at this cool four poster industrial bed that we just ordered for my client, Mary's high school daughter...and it's HALF price right now. 
Also, this Safavieh jute and cotton rug is such a great deal for a blue coastal feeling room.  Soft.  I have two clients who are using it.  Get it while it lasts. 

        up close view
Getting ready for my Christmas Home Tour next Tuesday...  So, I bought a couple of these $9.99 boxwood wreaths from Trader Joe's and added berries.  These are in my living room's color scheme...

 but you could use any color.
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  1. Wow, love your wreath. I'm very tempted to copy because I could something similar in my dining room.

    1. That is the highest form of compliment, Cathy...or however the saying goes...and it was easy :)

  2. Lovin' all your little fun projects here Mary Ann! That bed is just marvelous, I wish I could place one somewhere in my house right now. How I wish there was a TJ nearby, love how you did your beautiful wreath with all those natural elements!

  3. Dear Mary Ann, I am at such a loss as to the terrible events in San Bernardino. I hope no one you knew was hurt.
    You have found some wonderful buys and love the deals at Trader Joe's on their greenery! Great rug as well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Books for the Holidays!

  4. love everything you do! and that dog! slays me. I had to look twice...I thought it was a stuffed animal toy. ha! I need glasses :) have a great weekend!


    1. No ...she is totally like a stuffed animal...so cute and has a great personality too.

  5. Oh my god, I seriously thought that was a stuffed animal! So cute! Love your boxwood idea - I got my TJ's boxwood, but all I did was stick a bow on it. You've inspired me to fluff it up a bit!

  6. Mary Ann,
    I always love to see your projects! And thanks for the mention on the painted stone fireplace...it looks so good! Can't wait to see how you complete the look!

  7. Mary Anne, I am still reeling from the massacre in San Bernadino...it's just heartbreaking and scary what is going on in our world.

    On a happier note, I am looking forward to your Home Tour this week. I need something to lift my spirits!

    Linda in San Diego

    1. Oops sorry Mary Ann! I knew eventually I would misspell your name, I know I told you my sister's name has an "e" at the end. Sorry about that. ;)

    2. That is absolutely fine, Linda! Thanks for being here!

  8. the makeover are fantastic! I love your Christmas decorations!
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