13 Great Pendants to Update Your Kitchen

The brass and zinc finish is so pretty on these pendants from Urban Electric.

Lately, I have been looking for pendants for clients' kitchens.  
 When researching, try to define the overall look you want
so that you can narrow down your choices.

We selected two of these from Ballard Design  
for over a large island in a home with an Urban Cottage feel.

And we are using these from Hinkley with seeded glass for a home with a 
Modern American Farm house look.

I love the chain on this clean lined pendant.  It can go from Traditional to Modern.

This industrial pendant is only $42...and can help you give a little "edge."
We purchased these pendants from Pottery Barn for a client's existing kitchen.

Also from Pottery Barn are milk glass pendants.  I like the larger size.
Urban Electric lanterns can be ordered in different finishes.

This industrial pendant also comes in different finishes.  White looks fresh!

A drum shade pendant is nice in a breakfast area.

Similar to my friend, Clair's light in their beach home.

The Darlana lanterns in my sister's kitchen are nice 
since they don't have glass and are easier to keep clean 
(notice the round bulbs--easy update).
On Saturday night, we were guests at an event benefiting 
Santa Clara University, where I went to school.
Here I am with Larry and Elita...we've been pals since Freshman year.

Tony Bennett performed and was amazing at age 89!
...I told him so on his Instagram.

Contact me at madamepickett@gmail.com 
to inquire about making your home a fresh reflection of you.
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  1. Beautiful fixtures! Love the lanterns used in your sisters kitchen!

  2. All are beautiful but the last two are especially fabulous! Great ideas here:)

  3. Mary Ann... love all these pics. Great one of you too. I LOVE Tony Bennett! Enjoy your week!

  4. Thanks you guys....I'm pinning all these lights to have them in one spot!

  5. Pendants are becoming more and more visible in the design world. I believe due to the popularity of the Island! They are the new "jewels" of the room.

  6. AACCKKKK! I love Tony Bennett! dreamy. and I still love the Hicks pendants you helped me with for our kitchen reno. they remind me of dangly earrings that are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. :)


    1. I love those...they should have been in the post!

  7. I have the Darlana too because I hate cleaning glass! Pendants truly do add the icing on the cake to a kitchen!
    xo K

  8. I think I love every single lighting option you shared. I love the little kitchen nook with the straw hats on the wall too!

    Tony Bennett! What a treat! He's amazing, especially at his age. Love him with Lady Gaga. He made me a fan of hers!!

  9. LOVE Tony Bennett! I actually went out to dinner with him once a VERY long time ago. Thanks for the memories.

    Celia @ www.AfterOrangeCounty.com

  10. Such a wonderful selection of pendants MaryAnn...thanks for the inspiration, someday when we re-do our kitchen I'll have fun picking mine. You look beautiful in your picture. And it sounds like such a special night. Tony Bennett is so amazing isn't he?

  11. All great choices, I plan on changing out our lighting down the road in our new home and have zeroed in on the styles I want, but it is so fun to see other options. I agree Tony Bennett is amazing!

  12. I love the first kitchen, the zinc and brass covers two metals and I enjoy mixing metal, especially in the kitchen. Wonderful ideas here.

  13. I love this post Mary Ann. I've been doing some deep thinking about lighting as of late and these are some gorgeous options!

  14. These are some beautiful options. I love them all and even have the Darlana lanterns in my kitchen. Great picture of you...sounds like you had fun seeing Tony Bennett!

  15. Great variety of pendent fixtures. I need a new ceiling light fixture for my bedroom. Would you like to do a post on those? I am really having a difficult time deciding what to go with.

  16. Beautiful pendants! Am looking for one for an entry way of an older classic home so loved seeing these options that might work there too?

    What fun to see Tony Bennett! You and your friends look wonderful -- college friends are so special!

  17. Wow, Mary Ann, Tony Bennett is such a classic and it amazes me that he is still performing!
    Love all of the pendants, they really update a kitchen or breakfast room beautifully!
    PS you look great!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dreams of Spring!

  18. OH the Grosvenor light fixture is really stunning! Lovely pieces, thank you for sharing!

  19. The milk glass pendandts are so classy. I think they will be perfect in my dining room.

  20. Thanks for some great sources for pendants! I've been looking for industrial black pendants for my clients - I love the one you featured, but I am bummed it is only 11" in diameter! Darn! I'm going to bookmark your sources - thanks for the great suggestions!

  21. Hi Mary Ann! Wow I had no idea Tony Bennet was still performing it was undoubtly an incredible experience! You were so lucky to attend this show! And thanks for the gorgeous pics - so inspiring!

  22. I love all these options, wish my island had the space for it above! So lucky you got to hear one of the masters Mary Ann! You look gorgeous by the way!

  23. The milk glass pendants would look lovely in my living room. I chose some ugly pendants and now I regret it. I'm changing them as soon as possible and going for something a bit pricey but good-looking!

  24. Great post and very timely since I'm on the hunt for some pendants for my kitchen! Love those Ballard ones - I hadn't ever seen those. Hope you're having a good week :)

  25. TONY BENNETT!!! What a treat! Love all these pendant options . . . so hard to choose.

  26. Very timely post as we are deep into deciding on several new lighting fixtures! Husband's study, kitchen eating area, over the sink, and two in the upstairs hall. Oh, the choices! I save so many in my Evernote files. Someday in the distant future I'll do a post and show some of our choices!! But thank you for this full-of-information post!

  27. Sounds like a great reunion...You look beautiful!

  28. So you and Tony are tight huh:).....love all of those pendants. There are so many now that it's hard to make a decision. I just chose the Darlana for a kitchen mainly because they would be easy to keep clean.....with no glass.... ha ha!


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