Bright Feminine Bedroom for a Young Client and Other Things...

Here is a bedroom plan for a daughter who is away at college.  Sort of a boho relaxed, clean look.  Lots of white with touches of gold and rose.
art // bedding // table // lamp // poufs

Great deal on this pretty bedding right now...
Classic lamps...

Speaking of rose...
look what I am thinking about for a switch 
up in our living room (internal voice: does it ever stop?).
Some things I already have, at least.

and my meringues were not as pretty as her's so I got her secret...
The good thing is...you can freeze them 
and take them out to thaw during dinner...
to really impress your guests!

They cut down more diseased trees...
improving our view from the kitchen.
On Monday.

Look how I folded my scarves (sideways) and belts... now I know what I have!  
Long overdue.
Wish my jewelry was organized...some day.

Ever try just using greenery in a vase?  Nice for a change...
and inexpensive at the grocery store.
but YOU may be able to just go out to your garden with clippers.

Here is the view now, which is unfortunate 
as my sister and friend are coming to visit today :(

I'm sure we will manage to have fun anyway!
Thanks for visiting.

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  1. can't wait to see what you change up next love all the fabrics, especially the navy star fabric, so pretty. Using greenery in vases is one of my Springtime switch ups that I wrote about on my blog post today. Always easy to do and sometimes a no cost solution too.

  2. love the design board! its so hip! lucky girl to have a mom willing to update her room while she's away at college. i came home from college one weekend and found my mom had turned it into her own office. insert wide eyed emoji here. :) cant wait to see the pics of your new switcheroo. those fabrics are beautiful!


  3. Wow, lucky college girl. This is going to be a spectacular room! Great idea for the scarves, very Marie Kondo. Quite a storm last night. Hope you and your sister enjoy your visit, rain or shine. :-)

  4. What a fun room for a lucky girl!! Hmmmm...are pillow changes in the midst?!!

  5. I really like the girl's room. That will be fun to see unfold.
    Speaking of folding, I need to organize my scarves like this. I always have to dig through the jumble of scarves to find the one I want to wear.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Nice job on the bedroom! Love the greenery too, I do that as well sometimes. :-)

  7. I love your view in sun or fog or clouds. So gorgeous!

  8. Love the bedroom ideas - that girl is not going to want to go back to college! I have also been on a mission to reorganise my wardobe but battling with the best way to store scarves - I think I'll try your idea. xx Sharon

  9. LOVE the mood board you created and everything in it!!!!! I can't wait to see it realized! Thanks for sharing that meringue recipe too, never tried to make one, but I might one of these days! ;-) Don't you just love organizing?! You saw how crazy I got! Thanks for your sweet comment on my Master Closet, we're both very happy with it and made life so much easier too!

  10. Mary Ann the meringues look delish! I agree with all of the scarf comments as mine are always a mess! Your view is incredible rain or shine!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. LOVE the lamp for the girl's room. Also - your view - incredible!!!!


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