Classic Updates in a Casual Home--and Carmel, CA

Earlier this week, Chief and I were in Carmel with my husband for his work retreat.   
Yesterday, we went to Laura's new home to do some "fluffing."
The bedding is by Ralph Lauren.

A new,  natural woven shade, just installed, gives privacy and some filtered light.
The upholstered camelback bed with nail heads was purchased from Pottery Barn
and the white washed, carved chests are from Noir Furniture.  The soft jute rug is by Safavieh.

We are waiting for the lamps to come and the curtains and then I can give another update.

This home is owned by hard-working, young newlyweds...such a darling couple.

There is some new décor up in their dining room, too.  

 This elegant gilt mirror from Wisteria brings light in from the garden
and expands the space.
The side board is from Restoration Hardware (I used Laura's existing accessories on top).  

Tip:  Taking the table leaf out makes the room feel bigger--I do that a lot for clients with smaller dining rooms.  You can put it back in when you have a party!

Laura had three botanicals with artwork that she got from a used calendar!   Nice price.
So, I asked her to have one more framed to flank the mirror.
We are still working on the living room...
her husband is tall and could use a comfortable, new chair--so that's a priority for us now.  

I did a little styling with their existing accessories.
 Blooms from their beautiful garden...note to self...that would be a great Spring time post.

Laura's mom had this idea to put this antique chest in the large 
back hallway to drop keys, etc. when coming from the garage.  

So, I added few things to it that they already had to make a "Welcome Home" feel.

And now about our little trip... Carmel, California is gorgeous! 
It's about a two hour drive from San Francisco.  

We stayed at the luxurious 

There are rope swings positioned in little spots around the resort (which, of course, I gave a whirl).

Cindy Hattersley and I had a nice "catch up" lunch (she lives in the area)...
great salads at Tarpy's Roadhouse.

Our room's balcony made us feel like we were staying in a tree house!
And Chief was lovin' the pet friendly good life...
all the hiking, fresh air and his own bed by the fire!

In fact, he was welcome (and well behaved, I might add) in a section of the hotel's restaurant.
Cute pattern mix and texture.

Hope all is well with you...thanks so much for visiting!

Contact me at madamepickett@gmail.com 
to inquire about making your home a fresh reflection of you.

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  1. Hi Mary Ann! I love seeing your before and afters. You have such a great for transforming a room! So glad you had a relaxing getaway to Carmel!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Love the makeover! And what a nice "work trip". :-) You should publish an ebook of fabulous places to stay in CA. I would buy!

    1. HA! For right now...I need to remember to "pin" them, Carla. We are going to Paris soon and I'm pinning things for that.

  3. I really love the dining room! I've been adding black furniture to my house slowly and I love seeing how you style it "Californian" and still manage to make it look fresh!

  4. The bedroom is perfect and the idea of removing the table leaf is genius!
    Carmel is gorgeous. The views are breathtaking....

  5. Wonderful tweaks to improve the decor without completely overhauling the place.
    I've never been to California and am shocked at how much it looks like where I live in the south of France. The shot of those hills could be from my window.

    1. Probably why both our wine produce is so good, too! I'm coming to France soon!

  6. I think Chief is really getting good at this "fluffing" (love it!) thing. Where ever he goes, he looks quite dapper.

  7. Hi Mary Ann, some nice updates you did at Laura's home...we recently took the leaf out of our dining room table too and in addition flipped it the opposite direction. It does make the room seem a lot bigger. And an added benefit is that I don't run into the corner of it anymore! :)


    1. Our leaf is out too...but nice to have it when you need it, right, Linda?

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous "work" vacation! What a beautiful spot to rest after a busy day at your clients house! As usual, you made it look SO much better and I'm sure they were overjoyed at what your touches can do to pull a room together. Great job Mary Ann!
    xoxo Gail

  9. Love your before and afters, amazing what a talented eye and a few objects can do! And I have not been to Carmel in a loooong time but when I was there, I fell in love, what a slice of heaven!

  10. I looove Carmel, the cottages, blue and whites,and the pretty Wisteria mirror. You had me on this post! Enjoyed the before and afters which give me inspiration. Thanks!

  11. Great befores and afters! You always make it look so easy and you always give me ideas for moving things around. Those pictures of Carmel are breathtaking. I would love to get out there one of these days!

  12. What a great post. I love to see your "before and afters". I know I always say it-but I love your style. I think your rooms look effortless. I have always wanted to go to Carmel, but I'm seriously afraid that I would love to so much that I would't want to go home! Looks like so much fun and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the little touches and before and afters that make the rooms feel so fresh! Love Carmel!

  14. Love the vignette over the side hutch, it wakes up and warms up the room.

  15. You have such a talent for making every space feel warmer and more inviting...love seeing the before and after images!

  16. Mary Ann you are so great at zhushing up a space. I love the Ralph Lauren bedding folded over white linens rather than pulled all the way up. Carmel looks amazing!!!!

  17. love all the little changes that add up to ALOT! perfection as always :)

  18. Hi Mary Ann it's beautiful! You're so talented! It gives me great ideas for my own home too :-)
    Have a very nice day!

  19. MaryAnn--I always love seeing you work your magic. The after photos are so pretty. Also--it's nice to hear about hotels that take our fur babies. We travel with our Stella too --she's a smallish German Shepherd-and appreciate finding dog loving environments. I bet you and Cindy had a fun reunion.

  20. I love seeing how you pulled together Laura's house. It was nice before, but you made it great! I especially love the dining room. The botanicals and the mirror are just gorgeous!

  21. hi mary ann. loving the black pieces in the dining room and how you pulled these rooms together. and love the pup who must make your trips that much sweeter. peace to you right where you are.

  22. I'm loving the Wisteria mirror! And I'm glad you took a swing Mary Ann (we all should do that every now and then!) Love Carmel - it is so beautiful!



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