The Fresh Look of Global Pillows with Sources

Adding a vintage ethnic pillow or two to new fabric mixes 
(like I have been pulling lately below)...can add just the perfect edge.
 These fabrics are for Newport Beach living room pillows.

  ...And a kitchen update in the works.

  These could be new pillows for me with the oh so trendy Rose Quartz...
maybe...I really shouldn't (it's a problem I have).

 I was excited about the indigo Pottery Barn pillows in the latest catalogue...
but when I saw them in person, the mass produced feel seems a little lacking.  
Great for a bedroom, perhaps...

The real deal, vintage textile pillows can get costly, 
like at Juxtaposition Home (you pay for convenience, 
quality, the large sizes and inserts are included).
 Same goes with the beautiful pillows at Madeline Weinrib.

So, this morning, I've done some research for you
(and for Jan's family room) on Etsy!
Make sure you watch the size so you don't 
buy too tiny by mistake (no smaller than 18" x 18").

Kilim pillow

Mixing vintage and the new fabrics...

The Bohemian global look is great for casual lifestyles! 


  1. Love these and you and I have the same problem. :)

  2. Mary Ann, Beautiful! I love how these works of art in textiles can make such a statement in our homes!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. You have grabbed some of my favorites from Etsy! You know I love anything ethnic chic! Great post!!

  4. You are so right, just the right twist!! Love your combinations, especially the black and white!! Happy Monday!!

  5. Mary Ann, I am a bit of a pillow freak too I'm afraid...I recently purchased some Blue Silk Ikat Pillows from Williams-Sonoma that I love. A close resemblance to the ones you posted here from Etsy. I was at an estate sale last week, and scored on some beautiful Greek Key cream/tan fabric for $3 that I plan on having pillows made. I recently donated a couple pillow covers but kept the 22" inserts, so glad I did!


  6. 2016 is the year of attempting to curb my pillow addiction, but those blues. Swoon!

  7. My problem with pillows is making a decision! I've been looking for some recently…but there are just SO many out there. I also won't pay more than about $50 per pillow so that is a problem too. I love your custom fabrics, of course, the best! As I keep saying, I've never been a blue person but this year all that has changed! I'll look at your links now! thanks...

  8. I'll take them all!! I just wish there were better fabric resources for the average Joe, like years ago. Used to find great fabric at Diamond Foam and Fabric on La Brea and even Calico corners had a nice selection, but no more! There isn't anyplace with great fabrics these days unless you are a designer and can go to their showrooms. And since I can sew, it kills me to actually buy a "ready made" pillow! Oh well...thanks for all the pillow inspiration!
    Have a great week! xoxo Gail

  9. There are some very nice patterns there and it's amazing how well they go together. I received my first catalog from Serena & Lily today in the mail today, and they feature some similar patterns.

  10. I just love ethnic pillows that mix well with traditional and that pop of pink with blacks white and gray is lovely! xo K

  11. Love this post, as I have been spending the last few days on etsy looking at this very thing! Now don't be telling everyone about my Homegirl Collection Mudcloth pillows :) I need to go pull the trigger on those before they're gone!

  12. Boy you really know how to play on my weakness huh?:) I guess I will spend all kinds of time looking up all of those pillows putting them in my cart and then not being able to make a decision.....story of my life!


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