PARIS: My Favorite Home Shops For Your Trip

First of all if you are a subscriber by email, thank you!  And secondly, I'm sorry for the bad link to the post yesterday.  It happened when I tried to fix a typo in the title.  

 Anyway, the day after I got back to the west coast from Europe, I flew to Florida for the funeral for my brother-in-law, Keith.  His was an untimely but thankfully quick death.  Keith was a southern gentleman with kind-hearted soul...always putting others first.  Without a doubt in my mind, he is in heaven now.

We lived in Paris, France about 14 years ago and have tried to visit almost every year since.  People often ask me for tips, including where to shop.   

You might want to pin/bookmark this for your next trip. You can click on the links for addresses.  Check out my Instagram for photos of our European trip.  Back to reality soon!

Starting on the Right Bank and in no particular order of preference.

• Colette  It's usually packed in here, but still fun to see what they curate as the best in fashion and home design at the moment.

• Monoprix used to be our regular grocery store.  I love to pop in there for gifts:  everything from T-shirts to fancy sugar like this to kitchen wares (like Laguioles steak knives).  Seasonal items are there, too.   There is one on the Champs-Elysées.  But I like the less crowed one across the street from where we lived (40 Bd. Malesherbes 75008).
Maison de la Famille at 10 Place de La Madeleine is lovely. 

• Zara Home We don't have one in San Francisco, yet, so this is fun for me.  I went to the one at 2 Bd. de la Madeleine.

Galleries Lafayette Maison and Printemps Maison department stores have their own floors of home goods to explore.  While I was there last week, the Printemps Maison floors were under construction...probably to catch up to how great the new Galleries Lafayette Home section is now.  

My husband said that Printemps has a store under the Louvre now...so you may want to check that out.

 Merci is always fun with it's changing display.  It's in the Haut-Marais.  I noticed that you can shop online (as my suitcase was already full).

The Collection, also in the Haut-Marais (which is near the Marais--just plain fun to walk around there, too, more on that in another post).  Check their hours of operation.
Dehillerin and A. Simon are great if you like to cook (or set a table with restaurant quality dishes).  They aren't far from each other.  

Moving over to the Left Bank...

The Conrad Shop Paris on rue du Bac fun for more contemporary things...I bought lighting, among other things, here when we lived in Paris.

I love strolling down rue du Bac and seeing all the shops.  Watch out, there are several sweet shops to tempt you.

Known for neutral colors but...
they are carrying more colorful items now, too.

Le Grand Comptoir (115 rue du Bac) has fun, French things...

Don't miss...
 •  Flamant Paris  It is probably my favorite!
There are lots of rooms to tour...

•  Porte du Vanves Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Bring cash and it's normal to negotiate...
These dyed vintage linens were cool.  But her prices were firm...
10 euros per napkin.  
 Which got me thinking "Hey this could be a good DIY for me." 
I should have bought some since
a.  I'm still thinking about them
b.  have to find vintage linen napkins AND dye them
c.  some already had MP monograms (not shown here--blue shades)  Oh well. 

• All the French Flower Stands  They show up everywhere...you may or may not want to buy anything since you are visiting.  But I always stop and enjoy.

In a future post, I will bring you some fun, stylish and practical travel tips for getting around, accommodations and eating in Paris.

Au revoir.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'll be there next month and will look for some of these treasures!

    1. Lucky you Barbara!!! The exchange rate is not that bad right now.

  2. I have vintage linen napkins......how do I dye them? Jamie

    1. Please let me know when you figure it out!!! Rit Color dye?

  3. Hi Mary Ann-This is awesome! Thank you for laying out such great shops.
    I have always wanted to go to Paris-and would have no idea where to start in finding such great design destinations. Thanks for sharing, looks like you must have had a fun trip!

    1. I hope you make it there some day, Gillan!

  4. What fun. I will definitely be keeping this post for future reference. It's a rare tour guide that gives you this kind of information. Thank you!

    1. You are so sweet, Karen. Wish we could go together!

  5. Love this Mary Ann! What great shops. I hope I get there someday soon. The only one I've been to is Monoprix and I'd love to see what Zara home is about too. I'm going to link to this today. Looking forward to reading more about your trip! Kim

  6. Mary Ann, these are some fabulous shops! Most of which I am familiar with from traveling here so often and a few are new, so I cannot wait to check them out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I'm so happy to find this post, Mary Ann! Thanks to sweet Kim who shared both of our links today on her blog. We are headed back to Italy and Paris in July. I'm happy to see that some of your favorites are mine as well. Rue Du Bac is truly Parisian perfection in a street, don't you think? I'm off to add you to my blogroll so that we can keep in touch. I live up in Chico.
    Happy weekend!
    xx, Heather

  8. BEAUTIFUL........happy to say I have been to a number of these SHOPS!The linen napkins are GORGEOUS.They have been around now for a few years as an alternative to to covering up the STAINS on the VINTAGE white cloth!BRILLIANT IDEA........and those dyes!I don't know that WE the USA has those deep rich colors anymore!Let me know if YOU find them.........otherwise, lets tell HEATHER TO find the packaged DYES and bring HOME To SELL!!!!!!!
    PARIS OH PARIS..............

    1. Yes... that would be ideal. I will go through my old napkins looking for the stained ones!

  9. Love to see your recommendations. When I've been to Paris, I've never really done much shopping except in the open market in the Marais district, and it was just for fun costume jewelry. I'd love to go to all of your recommended shops!

    I went to Paris six years ago, and hadn't been there since I did my study abroad in Tours in college. I was surprised at how walkable Paris is! I love Paris and hope to bring my boys there soon!

    A tout a l'heure!

  10. What a wonderful trip, Mary Ann. I love seeing the beautiful stores and the flowers are gorgeous!

  11. Pinned too my Paris board for my next trip...

  12. I have yet to visit Paris (with the exception of de Gaulle on a layover!) and am saving this for the day we go. Clearly I will need to bring an extra suitcase!! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother in law Mary Ann. XO

  13. Thanks for including me! I also wish I had bought some of those dyed linens, still nagging at me.

  14. So very helpful and I hope to get there soon! xo K

  15. One of these days I am going to make it back to Paris.....It has been over 10 years!

  16. Guess I missed this post somehow! Thank you, Mary Ann , for this wonderful list. I just don't know when I'll be back in Paris.. going to the South of France in the fall via Barcelona, but not Paris. But 'm going to bookmark this for future!! I love the Porte du Vanves also..

  17. La Chaise Longue near Place des Vosges has fun gift items. Another place with arts de la table is Geneviève Lethu.
    Libby, Carcassonne isn't to be missed if you're in the South of France near Barcelona.


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