PARIS: Stylish, Practical Tips For Your Trip Including Where to Eat and Stay

Getting Around
  • Your number one mode of transportation will be your feet!  Don't wear uncomfortable or new (I've made that mistake) shoes.  Fortunately, lots of Parisians are running around in these...
Wear socks...its a marathon.  Our trackers said we had some 11 and 12 mile days.

 New Balance were in style when we lived there 
and they still are popular.

It was cold, so I wore skinny jeans and broken in boots and socks...no blisters!

  • Metro  It's relatively easy to navigate... buy a carnet (packet of 10 for a better deal)...don't throw away your ticket until you walk through the gate at your destination stop.  Our son, Tommy did when he was younger and we had to pay an on the spot fine.  Try this I-Tunes App.

  • Uber  Yes, we had good luck with it in Paris!


  • Hotels:  Check out Tablet Hotels.  For smaller, boutique hotels, we like Hotel La Voisier in our old neighborhood (8th arrondissement).  And just recently, we stayed at the Hotel Baltimore (16th arrondissement).  Ask if breakfast is included...nice start to the day. 
We got to Hotel Baltimore early straight from the U.S. and look what they served us in the lobby while we waited.
Don't you love ironed sheets?

  • Apartments to Rent.  We have had good luck with Haven In Paris.  We stayed here before.  This one comes with a great kitchen and Howard shopped at his favorite markets in our old neighborhood.  My sister said that his dinner was the best she had in Paris.

Here are a few places that we always like to visit including one new one...
  • Del Papa On Saint Honoré...good Italian food...hey, why not?  Unpretentious and reliable.
  • La Bourse et La Vie  I read about this restaurant on David Leibovitz's blog (follow him if you like Paris).  It starts off with a warm popover.  
      David said to order the pot roast...so I did.  Simple French and delicious.  
  • Relais Entrecote  There are a few and we normally go to the one on Marbeuf.  Go early and wait in line.  Good value.  Wow...that Bernaise sauce!   Just salad, steak and fries.  Also dessert, but we never seem to have room for it!

I could go on but you will discover and/or already have your own favorite places!

  • Printemps Maison Go here to the roof top café for a panoramic view of Paris (much less expensive than the Mandarin Oriental :)  Truly spectacular.
Speaking of shopping...remember to check out my home shopping guide in Paris.

I have to say that while we travelled in Europe, terrorism was at the back of my mind, especially when we were in crowds.  But we cannot let them make us cower.  Paris and Belgium are beautiful places to experience.

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  1. Dear Maryann,
    Thank you for all of the great tips and I am so thrilled that you spent your anniversary in Paris!!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

    1. A perfect spot for an anniversary, Karen. So romantic.

  2. Maryann, I love all of your suggestions! I have been to all of the above and enjoyed them all. This is a great list for anyone that has been or is going to Paris!

    Happy Easter.

  3. Lovely pictures and great advice. I have never been to Paris, but it's on my list. We did, however, just get back from London and my broken-in black boots like yours were a lifesaver. We walked our legs off!

    1. I know...so good to have comfortable shoes, Julie! Ha! But you want to look good, too. :)

  4. I dream of visiting Paris once again. Thank you for these travel tips and you're right, we cannot let the bad people of the world take our freedom away.

  5. We ate at Relais Entrecote, too. Loved it. There's one in NYC, too! Loved our apartment/room at A Room in Paris near Gare du Nord. Amazing breakfasts. Your post makes me miss Paris.

  6. Such a great and informative post. You are so right about the comfy shoes, its a walking city and that is really the only way to adsorb all that makes it the grand city it is. It is has been at least 5 years since we were there and this post has me longing to go back in the worst way. Nothing like it.....Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oh how I love Paris! I studied in Tours in college, and hadn't been back to Paris until 5 years ago. My latest visit, I was struck how easy it is to get around and how walkable it is! I hope I will be able to get back before five more years go by! Thanks for your recs - I'd love for a chance to use them!!!

  8. I wish I had all these tips before my last trip. Just going to have to go again..... xx Sharon

  9. I love Paris and reading about people's trips. I have quite a few posts myself but its interesting that we all find different little boutiques and restaurants because the city is so big! I found you through Pinecones and Acorns as she featured your post there.

  10. We're going to Paris in the fall, for my 49th birthday - thanks so much for sharing your recommendations, it's our first trip there, and while I am confident we can find our away around the usual tourist venues, I want the in between times to be "real". So glad to have the benefit of others experience!

  11. These are really great tips, Mary Ann! I wish I were planning a trip there in the near future. I have only visited Paris once with a bunch of friends when we were in our 20s. We stayed in a small hotel in the French Quarter and I do remember walking a lot! Such a beautiful city and what a perfect place to spend your anniversary! Thank you so much for linking up to my first ever link party!

  12. I loved our trip to Paris years ago, we stayed in a small boutique hotel and had the top floor veranda all to ourselves. Love the food, the coffee, and the people. Wonderful trip.


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