Inspiring Spring Looks in Southern California

Hello everyone!   I just got back from Southern California where we spent Easter with family.  Then, I met with friends and some new and old clients.  Even though I flew down from San Francisco, I did a lot of driving between San Diego and Los Angeles...which has crazy traffic and is a bit stressful.

But I totally decompress when I get to my destination!
  Like at Cindy's home in Newport Beach.  I love her flowering border.
Cindy's fire pit is new since the last time I was at her house.  It's portable from Teak Warehouse and the Adirondack chairs are from LL Bean.    We had drinks on her patio overlooking the bay.
This little pup made me forget all about the traffic!  More of Cindy's home here.

Then, we went to a new, vegan restaurant called Cafe Gratitude to celebrate our friend, Debbie's birthday.  This is in the adjacent take-out restaurant...love the white stools and floor.
Here is the bar...
Those three ladies below the macramé are my buddies.

I made Debbie a book of photos of her home for her birthday.  
This is the front cover and flap...
I took the title off (her address) for privacy reasons.  The book was made with I-photo through Apple.  There were some technical difficulties (on their part) and I had to publish the book twice.  But it all worked out.  Happy birthday, Debbie!
You can see more photos here.

While in Newport, I squeezed in some time for Roger's Gardens.
 These frames would be pretty for Patty or Mary if you are reading this... but check Homegoods and Target, too.
Also, my mom has a brand new Target near her in San Diego (Torrey Hills).  So many fun looks to refresh for Spring.  Gotta love Nate Berkus.

Can you believe these roses that I clipped from my sister's garden?  She has tons more buds, too.  No grocery store flowers for her!
I have some posts coming up with projects in the works.  Happy Spring!


  1. Oh, what a great gift, for your friend. Love those books and Debbie's home is a show stopper. The beach at her door...yikes! Lots of beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!, Barbara

  2. Always fun and inspiring!!Love Cindy's home so much, it is pretty near perfect in my book!
    We are getting ready to do our backyard in the new house, so excited!!

    1. Wish we had a back yard, Kathysue! But Rogers gardens has got me rethinking my house plants. Looking forward to seeing your garden!

  3. Photo books are the best. Otherwise we risk never looking at the pictures again.
    Lovely images. Everything is so perfect.

    1. That is true! Need to make more books.

  4. There is a cafe gratitude in Berkey, I think it is the original.... I love it! Let's go there one day too. As for lunch this week in SF, I'm in! I am going to Bouquet to Art on Thurs. but I think Wed. might work. Are you open? Can't wait to catch up:) XO

    1. I can't find your email address! Left a message on your blog.

  5. I love the roses growing up and framing the garage entrance - so want to do this at my house. The book is a great gift idea.

  6. wow. every picture is complete eye candy. what a lovely idea for a gift. putting that on my list...maybe for fathers day if i can figure it out :) BTW...in response to your comment on my blog about Round Top in the fall...DEFINITELY let's meet up. any time, any place. :)


  7. What a fun and lovely trip Mary Ann! Debbie's home is picture perfect, love it, especially that great water-front patio! Those flowers are amazing too!

  8. Love Roger's Gardens! Always so accommodating and willing to teach you about the gorgeous plants and how to select complementary foliage and foliage colours. My gardens never looked better. Nothing like it where I live now. Boo.

  9. What a thoughtful and creative birthday gift Mary Ann! I bet Debbie loved it. I'm so glad you had such a nice time visiting your So Cal friends and family. It's always so nice to come home isn't it? The hubby and I have gone to Café Gratitude in Newport Beach--it hasn't been open too long and we loved those Brussel spouts --omg--I want that recipe did you guys try them? Last time we were there we saw Shailene Woodley in the corner--the gal from the Divergent movies...I'll have to check out Roger's Gardens next time I'm out and about.

    1. WE missed the brussel sprouts! I'm not sure my husband would like the vegan thing...yours is a good sport!

  10. Mary Ann,
    These images were a breath of fresh spring air. So lovely. I love the flower border on your friends walk way. What a wonderful idea for a gift, a photo book. I'm created them for events, but I love the idea of making one for a lovely home.

  11. Debbie's home is beautiful, Mary Ann and I love the roses...so charming! Happy Tuesday!

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  13. It's in the 40's here and quite chilly I wish for Spring!! xo K

  14. This is really having me yearn for Southern California Mary Ann!
    Beautiful images and what a thoughtful gift you created for Debbie!

    The Arts by Karena

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