Great Finds for Summer While "Exercising" at World Market

So, I got a new Fitbit (steps tracker) for Mother's Day and I'm trying to get in 10,000 steps (about four miles) a day.  It was a bust for a couple days last week when I was down with a cold, but I'm doing better.

It's easy to log in steps when I am distracted...

Like when checking out this reversible indoor/outdoor rug at World Market (thinking: the smaller side would be cute in a mudroom or laundry room.  On sale).   There are lots more.
World Market is down a steep hill at Fisherman's Wharf...the walk back up is killer so I spent some steps in the big store (on flat ground).

How about this bench at the foot of a young girl/teen's bed?  Impact on sale at half price!  As I keep on steppin...
Want some instant Boho Chic?  Throw a quilt like this over the back of your sofa or picnic table.

At your next outdoor party, how about wrapping silverware (even plastic) in pretty paper napkins and serving them in this...  Or leaving your knives, forks and spoons on the counter or island for easy access.  It may only be available in the store.
This collapsible tote bag... really caught my eye.  Be fun for a boat or the beach.  At $20 you could bring it as a hostess gift
filled with chilled sparkling water or...
 Oh man...why do I weirdly love these little pitchers and egg cups so much?
I could use a new hat for our upcoming vacation... Good prices.  I can't seem to carry hats off though.  Need a second opinion.

 I'd like to fill this handwoven basket with goodies and have a delicious picnic by the Bay...
 So guess what really happened during all my "exercise" at World Market?  I lost my new Fitbit!!!
My telephone said it was updating so that meant it was in the store.  After an hour of searching for it (I was going crazy), I downloaded this app.  It tells you when you get warmer/closer to it.
Guess where it was?  Yep...inside one of these...     I had checked before but they must have been moved around.  I'm wearing it tighter now and with a toggle over the clasp.

 Have you considered getting a Fitbit?  I notice them on people's wrists everywhere now.
What do you think of this to hide the Fitbit?  It's on sale right now.


  1. I also just got a fitbit also and I love it. World Market is THE greatest place for me...love the textures of their rugs and the colors. There is so much there to look at and I love it! Even their napkins and napkin rings I love. Love the colors of the southwestern bench. xoxoxoxo

    1. Ha! Chrissy...better wear your Fitbit next time you are in the store!

  2. Thanks for the app advice. I have only "lost" mine at home and it's always turned up. Eventually. Next time I'll have your app to track it down. I love the "validation" that Fitbits provide regarding how much exercise one gets.

    I vote for hat "A," but I wager you look great in all 3. We are all our own worst critics, eh?

  3. What fun finds at World Market! I love to explore when I go there, but I think your store is better than ours! We needed pics of you in all 3 hats to make a valid vote! I've had a Fitbit for about a year and I love it. I have the tiny one that I clip on my underwear. It really has made such a difference in my exercise routine. I'm obsessed with getting my 10,000 steps a day (or at least close). I think some of the new bracelets they've come out with are nice, but I still done want to wear it on my arm everyday! Good luck! The streets of SF are quite challenging so you will do great!!!
    xoxo Gail

    1. I lost my clip-on, Gail... so hence, the bracelet. I wish I didn't have to wear it everyday either...not that fashionable...the rubber ones anyway.

  4. PS...Glad to know there's an app to help find your Fitbit! Who knew!!!

  5. I loved WM, but ours closed. :( I'm also digging those TB Fitbit covers, but I'd want want in ever colour. Maybe they'll catch on and we'll see more (less expensive) versions. Breat post.

  6. Great finds, Mary Ann! I haven't bought a fitbit for the very reason you talked about...I would prefer the clip on ones and I've known several friends that have lost them. I do like the idea of the more bracelet looking item you're showing here.
    Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day...have that picnic!

  7. Good for you keeping track of your steps Mary Ann. That's a funny story about losing your Fitbit and finding it where you did. I do that with my glasses... Hey-why isn't there an app for eyeglasses?! :)

  8. You are so funny. I can't believe you found the fitbit! Crazy! We have a new World Market near us and I am chomping at the bit to go!


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