Inexpensive Last Minute BUT Thoughtful Mother's Day Ideas

You know the woman that suffered through morning sickness and nine months of turning in to a balloon, changed your diapers, read you stories, blew out her birthday candles wishing that you would get into the college of your choice (that one might have just been me)?   Better tell her you love her.
How about making a funny
1.  Digital Card?  Of course, with a couple paragraphs of your own heartfelt words.

This one is free and easy from Punchbowl.
2.  Or an I-tunes song?  I like this one right now.   The remix...peppy.

Or a good Country Western song like Martina McBride's "Diamond"..."Cuz Baby You're a Diamond" (I haven't bought this yet...hint).

3.  Telephone Call  Absolutely...even if your fingers are broken and you are in Tasmania.  And if your mom is in heaven, take some time to remember her and some of the good/kind/funny/justbeingthere things she did.  A toast or prayer in her honor is appropriate.

4.  Make Doing Her Dishes A Bit More Pleasant   You know when you buy someone a gift because frankly YOU would like it, too?  That's what I did for my mom and mom-in-law.  Get her favorite scent.  Here.  You could also DO the dishes for her.

If it won't get there in time...send her a screen shot of it.

And this doesn't really count as inexpensive, but I would like a new Fitbit bracelet...I lost my clip-on one...and this will be harder to lose.

Happy, happy day to all you moms. 
 It's the hardest and best job you will ever have!
We appreciate you.


  1. Great ideas - and I love the favorite child one! Too funny! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Great ideas! I'd be happy with a zucchini slicer! LOL
    Happy Mothers Day to you and thanks for the all inspiring great posts that you do. I always look forward to seeing what your up to.
    The House of Hampton

    1. So practical, Sharon! I used our mandolin on cucumber salad the other day.

  3. Mary Ann,
    What a fun post and so clever. I love the Matt Simon song...I've never heard him before, so thanks for the introduction. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Fun ideas, Mary Ann! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Happy mother's day to you and your fur babies, Gail.

  5. And Happy Mother's Day to you, Mary Ann! Yes, indeed, it's the hardest and the most rewarding job ever. Wish I could see my baby this weekend, but will have to wait a few weeks. Love your selection here!

    1. Same with me, Libby...not this weekend but the next for me too.

  6. A great list Mary Ann! Especially the phone call....."even if your fingers are broken and you are in Tasmania" :) I love the favorite child card too! Happy Mothers Day!!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day Mary Ann!!!

  8. lovely picks Mary Ann. I bought a Nest candle and a new workout DVD for myself...er, i mean my kids bought them for me ;) Hope you have a happy Mother's Day, one that is as lovely as you are.



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