Light, Bright and Neutral Before/After

I really should say "Before/Midway" as we still need to finish the living room and bedroom.  But there is progress.  Here is a finished spot in the master bedroom.
The dresser is from Restoration Hardware and the mirror is by Ballard Designs.
The lamps are vintage.  At first I was thinking that we should change the shades...but I like the retro/unique feel here.  The little West Elm tray is on sale right now.
Floris and her husband have downsized to this small but airy home.

Here was the great room when I arrived...
Still before...
I wanted to create a dining area at the far end near the kitchen and straighten out the angles.
So, we immediately moved the dining table and took a bench from the bedroom.  Then, we purchased two host chairs from Restoration Hardware and a striped banquette seat from Ballard Designs.

We also moved the buffet and lamps to this area and set up a little bar.
Banquettes make such a good use of space. 
The rest of the living room is in transition but they are using this space every day now.
There was an area in Floris' kitchen that she was using as a desk. 
 I suggested a baker's rack (kitchen appropriate).  The bottom shelf is removable to create space for her legs as a desk.
 Baskets hide all her papers...

 Speaking of banquettes, Liana told me of a great more than HALF price off bench on sale right now at WS Home.  Better buy it before the deal is over!  It can really update a dining space.  I want it.
I love working with Floris...there is more in store for her home (coming) but hey, can you see how I rehung some art in the mirror's reflection?

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  1. Nice changes. The angled furniture arrangement was OK in one part of the big room, but doing it in two adjacent sitting areas looked like trying too hard. The dining area is a good idea.

  2. I love your posts like this! Love the new eating area! Great ideas!

  3. I love the dining space and you always style table and buffet tops with such flair.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Really like the eating space so much nicer Looking forward to more posts Thanks for sharing

    linda m

  5. Love the updates Mary Ann!

  6. What a fabulous great room....love the space and enjoying the updates. Wonderful!

  7. What a fabulous room the ceiling is awesome and I love all the separate conversation spaces!!

  8. Bright and spacious - I like it very much!

  9. What a lovely home!! So relaxing. Have a good week!

  10. I love how you pulled together the dining area! That kitchen.....wow! Gorgeous and the baker's rack gives it a bit of warmth too.

  11. I love a "Before" and "After" - or in this case, "Midway"!! I actually just did a post today on my own home and since it's not done (will it ever be?!) it's definitely not an "After" yet either!

    Love the marble in this kitchen! Stunning!!


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