Summer Entertaining on the Water with Red, White and Blue

Recently, Lisa and her family moved back to the good ole U.S. of A. from England.  They purchased another electric Duffy boat (they had one in England)...
which is fun since they live on a chain of lakes in Central Florida.
A few years ago, I wrote about electric boat parties in California and England.  

For her new Duffy, Lisa asked for a pillow recommendation, so I sent her this. 

 And look how she implemented it!
Pillows On Sale Now:   Blue Ikat PillowStriped pillow, Solid pillows
Isn't this perfect for July 4th?

 If you live in Florida and would like to know more about these fun, Duffy Electric boats, contact Netta at annettaigou@mac.com.  

I wish Lisa, Netta and I lived closer so we could take the new boat out together with glasses of chilled rosé (and perhaps some gazpacho in those blue bowls)!  Just dreaming.


  1. Nothing better than summers on the water.

  2. Nothing better than summers on the water.

  3. Ha! Ron, you can say that again :)

  4. I love the Duffy cocktail cruises we've attended/hosted. Ron is right, there's nothing like being on the water during the summer---especially with a few good hor d'oeuvres and a glass of wine! :-)
    I love the new unbreakable dinnerware I've seen. This set is perfect.

    1. fun way to spend time with friends, Karen!

  5. We are the opposite, we are British, but just returned to Europe (France) from the USA. Once at a boat show we looked around a Duffy, just for fun and our son fell in love with it! We went out fishing every weekend on our boat and often we would pass a Duffy on the river between our house and the ocean. This post just took me back two years in time, I agree with everyone above, there is little so good as messing about on the water.

  6. This looks like so much fun and I love your festive pillow selections!!

  7. How fun to see your vision come to life! Love the red, white and blue and those marble swirled plates, so pretty!!

  8. I bet you do! How fun....and your accessories were perfect!


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