Our EXCELLENTE Mexican Riveria Vacation and Ideas To Bring Home!

Buenos días, amigos.  We just got back from having the best time with four families on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

 Some of these photos were taken by Alec and others on our trip.
  Last year, we rented a house in the Bahamas.  This year was just as beautiful in Akumal, Mexico!  
 I don't think I could ever tire of Mexican food...perhaps that's due to growing up in Southern California...but I love all the fresh ingredients.  We really liked this restaurant, La Buena Vida... no shoes required... not expensive (no place was very costly in the area) and delicious.

We walked to the Akumal cove, where we snorkeled with lots of endangered, graceful sea turtles.

Another fun time was swimming in the Gran Cenote (cool, refreshing pools and caves).  
I'd like to go back and explore other cenotes in the area.

Eric brought water color paint travel sets and it was "chill" time for whoever wanted to pick up a paint brush.  
Here is my painting after using the Waterlogue app.  But I'm going to put the "not so hot" original on my office message board to relive our time here.
 We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum.   It was nice to have a guide for our group (affordable) ...and interesting to learn about the history (architecture, life styles, human sacrifices, etc.)

Some of us went fishing... 

 We had a great lunch at the Papaya Playa Project resort...

Lots of Rum and Spicy Margarita (just add jalapeno and lime slices) Cocktails...

Want this spicy margarita salt for your  next party?  I do.

Shopping for local handicrafts...  These little purses are made from Huipil, vintage Mayan embroidery.

I bought a pillow made from a vintage huipil and other little items...

I also read this book... The Rocks.  It takes place in Mallorca, Spain...great story.
I miss this place already...

Netta sent the group this photo of her puppy back home in his new sombrero... guapo!

Hope your summer is treating YOU well!


  1. Gorgeous photos and it looks like a fantastic vacation. I love Mexico.

  2. Loooks like so much fun!! I need a vacation!!

  3. What a wonderful looking vacation! Will you be sharing any photos of the house you stayed in?

    1. Well, the inside of the house was comfortable and clean but I didn't get any photos! The living room didn't have air conditioning (we had lots of ocean breezes, but it was HOT). We did have AC in the bedrooms though. We spent most of our time outside and the aqua blues were amazing.

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  4. Every picture is so dreamy --- Looks like a fabulous time spent by all!

    and, love the new sombrero!

  5. Looks just perfect and oh so relaxing! And now you have the cool SF summer ahead....

  6. What fabulous photos--such color. And such fun.
    The swing bar seats and sand floor are genius. Now to find a spot to implement that idea.....

  7. What a beautiful place to just hang out and relax. I love Mexico too, and never get tired of the great fresh food you get down there. The clear blue water and white sand make it that much more appealing. Looks like you had a fabulous time!
    Adiós mi amiga!

  8. Mary Ann,
    What a fun trip. The photographs of the water look amazing. So clear. Thanks for the info about this location for a getaway.

  9. Gorgeous! I would love to just hang out on those swings with a cocktail! I have never been to Mexico because we always end up choosing a Caribbean island. (I have a weak stomach and have always feared Mexico for that reason!) It looks beautiful and I love your painting! Waterlogue to the rescue!

  10. Wow! I like the way you roll. so glad you got away and had a nice break. you deserve it!

  11. Now that looks like a perfect vacation, some of our best ones were in Mexico...such a fun place to visit...and love the mini dog sombrero, too cute! Glad you had fun.

  12. What a wonderful vacation, Mary Ann! Love seeing your beautiful images! Happy weekend ~

  13. Dayum.....I could use a vacation right about now:) Looks like the whole group had a blast!


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