FYI: 7 Great Things!

Periodically, I'm going to do a quick FYI post about about things I'm loving at the moment (no firm schedule as then it might not be fun #work).  Just little things that make me happy and I hope will make you also.

1.  These guys are talented...here's fun video by Studio McGee...

2.  This was a gift that I received a couple years ago... you can order pressed powder refills, too (I just did).  It takes up very little space in your purse and I feel glamorous every time I pull it out.  Great gift.

3.  In a cooking rut?  Subscribe to this newsletter for creative recipe ideas each week.

4.  Since I haven't been driving with the broken ankle...I finally sprang for Amazon Prime.  I was out of Nespresso coffee pods and they delivered them the same day I ordered them! (free delivery).  Amazing!  And they have video streaming and photo storage and other things that I haven't figured out yet.

5.  Two toned eye-brow pencils for a more natural look for blondes (sort of "natural" :) like me   

6.  Cindy Hattersley and I are in L.A. for work (and fun).  
Cindy has an effortlessly chic style that I admire every time I see her.  Recently, she wrote about it here.
This cloud tunic will be longer on me since I'm short, but I could wear it with leggings and flat boots (good for travel).

7.  You cannot imagine how much I appreciate someone opening the door for me while I'm on crutches.   Random Acts of Kindness.

Have a wonderful weekend.  

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  1. Sorry about your leg dear, I have been MIA for 2 months so I didn't know. Thank God for Amazon right?!I too recently tried their prime pantry for my coffee fix and definitely not bad at all! I stalk Studio Mcgee, and love everything they do! Have a great weekend! Nice to see you and Cindy together!

  2. Mary Ann,
    What a fun new series. I like surprises so it will be exciting to see and FYI in my inbox. :-) I love Amazon Prime! I'm a redhead so I appreciate the duo of eyebrow pencils. The compact is a great idea for a gift.
    Enjoy the weekend, continued success with your recovery.

  3. love your picks! i use amazon prime so often i think they lose money because of me. as if :) hoping your ankle is healing nicely. have a terrific weekend.


  4. What an interesting mix! When I had a foot operation some years ago, I planned to get Netflix, but they didn't yet operate in France. And Amazon Prime was even farther off. These things really help time pass and surmount problems like coffee outages!
    Hope you're mending well.

  5. For those of us who are "sort of natural" blondes, I heard Sam Heughan ("Jamie Fraser" of "Outlander") say he is not a ginger like his book/show character, but actually a "dirty, dirty blonde". It sounded soooo sexy when he said it, I momentarily thought about not coloring my hair and letting it be "dirty, dirty blonde". Then I remembered all of my grey and booked an appointment with my colorist. I think I'll check out the two-toned eyebrow pencils too.

    1. oh no, Kathy, Jamie is not a real red head???

  6. What a great post Mary Ann. Thank you. I learned a whole bunch of new things that will stick with me, and ordered the eyebrow pencil set. Very cool. Thanks again.
    P.S. I hope the healing is going fast.

  7. Fun...love these kinds of posts. So sorry about your ankle..that stinks, wishing you a speedy recovery. LOVE Amazon Prime and take fun advantage:) Great tunic too....wishing you a great and relaxing weekend!

  8. Glad you are almost on your own feet again. Having had toe surgery and then a broken thumb and wrist, I know what it means to rely on the kindness of strangers. I try to pay it forward! I don't think being kind is ever the wrong thing to do. When I first signed up for Prime, I had my usual rant, "Can't we just make steel in this country any more?!!!" It's my way of saying these kinds of non things seem, well, unAmerican. Well, I love my my Prime!!! Being a book addict (and thanks for the 32 Yolks recommendation), I think I'm their sink hole How much? Our neighbor was developed in the 60s but we are having sewer line issues. I started using Charmin Basic several years ago because it is better in septic tanks (we don't have, but a good recommendation). Just recently, my local stores stopped selling it. Yup! I now order TP with Prime!!!! Hope you two ladies had a lovely time with more fun and less work!

  9. It does seem like you can get everything on Amazon!

  10. Love your pics!! Thank god you made our pic small...smart woman!! I am posting about our trip today....so fun being with you always...love it!!

  11. I love that photo of you and Cindy , you both are such stylish ladies!!

  12. Love the pretty gift. Sorry about your ankle♥


  13. Mary Ann,

    Hope you are doing a little better! I've been thinking about you and I know it must be so hard to lose all your freedom. Hoping for a speedier than average recovery!

    Isn't Amazon Prime the BEST?! Love it!


  14. Hope you are healing quickly. Can't imagine how inconvenient it is!

  15. Amazon Prime is the BOMB! I love it! So jealous about you and Cindy getting together.....dang it! Studio Mcgee can do no wrong!


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