Segreto Vignettes and Other Awesome Books

 I've been reading some great books, such as the new Segreto Vignettes, by Leslie Sinclair.  It can be pre-ordered.  It's amazing what she and her artisans can do!  The finishes they create really bring homes up to date. 
Here is how this kitchen looked before:
Take a look at it again... smooth plaster hood and painted tiles/art.  
The book is packed with beautiful finishes of all sorts 
(on walls, furniture, beams, fireplaces, doors, etc).  
Our own Joni from Cote de Texas wrote the forward.

This is Leslie's home in Houston before she lime washed the brick 
(which she says her husband resisted at first--such a guy thing).

Not to mention...it's a book that looks great on your coffee table.
Since I can't drive with my ankle still healing...and I have been on airplanes traveling a bit... I've been reading a lot more than usual.

I asked for book recommendations on Instagram and got some good ones such as...

A Paris Apartment  Takes place now and 100 years ago about an apartment in the 9th arrondissement and about the people who lived there. Like a little trip to Paris.  We lived in an apartment in the 8th that was similar.

Rules of Civility  Set in New York City in 1938 about a young working woman's entrance into high society.  Feels like reading a really good old black and white movie.

The Tender Bar  A best-selling memoir from ten years ago about a boy striving to become a man with an absent father.

I saw this French chef from Provence on one of the morning tv shows.  My husband had his book on his bedside table...so I grabbed it.
32 Yolks:  From My Mother's Table to Working the Line  (France and food--what's not to like?).

Here's a good one if you are missing Downton Abbey...

I'm in Florida riding out the storm.  We stayed a few days at the Boca Raton Resort. The architect was Addison Mizner.  The lobby is a long but beautiful walk on crutches :/

Now we are in Winter Park, Florida at my friend, Lisa' house.  Remember these pillows that we had made to reflect the greenery and lakes outside?
Nice place to let my ankle recuperate!  Thanks, Lisa and Jim!
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  1. Mary Ann, what a beautiful post!! I love that coffee table book. I just might have to purchase that one :)! I hope your ankle feels better. That resort in Boca is just beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Sherri. In Tampa now. I wish my foot was healing faster!

  2. I need that map pillow! My husband is a cartographer and I'm trying to reference that without being too themey. Can you tell me what the fabric is?

    1. It's by Kravet. I can look it up when I'm back next week!

  3. Well...you can't drive, so you just fly where ever you want to go! Must be nice!!! I love the book and thank you so much for the book recommendations! We leave on Monday and I've been wanting some good books for your trip. These will be perfect! Love that beautiful resort in Boca, wish I was going there! But Brittany will be beautiful too! Take care!
    xoxo Gail

  4. That hotel lobby is so '20s glamour.
    I adore the Segreto book and their work. I wish I had that artistic talent!

  5. Love Segreto Finishes. After seeing the kitchen above I'm Wondering if Leslie could work her magic in our bathroom with paint instead of me ripping it all out and starting fresh?? Can't wait to get her book.


  6. Thanks for the book recommendations. I just finished 'The House at Riverton' and I thought it was a good story and well-written. 'Rules of Civility' looks captivating. Those of us who live in Florida were glad the storm wasn't worse (although we needed the rain) but when you're visiting, that's not the weather you want! Hope your ankle is better.

  7. I read the Tender Bar years ago and I have to say it is one of my all time favorite books! I can't believe the before and after of Leslie's house.....unbelievable!

  8. I loved the book Rules of Civility! Read it last summer and it does read like an old movie!! Right up my alley:))

    You have some other good ones on here that I haven't read and might have to try!



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