MY FIVE FAVORITES - Recipes for the Holidays

Each month, four blogging friends of mine, feature five of their favorite things.  These ladies are full of down to earth inspiration:  Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Pam from Simple Details.

This month, they asked me to participate with them!  My husband has elbowed me out of the kitchen a bit in recent years (hey, I'm not complaining about his hobby--although it does make it tough to lose weight).  

But, for dinner parties, he often asks me to make the appetizer and dessert.  Plus, I get into setting the table...having our home slicked up, music on ...but that is another story.

So, here are my five favorite recipes...

This is an easy one with only four ingredients:
Crunchy, salty and sweet.  
Tip:  I keep a basil plant from Trader Joe's in the kitchen window. 
Usually, its cheaper than buying a bunch each week and I also use it on salads and pasta.

I wrote about this a little while ago...with a couple of girl friends and wine
...you could just make dinner out of this platter. 
(Note: not acceptable for dinner for most husbands, though :) 
Tip:  You can mix it up...a grocery list is in the link.

People ask me for this recipe...
it's elegant, simple and great if you are having a heavy main course.

For this tasty pizza, just pick up the pre-packaged dough from Trader Joe's 
or sometimes in your grocery store's bakery department.  

My kids ask me to make this tart.  It's rich...cut little slices.  
I added fresh raspberries and whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream would be good, too).
Secret Tip:  Store the leftovers in an air tight container and have a little wedge with coffee in the morning (no one is judging, right?).

I love a zesty lemon dessert...
See how I made my version here with 

Opps...I ended up with six recipes...they are hard to narrow down!

I can't wait to see and pin to my recipe boards 
what these ladies love...

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  1. I have guests coming tonight and no idea for a starter--I was just browsing for inspiration. Your recipes here look great, except I'm missing key ingredients. It's a holiday here, so nothing is open. I'm going to explore your links.

    1. The crostini would be really easy for you to get the ingredients normally.

  2. We knew you'd be the perfect guest for this topic!!! Your recipes look fabulous, I can't decide which to try first, I'm thinking the party platter, wine and girlfriends while my boys are at the hockey game! :)

  3. Love your ideas. Fortunately I have a husband who can call a party platter a dinner. Fig jam is overlooked and so good with charcuterie of all kinds. I sub out the goat cheese for Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam. I'm lucky our local co-op sells their cheese. You are so lucky to live in the midst of Amazing Things!

  4. Mary Ann, yum yum yum to all, especially that platter (love the idea of having that with wine and girlfriends!!!! Totally doing that!) and your lemon & blueberry tarts looks amazing too!! Thanks so much for hosting with us today!! XXOO

    1. I love lemon...and this is like a bit fancier lemon bar, Lisa.

  5. Mary Ann,
    This time of year we can always use an extra recipe. These look delicious.

  6. Delicious looking recipes, just my type of food, it's making me hungry! My husband is fantastic in the kitchen, I leave main courses to him nearly all the time, I, like you, am in charge of appetisers and desserts and I get the fun of laying the table along with our ver artistic daughters who love helping. It's a scenario that always works very well for me, I cook what I enjoy and he cooks what he enjoys - recipe for a great marriage; well it's worked for over 20 years!!

  7. Great recipes for the upcoming holidays and for everyday too! Thanks, that all look delicious! Will have to give them a try!
    xoxo Gail

    1. Yes, Gail...I would LOVE to get some of yours!

  8. Oh my goodness these all look fabulous!! I need a good simple standby and that fig number sounds amazing! Well everything you make is amazing..you are the Martha Stewart of SF!!

    1. We love YOUR fish dip all the time....call it "Cindy's Smoke Fish Dip." Thanks for that!

  9. I really enjoy it when you share recipe ideas. One of my old favorites is your roasted lemon cauliflower. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reminding me of that, Beth...I'm going to make it again!

  10. These recipes all sound wonderful...yum!

    I have a Fig & Prosciutto Pizza recipe from the Williams Sonoma website that I just love. I top it with some arugula. The crust is really easy to make too.

    I'll have to give that lemon and blueberry tart a try...I have had one of those pans for years and to my knowledge the only thing I used it for was a chocolate tart last year at Thanksgiving.

    Linda in S.D.

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  12. I pinned them all....and someday I will get in my kitchen again....when I'm not so busy:)


It's SO nice to hear from you!