Why E-Designing For My Readers Is Rewarding

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know me...
I mean, I know this is sort of like an internet date.   
But you know I like a mix of high and low*, 
fresh and classic, nice fabrics and try to work with 
what people have, within reason.

Even though I couldn't drive for two months with my broken ankle, I could e-design. I listened to out-of-town clients' needs (like say, lots of seating, dog or kid friendly, etc.), preferences (like colors and styles) and priorities (i.e. budget planning, baby on the way, etc).  
The e-design price, starting at $400/room (and up depending on size and complexity) is simply based on estimated time involved.  Its usually affordable as the client runs with the ball (and a plan).
If this could work for you, here is the action plan:
  • Contact me at madamepickett@gmail.com regarding the room you would like finished along with photos of the space and measurements (with the room openings and windows).
  • Then, you receive a quote via email.
  • You email me back with "Yes!" And send your Pinterest, Houzz and/or other photos that you like.
  • We schedule a telephone or face time call (I think this is important--a lot of designers only email), and afterward I send you a Paypal invoice.
  • Then, in two to three weeks, you get a mood board (with some alternates), a space plan and a sources for products to purchase
  • Plus, one revision to your plan 
It's a fun process.

* I mentioned that I like to mix "high and low"...here are some fresh accessories on my coffee table now that didn't cost a fortune...
Anthro Vase $22 //West Elm Soy Candle like this one 
(mine was on sale in the store)//

Our daughter from L.A. is going to be here with us tonight... 
Chief is going to come unglued at the surprise :)

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  1. I love your design work Mary Ann. Your clients are so lucky to work with you I think....the way you are able to use some elements that they already have if need be and give spaces a whole fresh new feel!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa...and it's good for the environment and sentimentality.

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    How great that you could still e-design during your injury! I love all the room designs you posted, especially the nursery. I'm helping my daughter with hers...my first grandchild (a girl) is due in March! Have you by chance seen the baby animal prints from Sharon Montrose? (The Animal Print Shop) I saw them on another blog and it didn't take much convinving on my daughter's part to agree that she had to include them in the nursery...they are just too darn adorable.

    How sweet that Chief is so attached to your daughter. :)

    Linda in San Diego

    1. Thanks for the tip, Linda! I will look it up.

  3. That first living room is my favorite! Can you come to my house!!

    1. Yes... but you are the master and I LOVE your new family room.

  4. As a faithful follower for years, I am excited that you are able to offer e-design. I look forward to using your services when we are done building our new house.

    N Dennon, Los Gatos

    1. Music to my ears "Faithful Follower" :) That's great...you are close enough that I could possibly come it person as it works out to the same price per hour.

  5. Mary Ann...master of interior design!

    I'm all in. I loved working with you before and I'm looking forward to my next design adventure with you. Have fun with Alexandra, you need to take a video of Chief when he sees her tonight!


    1. Shoot...I should have thought of that, Gail. Chief was jumping up and down like a kangaroo.

  6. This is a brilliant idea, Mary Ann. You are amazing at combining your clients existing items with new to create a fabulous home! Happy Tuesday!

  7. i love your sensibilities and frugality, mary ann. you have demystified the whole e-design thing for me, and i bet it's going to encourage others to decorate this way. a phone call!?! really? because that's refreshing. nobody uses the phone anymore in my biz, and there is so much to learn from hearing the human voice. have a wonderful time with your daughter! xox

  8. E-Design is the way to go these days for sure!! Such great room designs!

  9. I hope your ankle is much better. Luckily, you could still work from your computer while recuperating...ah, the beauty of E-design! Lovely rooms!

  10. I wish I had your talent at Mood Boards....You do such a nice job!!!


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